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Why Does My Bernedoodle Smell Bad? (Reasons and Solutions)

Being a proud owner of a Bernedoodle comes with responsibility, liability, and compassion. Bernedoodles are the little social beings who like to be loyal, goofy and they are very hardworking. 

However, when it comes to that unpleasant, musky, and rotten-like smell that derives from your Bernedoodle, things can be a bit unsatisfactory.

Why does My Bernedoodle Smell Bad?

Bernedooodles can have a musky, fishy, and pungent odor coming from them due to poor grooming, unhealthy diet, ear and skin infections, skin conditions, discharge from anal glands, and excessive flatulence. Apart from these, using bad cleaning supplies can also result in an unpleasant odor.

Do bernedoodles smell bad? – Are they stinky

Bernedoodles can surely smell bad. They can have a bad stink due to reasons as simple as not bathing to complex reasons like possible infections, diseases, discharge from anal glands. 

Additionally, male and female Bernedoodles both can be stinky due to these reasons however, female Bernedoodle also can be smelly from secretion during their cycle which is unique to them.

7 Reasons Why Bernedoodle Smell Bad

A Bernedoodle’s odor can result from different things. If you are wondering why your Bernedoodle has that funny smell lingering to them, the following reasons can guide you to diagnose the root of the problem.

Having an Inappropriate Diet: 

Having an unhealthy diet can also result in a bad odor. An unhealthy diet can lead to bad digestion and can also cause allergies in Bernedoodles. These allergies can produce a displeasing smell by unnecessary oil secretion. 

Having Skin and Ear Infections:

Bernedoodles are very prone to ear and skin infections. Their skin and ear infections can also cause them to be smelly. 

Bacteria in the ear can cause these smells and ear infections can cause a musty yeast-type odor. In case of skin infections or diseases, your Bernedoodle can have a skin condition called canine seborrhea which can also cause a pungent smell.

Having Bad Breath:

Your Bernedoodle can also smell from having poor dental hygiene. Bernedoodles can have bad breath if you do not follow a good teeth brushing schedule for your dog.

Sometimes, bad breath can also be a cause of other health issues. Your Bernedoodle can also have a bad smell coming from the mouth due to kidney or liver diseases. 

Moreover, Bernedoodle’s mouth is filled with bacteria and these bacteria can cause a bad and fishy smell. 

Urinary Tract Infection:

Urinary Tract Infection can be another reason why a Bernedoodle can have a sickening stench. Bernedoodle can sometimes smell like urine. This can be caused by urinary tract infection.

A Bernedoodle infected with Urinary Tract Infection will have difficulty urinating and the frequency will also increase.

Wet Bernedoodle’s Odor: 

It is not very uncommon that wet dogs have a pungent odor. Such is the case for Bernedoodles. The reason for this is due to microbes. 

All animals have these microbes such as bacteria, yeast, and so on. Bacteria and yeast live on animal’s skin and do not produce an odor when it is dry. 

However, when microbes come in contact with water, the dampness causes the microorganisms to release some chemicals which in turn causes an odor in wet Bernedoodles. 

Bad Grooming:

Bernedoodles love to be outside and love to play in mud and dirt. It is no surprise that when your Bernedoodle is dirty, it will be smelly.

In addition, if you do not bathe your Bernedoodle regularly, use good shampoos, clean ears, and brush their teeth, eventually, these poor grooming practices can cause the Bernedoodle to have an odor.


Your Bernedoodle can also smell due to excessive gas. Having an improper diet can cause bad digestion which in turn can cause your Bernedoodle to be gassy. Additionally, eating spoiled food can also cause them to have a poor smell.

Why does my female bernedoodle have a bad odor?

Your female Bernedoodle can have a bad odor due to a bad diet, poor grooming, bacterial infection, skin conditions, lastly, due to bad dental hygiene

Additionally, female Bernedoodles can have a bad odor which is unique to only female Bernedoodles. If female Bernedoodles have uterus infections, their discharge can cause a bad odor. 

How do I make my bernedoodle smell better?

This is no news that your Bernedoodle can have pretty intense odors coming from them. Things can get stinky around your household due to this. 

However, if you are knowledgeable and take proper steps, you can get rid of this problem and can make your Bernedoodle smell better.

Good Grooming Schedule:  

You should really practice and learn a good grooming schedule at home. You have to bathe your Bernedoodle when it is smelly and every three to four months occasionally. 

You should use good shampoos, ear cleaners, eye cleaners, and dog perfumes on your Bernedoodle to eliminate the unpleasant smell. You can also sometimes take your Bernedoodle to the vet for proper grooming.

Dental Hygiene: 

You always have to make sure to practice good dental hygiene for your Bernedoodle. Cleaning your Bernedoodle’s teeth can really help with stinky bad breath.

Clean Ears:

Bernedoodle’s ears can be really smelly at times if you do not clear them properly. You have to clean them occasionally and have to make sure Bernedoodle’s ears are dry.

In case of ear infections, you have to make sure to get your Bernedoodle to the vet to cure infections. 

Proper Diet:

You really should expose your Bernedoodle to a proper diet containing nutrients, fibers, carbohydrates, and protein. You have to give them fresh food.

You also have to be alert regarding whether your Bernedoodle is eating properly or just gulping food. You should also make sure that your Bernedoodle is not eating human food. All these things will make your dog a little less gassy which in turn will help with the odor.

Seek Help from the Vet:

Some health issues cause the Bernedoodles to be stinky. These health issues can not always be cured at home and for that, you need to seek help from the vet.

Health issues that can cause bad odor such as skin conditions, skin infections, ear infections, diabetes, bladder infections, and other serious illnesses should be treated by doctors in the vet. 

Do bernedoodles smell due to gas?

Bernedoodles can smell due to gas. This is very common to all animals but excessive flatulence in Bernedoodles can surely cause them to have a sickening smell.

Odor due to excessive gas can be caused if your Bernedoodle eats very quickly which will cause him/her to gulp air. 

Additionally, excessive gas in Bernedoodles can result in a strong odor if your Bernedoodle is eating rotten food, undigested food, fat and greasy food, and doing fewer exercises.  

Do bernedoodles smell because of anal glands?

Anal glands are a natural and integral part of any dog’s anatomy and the same goes for Bernedoodles. Anal glands or anal sacs are found on either side of dogs’ anus.

Normally, during bowel movements, Bernedoodle’s anal glands discharge some substance that can have a bad odor. However, if anal glands are infected, it can cause the anal glands to have a muskier and fishier smell. 

How often should you bathe your Bernedoodle?

You should not bathe your Bernedoodle very often. You can bathe them every three or four months. 

Bernedoodle’s skin contains some natural oils which are very important for their skin. These oils keep the skin moisturized and healthy. 

If you bathe your Bernedoodle very often, then you are actually stripping the oils off the skin of your Bernedoodle which in turn can cause irritation and pain.

Additionally, you can also get your Bernedoodle’s ear, nails, anal glands, and mouth professionally cleaned once in a while. 

What is the best pet odor neutralizer? 

A pet odor neutralizer is really needed in case of keeping your house smelling fresh and odorless. 

However, when it comes to choosing the best pet odor neutralizer, you really should be looking for the ones that are non-toxic, pet-friendly, kid-friendly, long-lasting, bio-enzymatic, and that contain natural extracts.

You should not use such odor eliminators which have phenols, isopropyl alcohol, and bleach in it.

In addition, pet odor neutralizers should not have such chemicals that can leave patches or can destroy rugs and carpets when sprayed on them.

Why does my bernedoodle smell so bad even after a bath?

Different kinds of microorganisms live on Bernedoodle’s skin and furs such as bacteria and yeast. When your Bernedoodle is dry, these microbes live on the coat of Bernedoodle and do not produce any smell.

However, when they come in contact with water, they produce a very musty and yeast-like smell. These microbes actually create chemical substances or fecal matter. These really bring out an unpleasant smell. 

Sometimes, your Bernedoodle can smell even after a bath due to skin and ear infections. 

To sum up, many of the reasons regarding odor in Bernedoodles can be controlled and managed and you do not have to be super concerned about them.

You just have to make sure to maintain a good hygiene routine and to offer the best possible environment for your loyal friend.

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