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Are Bernedoodles Aggressive or Calm? (All You Need to Know)

When getting a pet, especially a dog, the first point to note is whether the dog breed is aggressive or not. Though, every dogs’ personality is different from the other. But in general, some breeds tend to be more aggressive and hyper than the other breeds.

As for the bernedoodle, they are very much on their gentler side. These friendly and super chilled dogs are very affectionate. With enough attention and play time they will be content and stay calm.

Are Bernedoodles aggressive?

Bernedoodle is not known for their aggressive behavior. In fact, aggression is one of the last complaints that come from the breed. If they grow up in a healthy environment, they will be very calm and gentle. However, the breed might show signs of irritation if they don’t get enough interaction.

Bernedoodles are known to be one of the less aggressive breeds of the entire doodle dog clan. If brought up in a calm and loving environment, the dog will show zero to little signs of aggression without any reason.

Bernedoodle puppies:

It is very unlikely for a Bernedoodle puppy to show any aggressive behavior. Usually they are very calm and gentle. Even in the case of puppies, there are usually no intentional signs of aggression in their behavior.

Mini Bernedoodles: 

The level of aggression is very low in a mini Bernedoodle as well. It is very rare to find a mini Bernedoodle that will aggressively bite or come at you. If you are not aggressive towards a mini bernedoodle, they will not be aggressive towards you too.

Are Bernedoodles calm?

Bernedoodles are known and adored for their gentle and relaxed behavior. The Bernedoodles are very relaxed and composed when it comes to their general behavior. They are not known to lash out for no reason. On a good day, a bernedoodle will be the calmest pet you have.

Bernedoodles are a mix of the Poodle and the Bernese Mountain breed. Poodles are naturally excited and very hyper.

But a Bernese Mountain dog has a very gentle and laid-back personality. This personality trait is more dominant in the Bernedoodle. This is why Bernedoodles are very calm and relaxed naturally.

When will my Bernedoodle calm down? 

A Bernedoodle puppy will show a little aggressive behavior at the time of teething. This only lasts for their growing up period. By the age of 12 months to 18 months you will find your bernedoodle calming down.

 After the reduction of their puppy teeth, you might find your bernedoodle act a bit calmer than usual. This is during their 6 to 8 months of age. However, this phase does not last for long. The pups will start getting active and a bit hyper after a month or so.

In general, bernedoodles are very gentle and calm. Even during their aggressive period, they tend to show the signs not very often. It is very easy to handle them during that time. They calm down pretty easily and pretty fast.

Are Bernedoodle puppies hyper?

Though being calm and composed and not being hyper, the bernedoodle pup does have a lot of energy stored. They are very affectionate and playful pups. They tend to be relaxed, but they have their fair share of energy and excitement.

A bernedoodle puppy is very affectionate and loving. They crave the attention of their owner and loved ones. So, if they feel neglected they might throw a little bit of a fit. And the puppies tend to get fussy if they are left alone for a long period of time.

The bernedoodle puppy is not always hyper and fussy. In general, they are very much relaxed. Without something triggering them, they tend to stay in their relaxed state.

How do you calm a Bernedoodle puppy?

It is not very common for bernedoodle puppies to be so hyper and excited that they become a handful. But if you find your pup getting too hyper more often than usual, try to handle it gently and calmly-

Be calm:

Try to stay calm yourself. Do not get too hyper or excited yourself. This will only encourage your pup and show him that getting hyper works. Be calm and let your pup imitate you.

Don’t encourage over excitement:

If you find your dog coming to you with overloaded excitement, do not encourage it. Do not reciprocate the energy. Subtly and gently let them know that over excitement is not appreciated.

Show love when he is calm:

Show love and affection to your dog when it is in a relaxed and calm state. Do not excite them though. Gentle pats and small words of endearment will work just fine. Show them you appreciate their gentle behavior.

Give enough exercise:

Sometimes, pups get hyper if they have a lot of excess energy left in them. The way to deal with this is to give them enough exercise and playtime. Basically, you want to wear out the extra energy.

Go for stimulations:

If nothing works, go for a calming smell or stimulus for your pup. Smelling is one of the most important senses for any dog, especially pups.

Use fragrances like lavender or vanilla or eucalyptus to calm your pup down. Use air fresheners of the mentioned scent.

It can be common for pups to have an excited personality. Not all dogs are the same. But if you feel your pup getting hyper all of a sudden, try these things to not encourage the behavior and welcome the hyperactive routine.

Do Bernedoodles bite a lot? 

During the teething period you will see your bernedoodle pup engage in a lot of biting and chewing activities. Other than this particular time, a bernedoodle does not bite a lot. The breed is not aggressive at all. So biting is not a very common behavior for them.

The bernedoodle dog needs a lot of affection. If they feel any less attention towards them, they might start to show signs of aggression, thus the biting. But by nature, a bernedoodle is a chewer.

They like to chew toys or solid things. If you encourage this behavior too much, they might develop a habit of biting unnecessarily as well.

Why does my Bernedoodle bite so much? 

Teething period is when you will notice your dog biting and chewing aggressively. Your pup may start nipping and mouthing very suddenly. It is because they are growing and getting adjusted to their teeth. During this time there might be a lot of biting.

However, if your adult bernedoodle starts biting, there might be some other reason. In most cases the reason is boredom. These affectionate loving breeds get irritated when they do not get enough attention and play time.

When do Bernedoodles stop biting?

For a pup, biting is a common phase. It usually starts to lessen around the age of 7 months. At around 4 months of age the pups start to lose their teeth and start chewing. This new sensation makes them chew and bite more.

By the age of 7 months new teeth will start to grow. You can give them treats to stop them from biting the toys or other things around the house. You can also get chew toys.

Do not encourage the biting, however. Otherwise, it will stick to their behavior permanently and cause a lot of trouble in future.

What is the temperament of a Bernedoodle?

The bernedoodle dog breed is a very calm and intelligent breed with just the right amount of fun and goofiness. They are very relaxed and tend to be great family dogs.

They have a very calm nature and tend to be rather laid back. But they are fiercely loyal to their family and owner.

The beautiful mix of a poodle and a Bernese Mountain dog have the energy and excitement of a poodle. At the same time, they have the calm temperament of the Bernese Mountain dog. Making them one of the most affectionate, loved and intelligent breeds in general.

Are Bernedoodle puppies nippy? 

A bernedoodle pup is as laid back and chill as an adult. However after a few months it might be very obvious for your pup to be a bit hyper and playful. Not compared to any other breed, a bernedoodle is easier to train and maintain.

The poodle breed is very much active and hyper. And as a mix of a poodle, a bernedoodle tends to be playful as well. But they are more on the relaxed side of their personality. Bernedoodles have a medium range of energy and they tend to be less on the nippy side.

Are Bernedoodles friendly?

Bernedoodles are known for their relaxed yet affectionate behavior. These dogs are very much drawn towards their owner. In most cases, they are friendly and show utmost loyalty. This is why they are a popular choice for family pets.

Dogs usually reciprocate the affection they get. But the bernedoodle dogs are very much friendly on their own. They don’t have much aggression and are naturally calm. They love being with their owners and playing with them.

Bernedoodles are very laid back and relaxed dogs. The natural personality of the dog is calm and composed. It is very rare for the dog to show signs of aggression without any reason. This calmness of their behavior makes them very lovable and widely popular.

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