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Do Bernedoodles Need Grooming? (How to Groom a Bernedoodle)

Dogs and grooming have a direct connection because it’s an essential part when you are petting a dog. However, not all breeds of dogs require grooming due to their coat types.

And if you pet a Bernedoodle dog this factor can bring a question to your mind that whether your four-legged fur ball Bernedoodle needs grooming or not. 

Therefore, to find the precise answer with proper justification, let’s dig down. 

Do Bernedoodles Need Grooming?

Bernedoodles do need grooming because they are a crossbreed of Poodle and Bernese Mountain dogs so they have hairy coats like Poodles instead of fur. And as a result, Bernedoodles require regular grooming sessions at home and professional grooming every 3-4 months to keep their hair tangle-free.

Bernedoodles, from the name of this dog breed it’s easy to assume that these dogs are a crossbreed of Bernese Mountain dog and hairy Poodle dog family.

Therefore, Bernedoodles have gotten genes from Poodle dogs too, they are born hairy coats rather than fur coats. And since Bernedoodles have hairy coats, they highly need grooming. 

Dogs with hairy coats tend to have tangles and matted coats more often than dogs with fur. Hence, Bernedoodles are a dog breed with hairy coats too, their coats will get tangled and matted more often as well.

As a result, Bernedoodles do highly need grooming at home regularly. As well as professional grooming sessions every 3 to 4 months depending on their hair growth. 

When Should I Start Grooming My Bernedoodle Puppy? 

You should start grooming your Bernedoodle puppy when he reaches around the age of 16 weeks old.

But before you take your beloved Bernedoodle pup by the age of 16 weeks old to a professional groomer for his first grooming session, you must make sure he received all of his puppy vaccinations by that time. 

Also, remember that the sooner you will introduce your Bernedoodle hairy pup to grooming, the more susceptible it would be for your Bernedoodle puppy to get adapted to it. 

How Often Do Bernedoodles Need To Be Groomed?

Bernedoodles dogs are required to be groomed by a professional groomer every 3 to 4 months to stay in their best-looking appearance with a tangle and matt free hairy coat.

Also, during every grooming session every 3-4 months, the groomer takes care of their nails too and trims them to keep tidy. 

However, if you have got some excellent grooming skills, you can regularly groom your Bernedoodle doggo at home too. 

But remember that how often you need your Bernedoodles to get groomed is also dependent on their hair length, hair growth, skin conditions, and grooming sessions. 

How Much Does It Cost To Groom A Bernedoodle?

To groom a Bernedoodle dog you are expected to pay between $50-$100 on average for each standard professional grooming session. And it will include a full-body bath with shampoo, full-body haircut/hair trimming, ear care, and nail trimming. 

However, the charge may vary depending on the size of your Bernedoodle pooch, his hair condition and hair length, location of the grooming salon, and the professional groomer you will be choosing. 

If you are determined to groom your Bernedoodle dog at home, it can be a little less expensive. But do consider the factors that you have to expend extra money on all grooming tools and it’s a time-consuming process. 

How To Groom A Bernedoodle At Home?

You can purchase all the essential tools for hair cutting, hair trimming, brushing, and bathing/cleaning products and start grooming your Bernedoodle at home at less cost. 

And to help you with grooming your Bernedoodle at home, this section is filled up with all tips, methods, and step-by-step guidelines and have deciphered all of them below. 

How Do You Cut A Bernedoodle Hair?

Here a suggestion for the 5 best hair cut that you can give your Bernedoodle pup at home while grooming him has been given.

The Winter Cut: 

To give this haircut, you got to cut your Bernedoodle’s all body hair about 3 inches in length and clip down his hair on face and chest about 1 inch. 

You have to shape his front legs too to look straight and leave his tail with lo her hair than his body. But make sure it blends well with the rest of his coat. 

The Summer Cut: 

For giving your Bernedoodle this haircut, you have to use 7/8 inches clipper comb and cut his whole body hair to that length. And for the legs use a 1” clipper comb and cut his leg’s hair to 1inch in length. And trim his facial hair slightly more short. But keep his tail’s hair longer. 

Bernedoodle Poodle Cut: 

To give your Bernedoodle a poodle cut, you need to cut is his body hair short from back and lower tummy and then cut hair short around his back legs, toes, and feet. Also, keep the facial hair long and do some trimming around your pooch’s eyes. And keep his tail’s hair short. 

Teddy Bear Cut: 

The teddy bear cut will require you to cut your Bernedoodle dog’s facial hair in a round shape like teddy bears and cut his body hair of all parts and facial hair around 1-2 inches in length. 

How Do You Bathe A Bernedoodle?

A detailed step-by-step guide for bathing your Bernedoodle dog easily has been described below.

Brush His Coat: 

First, brush your Bernedoodle’s body hair all way down to his skin to detangle the matts.

Wet His Coat And Apply Dog Shampoo:

Then wet your Bernedoodle’s coat with warm water and apply dog shampoo all over his body and lather it into his coat using your hands. But don’t apply on his face yet. 

Rinse Off: 

Wash off the shampoo thoroughly using warm water. 

Wash His Face: 

After that wash his face with warm water and shampoo and rinse off thoroughly this time too. 

Rinse Again: 

One more time, wash your Bernedoodle again with clean warm water. 

Dry His Coat And Apply Conditioner: 

Air dry his coat with a hairdryer then brush his hairs and apply leave-in dog conditioner. 

How Do You Brush A Bernedoodle Hair? 

4 effective tips have been suggested and described below that can help you brush your Bernedoodle dog easily.

Use A Detangler Product: 

Before you start brushing your Bernedoodle dog, spray or apply a detangler product so that all the matts, tangles, and knots get loosen up. And after that slowly brush his hairy coat. 

Use A Brush For Bernedoodles: 

Use Chris Christensen Long Pin Slicker Brush and Andis 2 Inch Steel Comb for brushing your Bernedoodle dog. These two brushes are specifically made for only Bernedoodle dogs and recommended by professional groomers too.

Brush Down To His Skin: 

Make a line and part your Bernedoodle’s hair in two parts then brush his hair slowly and gently all way down to his skin.

Release Knots With Fingers: 

If your Bernedoodle’s hairy coat has several knots, don’t comb or brush them to loosen up. Run your fingers through his coat and slowly release the knots. 

How To Trim Bernedoodle’s Face?

The first rule of trimming your Bernedoodle dog is using the right tools for trimming. Use thinning scissors to cut your Bernedoodle’s facial hair from his nose areas and eyes. 

Then, use a 1/2 inches clipper to trim his hairs from the verges of his eyes and ears and gently trim the hairs under your Bernedoodle’s chin and ears as well. 

After then to trim hairs from his head top and over his eyes, use a 3/4 inches clipper from your Bernedoodle’s eyes to back of his head. 

Lastly, use scissors to trim under and sides of his muzzle and shape his ears. 

How Do You Take Care Of Bernedoodle Fur? 

Taking proper care of Bernedoodle’s fur is essential, especially if it’s curly fur, so to make the taking care process easier for you 4 tips have been explained briefly. 

Brush Regularly: 

Brushing your Bernedoodle’s fur 2-3 times a week is a must part of the entire taking care process. Regular/routine brushing from all way down to his skin will in preventing matts, knots, and tangles. 

Monthly Bath: 

Bath your Bernedoodle every few months to prevent his natural oils from stripping away. Because that keeps his skin and furry coat moisturized. 

Regular/Routine Grooming: 

Groom your Bernedoodle every 3-4 months by a professional groomer. And give him a regular session at home to keep his fur healthy-looking and all shiny. 

Use Right Tools And Products: 

Only use the comb and brush that are recommended for Bernedoodles. Also, use suitable dog shampoo and conditioner for washing his fur. 

How To Clean Bernedoodle’s Ears And Eyes?

It’s a must to clean the Bernedoodle dog’s ears and eyes regularly and routine wisely during bathing time. Here how effortlessly you can clean your Bernedoodle dog’s ears and eyes have been described.

Eye Cleaning:

You must clean your Bernedoodle dog’s eyes daily. And to clean any mucus or foreign body on the inner corner of his eyes, take a cotton ball and wet it with a few drops of eye clearer or warm water.

Then dab it on the inner corners of his eyes and clean thoroughly. 

Ears Cleaning:

Once a week you must clean your Bernedoodle pup’s ears to prevent any ear infection. To clean his ears you can use vet recommended ear cleansing solution or epi-otic cleanser. 

Then apply the cleanser into your dog’s ears and massage underneath both of his ears for 30 seconds. And then let your dog shake the solution out of his ears. After that, take a cotton ball and wipe off the lingering cleanser and ear wax from his ear canal.  

How Do You Trim A Bernedoodle’s Nails?

Trimming a Bernedoodle’s nails can prove a pretty hard job for you, therefore, an easy step-by-step guide has been provided below for you to follow while trimming your dog’s nail. 

Keep Him A In A Clam State: 

First, you must make sure to keep your Bernedoodle in a calm and still state to avoid any accident. 

Gain His Trust:

Then gain your Bernedoodle’s trust by praising him, or giving him some treats, or engaging with him cue words so that he allows you to touch his paws without any issue. 

Associate Him With Nail Clippers:

Once you gain your Bernedoodle’s trust, make him associate with nail clippers by making the clippers make a sound or by touching him with the clippers.

Gently Trim Nails: 

When your Bernedoodle is trusting you completely and letting you touch his paws, and is associating with the nail clippers, take his paws on your hand and gently press between his toes to separate them.

And then trim his nails with slippers. But make sure to not trim too much as it can make him bleed. 

Treat Him:

Every time you are done trimming one nail of your Bernedoodle, treat him with treats so that stays calm and doesn’t move too much. 

How Can I Clean My Bernedoodle Puppy’s Teeth?

It’s essential to get your Bernedoodle dog’s teeth cleaned up daily. So, here are some useful tips that can make the job easier for you. 

Make Him Accustomed To Mouth Handling: 

After the meal, daily make your Bernedoodle accustomed to mouth handling. For that, you can put low-salt chicken broth on your finger and insert it in his mouth. 

Make Him Taste The Toothpaste: 

Make your Bernedoodle taste the toothpaste as a delicious treat by choosing meat-flavored dog toothpaste. 

Lift His Lips: 

Try lifting your Bernedoodle’s upper lips by encouraging Jim to chew on his favorite toy. Then around his muzzle wrap your hand and hold him in a place, and start cleaning his front teeth. After that gently go deep inside his mouth and clean his rear molars too. 

Use Dog Toothbrush/Finger Toothbrush: 

Try to use a dog’s toothbrush or finger toothbrushes for cleaning your Bernedoodle’s teeth. A human baby’s baby toothbrush will do the job too. 

When Should I Cut My Bernedoodle Hair?

You can give your Bernedoodle pup his first haircut when he reaches the age of 16 weeks old. And after that have your Bernedoodle groomed every 3-4 months by a professional groomer. 

How Often Can You Bathe A Bernedoodle? 

You can bathe your Bernedoodle every 3-4 months but if your Bernedoodle gets too dirty then don’t hesitate to give him a nice bath. However, avoid bathing him too often to keep his skin healthful and moisturized with natural oils. 

Should You Shave A Bernedoodle?

Typically, you should not shave your Bernedoodle dog, instead trimming every 3-4 months is recommended.

However, if your Bernedoodle is suffering from any skin disease or it’s too hot for him to tolerate, you certainly should shave your Bernedoodle dog for his comfort. But make sure to shave him with a professional groomer or you can do it by yourself only if you are skilled. 

How Fast Does Bernedoodle Hair Grow?

After passing in the puppy coat shedding phase, your Bernedoodle’s hair will grow back in 2 months. And he will take about a year to grow his hair in full length. 

However, after a full-body shave, your Bernedoodle will take 1 and a half months to 3 months to grow his hair. And 5-6 months to grow back hair in full length. 

Can Bernedoodles Have Straight Hair? 

Bernedoodles can have straight hair coats. In fact, having a straight hairy coat is one of the coat types that Bernedoodles can be born with. 

Bernedoodles being a crossbreed dog of Bernese Mountain and Poodle surely do need grooming the most due to having hairy coats. So make sure to groom your Bernedoodle furball regularly to maintain and keep his hairy coat shiny and tangle-free.

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