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Do Aussiedoodles Shed a Lot? (Complete Shedding Guide)

One of the factors that concern many families looking to take in a pet is whether the canine sheds a lot. Shedding can be quite annoying and is something that is largely genetic.

Like all dog owners, you might be wondering if Aussiedoodles shed and if they do, might that be too much or too often?

Do Aussiedoodles shed a lot?

Aussiedoodles are considered to be low shedding or non-shedding dogs. Their shedding remains to a minimal amount and depends on the coat type and genetics. Curly haired Aussiedoodles, which have stronger Poodle genes shed less than straight haired ones with stronger Australian Shepard genes.

Not all Aussiedoodle generation shed the same way. Here is an idea of each of them:

Standard Aussiedoodle:

The standard Aussiedoodles are a breed that comes from Poodles and the Australian Shepard. The resulting canines are usually low shedders but their shedding rate will depend on what kind of coats they have inherited.

For curly haired standard Aussiedoodles, shedding occurs seldom. For wavy haired or straight-haired ones, they might shed a little more. Their shedding can be further minimized with regular grooming and brushing.

Mini Aussiedoodle:

Mini Aussiedoodles are a mix when miniature poodles and a Miniature Australian Shepard come together. The size of these dogs is 12 to 18 inches.

One reason why so many families want a mini Aussiedoodle is its minimal shedding feature. These “Einstein” of the breed are little and extremely intelligent as well. These pets require daily exercise for their well being which helps in keeping their coats healthier so that they never shed.

Toy Aussiedoodle:

Toy Aussiedoodles are the smallest of breeds and they get their name due to their 10-inch height. These cute little pups weigh only 40 to 70 pounds.

Their Poodle DNA is quite strong, making the wavy-haired pooches quite the non-shedding ones. Remember, when we mention non shedding, it does not mean that they don’t shed at all. It means the shedding is very minimal.

F1 Aussiedoodle:

F1 Aussiedoodles is the first generation and has an equal percentage of pure-bred Poodle and Shepard genes. Because of the same gene composition, they might wither shed a lot if they have straight coat or not at all if their coats are curly like Poodles.

F1b Aussiedoodle:

The F1b generation of Aussiedoodle is high in demand among people who want one because they are so allergy friendly. This generation is leaned 75% towards Poodle genetics and hence have a non-shedding tendency.

F2 Aussiedoodle:

The second generation F2 Aussiedoodle is born when two F1 dogs are bred together. Hence, they have 50% of both the participating genes. Just like the parent pooches, it is not possible to determine whether they would shed a lot or they would be low shedders.

F2b Aussiedoodle:

F2b Aussiedoodles are swayed towards their Poodle parent with a gene composition that is 62.5% Poodle and 37.5% Australian Shepherd. Therefore, again owning to its Poodle genetic dominance, the canines don’t shed much at all. They are also quite hypoallergenic.

How bad do Aussiedoodles shed?

Lucky for you, if you are taking care of an Aussiedoodle or plan to take in one as a pet, this breed is considered to be a no-shed dog. Now, this does not mean that an Aussiedoodle does not shed at all. They do but it is quite minimal and can only be visibly noticed when you brush their fur.

You can think of the Aussiedoodle’s shedding as somewhat similar to when we see hair on our combs when we brush it. If our hair is healthy and taken good care of, it falls off less. Other times, it’s simply a genetic matter. In the case of Aussiedoodles, the story is the same!

How much they shed depends on their hereditary and what genes have been handed down. In turn, this will determine what type of coat they have.

If an Aussiedoodle take up more genetics from its Poodle parent, it will have a curly lock for the coat. When dogs have a single coat that is curly, the shedding is minimal.

If, on the other hand, the canine takes up more of its Australian Shepard parent, and has a slightly wavy double coat, it is likely that they will shed more.

Most Aussiedoodles are leaned towards than Poodle’s side of ancestors, making them pets that do not shed much.

Do Aussiedoodles shed their puppy coat?

Shedding the puppy coat is quite common among most breeds of dogs. Aussiedoodles to shed their puppy coat, but only gradually. When they “blow out” their puppy coat, you will notice furs scattered around in bits.

However, you will not notice large amounts of pooch hair in one place, unlike some other breeds. What’s so great about Aussiedoodles and how they shed their puppy coat, is it does not happen in seasons.

As most of the time, it is the Poodle parents that have to dominate genetic influences on the breed, their single coat only falls off through the year, bit by bit. Hence, you can just vacuum the fur away.

When does an Aussiedoodle puppy start shedding?

Like most other breeds, an Aussiedoodle puppy also starts when they are about 4 to 6 months. In Aussiedoodles with curly coat, you might not even notice the shedding at first.

When the Aussiedoodle has inherited its Australian Shepard genes and has straight or even wavy coats, they would shed more but around the same time. Curly coat ones might take a few more months in the beginning.

Do straight hair Aussiedoodles shed?

Most Aussiedoodles inherit their coat type from their poodle parent. Thanks to that, their coats a usually very curly.

There are more wavy-haired dogs of the breed than straight haired.  However, few Aussiedoodles may have strong Shepard genes in them and have coats that are completely straight or flat.

In comparison to the curly or wavy-haired breed, Aussiedoodles with straight hair will shed more but it will be much less than their Australian Shepard ancestor.

How often do Aussiedoodles shed?

Aussiedoodles first shed as puppies. Like other puppies, we cannot say they blow out their puppy coat completely.

Thanks to their Poodle genetics, they do not shed more than once in their adult years. During specific seasons like when the days are warmer, they would shed but only to very low amounts.

But you can notice furs every time you brush just like you notice hair on your comb when you brush your own hair.

Why is my Aussiedoodle shedding so much and losing hair?

Aussiedoodles will not shed much. Much of that is because of their genetics.

If your usually low shedding Aussiedoodle is shedding a lot, it may be related to the following reasons.

Unhealthy Diet:

Have you wondered how dogs are quite similar to us humans? When our food habits are compromised and we do not have a balanced diet, we suffer from hair loss. This is also the case with Aussiedoodles.

As we know, too much shedding in Aussiedoodles is an abnormal phenomenon. You may want to keep an eye on what your pet is eating from day to day. If your pet has had recent diet changes, they might have problems with increased shedding.

Add in some omega 3 fatty acids in the diet or fresh sardines for improved coat health. Zinc may also help them with shedding. Watch out for the nutrition as well.


No dog is immune to worry or anxiety and Aussiedoodles are no different. Aussiedoodles can do this through separation or isolation anxiety as they are affectionate dogs and love to spend time with their family.

If that’s the case for your pooch, you can expect more shedding than usual. Quite similar to humans, worrying causes hair fall.

Aussiedoodles can also become bored and trigger anxiety in themselves. This can also happen if they are not getting more exercise or fresh air.

You may want to take them out for walks, spend more quality time and give them attention to find out why they have anxiety.

Parasites and bugs:

Parasites and fleas can disturb the shedding of Aussiedoodles. Bug bites will cause allergies and irritation as well.

One way to combat this is by grooming your pet properly and regularly. Washing their coats, drying it, and brushing the coat will make sure that fleas that are trapped cannot bite or live inside the furs.

When do Aussiedoodles shed the most?

There’s a reason Aussiedoodles are considered to be hypoallergenic pets. Whatever the coat type they have, their shedding is so minimal compared to other breeds that they may be referred to as non-shedding types. 

They will shed most when their coat is not brushed for long. Grooming properly also decreased shedding. If the pet has a double coat, it might shred a bit more during hotter days.

Sometimes Aussiedoodles shed a little more noticeable when you brush their coat. That’s when you see furs lying here and there.

There’s a reason so many families prefer Aussiedoodles for their homes. Not only are they loving and affectionate, but these pooches also shed their coats to a minimum amount.

You’d never have to worry about cleaning up clumps of fur from under the couch all day, all year!

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