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Are Bernedoodles Easy To Train? (With Training Guide)

Dogs and training are connected to each other. You can not pet a dog unless he is properly trained. But not all breeds of dogs have the same trainability, neither do they have the same acceptability to receive training.

Therefore, those breeds of dogs are hard to train. And such an important factor can surely bring up a question in your mind about whether Bernedoodle dogs that are Bernedoodles are easy to train or not.   

So to know all the detailed information regarding Bernedoodle’s variability, let’s jump down.

Are Bernedoodles Easy To Train? 

Bernedoodles are easier to train because of their intelligence which is a reflective natural trait of Poodle-Bernese Mountain crossbreeds. So Bernedoodles are quicker in learning and accepting training. And it’s easier to train female Bernedoodles than males as female dogs don’t get diverted easily.

Are Mini Bernedoodles Easy To Train?

Mini Bernedoodle dogs are also easy to train due to their intelligent nature which is a common Poodle/Bernese Mountain crossbreed dog temperament. Therefore, any Mini Bernedoodle owner can expect to have an effortless time during training a Mini Bernedoodle. 

However, it’s known that Mini Bernedoodles are famous for being very stubborn, so due to Mini Bernedoodle’s stubborn nature, sometimes it can be a really tough job to train Mini Bernedoodles.

Therefore, anyone will be required to be patient and calm while training Mini Bernedoodles, especially when they are just little cute fluffy puppies. 

Are Bernedoodles Easy To House Train? 

Generally, Bernedoodles are quite easy to house train as they are an exceptionally clever dog breed due to being born of Poodle-Bernese Mountain as crossbreed dogs. So, Bernedoodles can easily pick commands and very responding to training even if it’s at home. 

Bernedoodles are very generous to positive enforcement, so if you praise them or treat them while training at home, they will quickly learn tricks. 

But sometimes Bernedoodles can be notoriously stubborn so at that time patiently deal with them while training. 

How Long Does It Take To Train A Bernedoodle?

It can take roughly 4 to 6 months to train a Bernedoodle dog with all the required obedience training and cue words command.

Bernedoodles will get adapted to the given routine for their daily training and other activities such as exercises, daily walks, and act on the given cue words command during this period. And this assumed training period goes regardless of any breeds of dogs. 

How To Train A Bernedoodle?

However, 5 effective ways have been explained below that can help you train your Bernedoodle a little more skillfully.

Positive Reinforcements: 

Positive reinforcement works the best during training as Bernedoodles get pleased and encouraged to learn and accept training if they get positive support from their owners. 

So, while training your Bernedoodle dog with new skills, commands, or activity, give him rewards such as delicious treats or praise him lovingly.

Even when he learns a new skill, responds to your commands, or finishes a task, reward him with treats or praise to encourage him. 

Cue Words Command: 

Train your Bernedoodle with simple and easy cue words and teach him to react to those commands while obedience training. 

You can teach him cue words such as “Stop”, “Sit”, “Stay”, etc. And practice these cue words creating different environments to make him understand when he should act on which cue word command. Cue word training will make him stay calm and obey your commands. 

Brain Training: 

Bring training is another way of training to keep your Bernedoodle dog mentally stimulated. It will make him more intelligent so it will be easier for you to train him.

Give your Bernedoodle mental challenges while training him by playing different games and tricks with him. But make sure that those games are interesting enough to make him mentally stimulated and learn real-life tricks. 

Make Him Socialize: 

When you are training him at his puppy phase, make sure to give him some time to spend all by himself. This will make him learn to be happy and socialize in your absence. First start will be 5-10 minutes then gradually keep increasing the duration. 

Also, take him for walks around your neighborhood and parks to interact with other people and pets and activities out of his home. This will make him learn to properly behave with strangers and other pets and he will gain real-world experiences. 

Leash Training: 

Leash training is a method of training to have control over your Bernedoodle. For that make your Bernedoodle associate with the leash and leash training and walking and make him feel leash about the training so that he cooperates.

In leash training, take him for walks on a leash and train him to walk by your footsteps. Once your Bernedoodle takes the leash positively, you can control him without leash also. 

Are Mini Bernedoodles Easy To Potty Train?

Mini Bernedoodles are easy to potty train as well. In fact, there is no difference between them or regular-sized Bernedoodles when it comes to potty training. They are intelligent pups and will adapt to potty training if you start from their early age like when they are little puppies.

But since Mini Bernedoodles are also stubborn and playful, teaching them potty training can take quite a lot of time. 

How Long To Potty Train A Bernedoodle?

There’s no definite answer that how long it may take a Bernedoodle to get adapted to potty training. Because some Bernedoodle dogs may take just a couple of weeks to learn potty training and some may take months to learn it. 

However, it’s assumed that for any type of training, Bernedoodle dogs can take up to 4-6 months to get adjusted with the training so it goes the same for potty training as well. 

How To Potty Train A Mini Bernedoodle?

3 relatively easy and effective ways to potty train a Mini Bernedoodle have been suggested and described below.

Make Him Recognize His Toilet Spot: 

First, you have to decide where your Mini Bernedoodle will dump. It can be outside of your home or a litter box/pee pad. Then make him recognize that it’s his toilet space and he should not toilet anywhere else.

Mini Bernedoodles are clever so if you take him or guide him or command him every day to toilet in his specific place only, he will learn it soon.

Crate The Puppy: 

You can adopt crate potty training if you don’t stay home all time. While you are out keep him in a small gated dog den or an isolated corner of your home.

But don’t leave any food or drinks around for that short period and train him to release his waste as soon as he is out of the crate. But make sure that your pup feels sheltered and safe inside the crate. 

Reward Your Mini Bernedoodle: 

Reward works as the best positive reinforcement. Whenever your Mini Bernedoodle will pee/potty by himself at the right spot, treat him with snacks or praise him loudly so that he gets encouragement and every time do pee/potty at his spot to get treats or praise. 

How To Crate Train A Bernedoodle Puppy?

Crate training might seem a little tricky as puppies really don’t like to stay confined in crates. However, with this step-by-step guideline, you can crate train your Bernedoodle puppy easily without making him afraid. 

Introduce The Crate Slowly: 

The first and most important step is to introduce the crate to your Bernedoodle puppy. For that place the crate in that spot in your home where your family stays most of the time.

Then keep the door open and keep treats inside him to encourage him to go inside the crate. If he doesn’t go then don’t force him rather play games around the crate or sit and talk to him near the crate and make him curious to go inside. It may take several hours. 

Feed Him Inside the Crate: 

When your Bernedoodle pup is comfortable with the crate, give him food/treats/drinks inside his crate. Food will encourage him to go inside the crate and stay there. 

Lengthen Crate Time: 

Gradually, make your Bernedoodle puppy spend time in his crate more. 

You can sit by his crate for 5 minutes and leave him alone for 5 minutes. Then return, sit for a minute and allow him to go out of his crate. Practice this many times and keep increasing the time to keep him in a crate. 

Crate Him At Night Or When You Go Out: 

When you see that your Bernedoodle pup can stay in the crate for 30 minutes or more comfortably all by himself. Start leaving him in his crate at night or while you are going out. Praise and treat him for staying in his crate and keep his crate near your room at night. 

Can Bernedoodles Hunt?

Bernedoodles can hunt and they are earning an excellent reputation as hunting dogs day by day. Bernedoodles are good hunting dogs because they have inherited hunting skills from their parent Bernese Mountain dogs that are greatly known as tracking and hunting dogs. 

Can You Train A Bernedoodle To Hunt?

You can train a Bernedoodle to hunt and the process is the same with any other dogs. As Bernedoodles are smart dogs and have natural hunting instincts, trainability, and stamina like both of their parent dog breeds, so they will get adapted to hunting training quickly.

But you have to show a lot of patience while training them as they are stubborn. 

How To Train A Bernedoodle To Hunt?

Bernedoodles have natural instincts to be able to hunt. So to train a Bernedoodle to hunt, first, you have to introduce him to hunting conditions like the machine sounds, and others at his very early age. 

Then you have to start training him with basic obedience training needed in hunting dogs so that you can calm him down when he gets aggressive while hunting. 

Then train him not to bite any critters after catching it. And see him gradually adapting to these steps as Bernedoodles learn rapidly due to being exceptionally intelligent and smart dogs.

Bernedoodles have inherited trainability and intelligence from both of their parent dog breeds which have naturally made them highly trainable dogs. So if you adopt a Bernedoodle, it will surely be easy to train him.

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