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Do Aussiedoodles Like To Swim? Do They Like Water?

More or less most of the breeds of dogs like water or like to swim. Some of them are even great swimmers too and some really enjoy after activities. However, there are some breeds of dogs too that dislike both swimming and water.

So such a situation can lead all of you Aussiedoodle owners to a confusing point where the question of whether Aussiedoodles like to swim or not may arise in your mind. 

So, if you all Aussiepoo owners are hit with this common question then without further ado let’s check out. 

Do Aussiedoodle Like To Swim?

Most Aussiedoodles like to swim. Because they are very active dogs that like to keep them engaged with various exercises. And swimming is an excellent exercise that makes Aussiedoodles release pent-up energy, so they like it. But, some of the Aussiepoos may dislike swimming and it’s a normal issue.

Can Aussiedoodles Swim?

Most of the Aussiedoodles can swim because genetically they have gotten the talent of swimming from their Poodle parents.

Aussiedoodles are born of the Poodles and the Australian Shepherds, and Poodles are greatly known for their love for water activities and swimming. Therefore, this talent has been passed to Aussiedoodles too which has proved them good swimmers too. 

So, it’s quite clear that most Aussiedoodles are born swimmers, they just need to be introduced to water and swimming training at an earlier age to be good swimmers. So, if you want your Aussiepoo to learn swimming then start early swimming training. 

But also remember that not all Aussiedoodles are meant to swim. Some of them may dislike water and swimming. 

Can Miniature Aussiedoodles Swim?

Mini Aussiedoodles also can swim. Actually, there aren’t many visible or characteristic differences between regular-sized Aussiedoodles and Miniature Aussiedoodles except for their differences in sizes.

So just like most regular-sized Aussiedoodles, Miniature Aussiedoodles can swim well. 

Also, Miniature Aussiedoodles are also crossbred dogs of the Australian shepherd and Miniature Poodles. So, they have got genes from their Poodle parents too. And this makes a clear sense that Miniature Aussiedoodles are capable of swimming. 

However, we also know that not every Aussiedoodle can swim because either they dislike water, or they have any bad experience with water, so they are terrified. 

Do Aussiedoodles Like Water?

Aussiedoodles like water, at least most of them are seen by their owners to prefer water and water activities on summer days.

Since one of Aussiedoodle’s dog parent breeds, Poodle dogs have water-loving instincts, so, genetically Aussiedoodles also carry waterdog instincts. And such a gene made Aussiepoos to love water. 

Moreover, many Aussiedoodle owners have said that they have seen their Aussiedoodle dip its paws and face in the water tub on summer days.

Also, Aussiedoodles are recognized as good swimmers which means they love swimming and swimming is a water activity. Therefore, it’s apparent that Aussiedoodles like water. 

Do Aussiedoodles Know How To Swim?

Inherently, Aussiedoodles know how to swim. Aussiedoodles have gotten water dog genes from one of their parent dogs Poodles and Poodles are widely known for their love for swimming and water sports.

So, it’s evident that such genes have made Aussiedoodles eligible for swimming since their birth. 

But, even though Aussiepoos have the swimming talent, they will not swim unless they are acquainted with water at an early age and are given proper swimming training.

Only if you provide them with training for swimming, Aussiedoodles will showcase their born talent of swimming. 

When Should I Introduce My Aussiedoodle Puppy To Swimming?

You should introduce your Aussiedoodle puppy to swimming when he reaches 8 weeks. This age is not a definite age because it’s unpredictable when an Aussiedoodle pup will get ready to be introduced to water.

Some owners also introduce their Aussiepoo pup to swimming at 10 weeks old too. But the main fact is whether you introduce your Aussiedoodle to swimming at 8 weeks old or 10 weeks old, you always should start his swimming training between this age.

As the earlier you’ll start training, the better your Aussiepoo pooch will adjust to the water. And will become an efficient swimmer. 

When Can Aussiedoodle Puppies Learn To Swim?

It’s difficult to decide on an exact age when an Aussiedoodle puppy will learn to swim. But, it’s noticed that if you start training your Aussiedoodle pup for swimming when he is around between 8-10 weeks old, he will start learning swimming from that age. 

Aussiedoodles have the natural instincts of swimming. If they are introduced to water and instructed for strumming training from their puppyhood, they catch up with the pace and learn to swim faster.

So, it’s suggested that if you begin providing proper swimming lessons to your Aussiepoo pup when he is merely 8-10 weeks old, he will learn swimming during this time. 

But note that, it’s not an exact age, some Aussiepoo may take more time to learn swimming, some may take less time. 

How Do I Introduce My Aussiedoodle To Water? 

Making your Aussiedoodle introduce water is not an easy job at least. So to make this tough job a little effortless for you, this section is filled up with 4 effective ways of introducing your Aussiepoo to water. 

Introduce To Water At Early Age: 

The first way of introducing your Aussiedoodle to water is to start this task when your Aussiedoodle is just an 8-10 weeks old puppy. Make your Aussiedoodle puppy acquainted with water from his puppyhood, he will get adjusted to it quickly. 

So, let your Aussiepoo walk by himself in 1-2 inches deep water under your supervision. 

Fun Bathing Time: 

You can play some water games, set a water sprinkler in your garden, or let him enjoy in a kid’s pool on hot days during his bath time. The more your Aussiedoodle gets fun from water activities, the sooner he will get attracted to water. 

Kiddie Pool: 

Kiddie pool has always been a good option when it comes down to introducing water to any breed of dogs. So you can introduce your Aussiedoodle to water for the first time by using a kiddie pool instead of your home’s bathtub. 

Make your Aussiepoo pup paddle slowly in the kid’s pool and when he can balance his body while paddling, gradually you can keep increasing the water level.  And in the meantime, he will start liking water. 

Water-Lover Dog Friends: 

If you think your Aussiedoodle puppy is still not encouraged enough to get into the water by himself, make him meet some water-lover dog friends at your home.

When he will see the other dogs enjoying the water, he will get encouraged and imitate them by getting into the water by himself. 

How Do I Teach My Aussiedoodle To Swim In The Pool?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to lead you while you teach your Aussiedoodle to swim in the pool. 

Lead Aussiepoo In The Swimming Pool:

First, safely lead your Aussiedoodle in the swimming pool. Do this task gradually without a rush because your motive should be to introduce him to the pool. 

So let your Aussiedoodle take the lead and put his paw first but you should always lead and encourage him from behind. 

Move Deeper: 

Now, when you see your Aussiedoodle is confident and comfy enough to get into the water and come out of it, make him move deeper into the pool water. 

But if your Aussiedoodle is a very little pup for doing this step, make him wear a life vest and carry him closer to your body. 

Support In The Water: 

In this step, support your Aussiedoodle while teaching swimming by holding his under belly so that he can take the swimming position and move his legs. Then gradually, coax your Aussiedoodle in the pool water.

Or make him wear a life vest to support his under belly and let him move his legs on his own. 

Remove Support: 

Once you notice that your Aussiedoodle is comfortably swimming on his own, remove support and make him practice every for a little longer time. 

Teach Him To Exit: 

Your Aussiedoodle needs to know how to leave the water. So motivate him with a leash, or call him by his name to come out of the pool. You can make him recognize the pool stairs too to use them and come out of the pool on his own. 

Are Aussiedoodles Water Dogs?

Aussiedoodles are water dogs. Aussiedoodle’s natural water dog instincts have made them love water and water sports. And gave them the reputation of being a water dog. 

But you have to make sure that you are making your Aussiedoodle introduce to water at an early age and making water activities fun. It will make your Aussiedoodle show his water dog instincts faster. 

Should I Throw My Aussiedoodle In The Water?

You never should throw your Aussiedoodle in the water all by himself unless he is a good swimmer, knows to balance his body in the water, and can go into/come out from the water on his own. 

Otherwise, always support him by holding his belly or making him wear a life jacket whenever you throw him in the water. 

Why Would A Dog Refuse Water?

There are three possible reasons behind a dog refusing water and these have been given below. 

  • They are not water dogs at all.
  • They are scared of water due to any past bad experience.
  • Or they haven’t been acquainted with water at an early age.

Due to having waterdog genetics, Aussiedoodles like to swim. But if you see any Aussiedoodle not liking water, encourage him to like instead of forcing him.

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