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Why Are Bernedoodles So Expensive? How Much Do They Cost?

Do you want to have a Bernedoodle dog? But wondering why they are so expensive? Well, this is because the demand for them among the other dogs is comparatively high.

As it is a mix of two breeds of dogs, this dog has a lot of bright sides from both their parents which is why people are willing to pay a huge amount of money for them.

There are other reasons as well for their high price and you should really think about those expenses before having one.

Why Are Bernedoodles So Expensive?

The high demand for the Bernedoodle is what made them so expensive. And the production is also not meeting the demand of the buyers. Besides, the price of them depends on other factors like their body size, coat, age, and gender. And their maintenance cost, like grooming, is quite expensive as well.

The bernedoodles are known for their smartness. This is because they can learn any command in a short period of time.

And they act in a friendly behavior towards the family members which is why people spend a huge chunk of money to have the dog as a member of their family.

These characteristics of the Bernedoodle are what increased the desire of the people to have them. However, it is difficult to have such a vast amount of Bernedoodle dogs due to their success rate.

Let’s dig down to know the facts that affects the bernedoodles for being expensive:

Increased demand:

For various reasons, the demand for the Bernedoodle is visibly increasing day by day.

They are pretty well-behaved and a lovable breed of dog. This would make them a perfect companion dog without any extra effort. This is another reason behind their demand in the population.

They are becoming well-known to be family dogs for quite some time which is why people are stepping forward and having them as soon as possible. This resulted in a price escalation pretty fast.

Less supply of this breed:

As the demand for the Bernedoodle increased, the breeders and the dog shelters couldn’t give that number of dogs to the customers.

Due to less availability of the Bernedoodle, the breeder started to increase the price of them to make sure the supply stays stable.

However, this situation is improving day by day. The number of Bernedoodle breeders is increasing so that means the production will also increase compared to before.

But, even after the increase in production, the breeders continued to sell the bernedoodles at the same high price.

Maintenance and other expenses:

The bernedoodles do not shed their hair much most of the time which means that you have to take your fluffy pet to the salon every now and then. These salon visits can be really expensive as they are going to charge you a lot for that.

Another reason for their regular grooming is that their coats are quite long and curly in shape so there is a fair chance that they might get all curled up if they grew too long.

Moreover, you have to clip their nails like all the other dogs and don’t forget about the food expenses.

All these reasons that are stated above are why the bernedoodles are so expensive to have. Even though they are a good dog to have around, you should see through all these expenses before buying them.

Why are mini Bernedoodles so expensive?

The first reason why the mini bernedoodles are so expensive is because of their low rate of success.

There was a time when it was difficult to breed Berdoodle babies as they are mixed breed dogs. This lack of success raised the price of the existing puppies and followed that same price line till now.

Moreover, you might have seen that the bernedoodles have multi-colored coat hair which is curly. These colors are also one of the factors why the mini bernedoodles are pricey. 

However, you can have them at a cheaper price if you adopt them from an animal shelter.

How much do Bernedoodles cost?

If you are looking forward to buying a Bernedoodle puppy then it will cost you $2500-$5000. And the adult ones will cost up to $4000-$5000.

It will be this pricey only if you are buying them from a good place. And if you are looking for a cheaper way to have them then you can try to look at your nearest animal shelter to have a good deal.

Are Bernedoodles high maintenance?

Yes, Bernedoodles are high-maintenance dogs. You are required to spend a lot of time with the dog so that they can grow up in a gentle way.

They need the most of your love and attention to maintain healthy behavior. They will literally behave in a fussy way if you leave them in the house alone and go to work for the whole day.

As they are playful creatures, you have to take them for a walk almost every day so that the dog stays delightful. Playing their favorite game is also what they will want every now and then. 

What are the pros and cons of a Bernedoodle?


  • They have a cool temper compared to other dogs.
  • They are really affectionate towards other animals and humans (especially children).
  • They can learn a new command in a short time.
  • They are loyal and they know how to protect their owners.
  • They come in various sizes so you can choose one of them according to the size of the house.
  • Comparatively, they are likely to shed a small amount of hair.


  • They are really expensive to have because of their high demand. 
  • You need to take time and train the dog properly so that they don’t misbehave.
  • You have to groom their coat hair frequently so that they don’t get tangled everywhere. 
  • You cannot leave them in a house alone as they require a companion all the time.
  • It is necessary to take them out for a walk every day which might not be possible for a lot of people due to their work.
  • They will ask for your attention a lot and will act like needy dogs.

Are Bernedoodles worth it?

Yes, Bernedoodles are definitely worth it. Getting a friendly companion that will stay with you all the time is a win. Their unconditional love and loyalty are surely worth all the effort that you will make for them.

Most importantly, they are likely to adapt to your lifestyle within days so you don’t have to spend weeks training them how to do certain things.

What breed makes a Bernedoodle?

A Bernedoodle is a mixed breed of a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle. This mix is what makes them smart and charming dogs.

In simple words, a Bernedoodle has all the good qualities of both its parents and makes a remarkable dog.

Are Bernedoodle good for first-time owners?

There won’t be any problem if the first-time owners adopt a Bernedoodle. You won’t face many difficulties while training and teaching them new tricks and acts as they are really capable of understanding your orders without creating a mess.

They are not aggressive as well so this will be helpful for you to handle the dog smoothly. The Bernedoodles are not likely to throw any tantrums so that is a plus point for you.

All these points prove that they are the sweetest family dog that you can have even if you are a first-time owner of a dog.

Are male or female Bernedoodles better?

There is not much of a difference between the male and female Bernedoodles. The only difference is the males are a slight bit willful while the females tend to have more freedom.

It is seen that the male ones show more emotions and affection towards people while the female can be trained easily compared to the males.

However, you can have both a male and a female Bernedoodle as a pet because both of them are lovely creatures to have.

In conclusion, the Bernedoodles are definitely expensive to have but if you look past all those expenses, you will see that there is nothing compared to the love that they will give you for their whole lifetime. And that is totally a priceless thing to experience. 

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