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How Much Should a Mini Aussiedoodle Eat? (Answered)

Mini Aussiedoodles also need to eat an exact yet sufficient amount of food every day to keep up good health. But many of you may not know the amount like how much you should feed your Aussiedoodle per day.

And this situation will indeed bring up a very significant question in your mind that how much should a Mini Aussiedoodle eat. So, let’s dive in to find out!

How Much Should A Mini Aussiedoodle Eat?

A Mini Aussiedoodle should eat 2 cups of food every day. This amount of food is fairly a standard amount of food to feed an average-sized Mini Aussiedoodle. But, depending on a Mini Aussiedoodle’s size, weight, and activity level, the amount of food can be more or less than the standard amount.

Mini Aussiedoodles are small-sized dogs. Considering the average size of Mini Aussiedoodles, it has been recommended that Mini Aussiedoodle owners must feed their pet Aussiepoo 2 cups of food (nearly 900 calories) every day to keep them healthy. 

However, depending on every Aussiedoodle’s size, overall weight, diet chart, and activity level, the exact amount of food can vary from the standard amount.

And in this situation, it’s highly suggested to take the vet’s suggestion to know how much food a Mini Aussiedoodle should eat. 

How Much Should An Aussiedoodle Eat? 

The standard amount of food that Aussiedoodles should eat is about 2 to 3 cups of food every day. Aussiedoodles are medium-sized dogs.

So, for any average medium-sized Aussiedoodle dog, it must consume 1313 calories per day which is nearly 3 cups of food. This amount of food will provide an adequate amount of nutrition to Aussiedoodles to keep them fit and healthy. 

But know that size, weight, and activity level varies from dog to dog, so the amount of food may vary too depending on these factors. 

How Much Should An Aussiedoodle Puppy Eat? 

Generally, an Aussiedoodle puppy is about 3-5 lbs, and for this weight in the beginning, an Aussiedoodle puppy should eat 1 cup to 1 and 1/3 cup of food every day. And then, as he’s growing up, slowly keep increasing the amount of food per day. 

By 1 year of age, feed your Aussiedoodle puppy at least 2 cups of food per day to provide him with all necessary nutrition to maintain his good health. 

What Can Aussiedoodle Eat?

Along with dog food, Aussiedoodles can eat protein-enriched foods like cooked or boiled meat/egg, healthy fats like Omega-3 and 6 filled fish oil, flaxseed, canola. And from carb and veggie/fruit sections, they can eat rice, bread, green vegetables, beans, celery, berries, bananas, apples, carrots.

Aussiedoodles eat well-cooked/boiled pork/chicken/beef meat and egg, apart from high-quality dog food. 

Aussiedoodles can consume healthy fats enriched foods like flaxseed, canola, fish oil to give their body the necessary Omega-3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. 

To get the essential minerals, fibers, and vitamins, Aussiedoodles can also eat carrots, green vegetables like beans and celery, and fresh fruits like bananas, apples, etc. Besides, Aussiedoodles can eat cooked rice and bread to get the necessary carbs for their bodies. 

What Can Not Aussiedoodle Eat?

Foods that Aussiedoodles can not eat are- any type of raw meat and fish, raw eggs, cooked bones, and ham(canned/non-canned). Aussiedoodles can’t consume any citrus fruits, grapes, onion, mushrooms, processed food, and fruits with pits/seeds. Also, They aren’t allowed to eat chocolate and caffeine.

Any type of raw meat regardless of beef/chicken/pork, raw egg, and raw fishes are harmful to dog’s health, so Aussiedoodles can not eat them. Ham also comes in this category because it’s salty and canned. 

Citrus fruits like lemon and lime, grapes, onions, mushrooms, asparagus are toxic for Aussiedoodle’s health, so they can’t eat them as well. Besides, all fruits with pits/seeds are also not allowed to eat. 

Moreover, Aussiedoodles should never eat chocolates or caffeine, these foods are considered every dog’s enemy. 

What Fruits Can Aussiedoodle Eat?

Aussiedoodles can eat chunks of fresh pit or seedless apple and mango. They also can eat pineapple, bananas, all kinds of berries, watermelon, and cantaloupe. But these fruits must be in fresh condition, pit/seedless, and bite-size pieces. Aussiedoodles are not allowed to eat any canned fruit. 

List Of Fruits That Aussiedoodle Can Eat

For your better knowledge, here is an exact short list of fruits that Aussiedoodles can eat.


Aussiedoodles can eat seedless bite-sized slices of mango. Mango is a canine-friendly healthy fruit that fulfills the needs of fiber and vitamin vitamins A, B6, C, and E. 


All types of berries like blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries are rich in antioxidants and are good for Aussiepoo’s teeth. So they can eat them in small amounts as treats. 


Aussiedoodles can eat bananas too but occasionally only. Bananas have potassium that can help in maintaining a good heart and kidneys. 


Bite-sized apples can be fed to Aussiedoodles. But the slices should be stem, core, and seedless. 

What Fruits Cannot Aussiedoodle Eat? 

Aussiedoodles can never eat any types of citrus fruits like lemon or lime because citrus fruits are highly harmful to their health. Grapes and raisins are not even allowed to eat as these fruits are severely toxic for Aussiedoodles. Aussiedoodles shouldn’t even eat cherries and tomatoes.

Not all fruits are dog-friendly and healthy for Aussiedoodles to eat. As a result, Aussiedoodles can not eat any citrus fruits like lemon and lime because those are enriched with citric acid, which can affect their nervous system. 

Grapes and raisins(dried grapes) are a big no. These two are really poisonous for dog’s health and can lead Aussiedoodles to a serious health condition. 

Cherries have cyanide, and it can disrupt oxygen transportation in cells. So it’s life threatening for Aussiedoodles. 

What Vegetables Can Aussiedoodle Eat?

Aussiedoodles can eat dog-friendly and healthy, fresh, and plain vegetables like- green beans, celery, carrots, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, spinach, and peas. But remember that Aussiedoodles only can eat these veggies in bite-size and fresh condition, and boiled/steamed without any spices. 

List Of Vegetables That Aussiedoodle Can Eat

The most common and safest veggies that Aussiedoodles can eat are listed below.

Green Beans:

Fresh and plain chopped/streamed/raw green beans are safe for Aussiedoodles to munch on. Beans are packed with minerals, low calories, and essential vitamins. 


Carrots are crunchy, colorful, high in fiber, and low in calorie snacks for Aussiedoodles. It has vitamin A that is good for Aussiepoo’s health. 


Celery is packed with nutrients like vitamins A, B, and C, which are good for keeping a healthy heart of Aussiedoodles. It even helps to prevent cancer. So, Aussiedoodles can safely eat them. Crunching on this green snack even freshens Aussiepoo’s breath. 

Sweet Potato: 

Sweet potatoes are safe to eat for Aussiedoodles too. They can be a healthy treat for your Aussiedoodle dog.

Because sweet potatoes have vitamin A, E, C, potassium, beta carotene, iron, and calcium, all of them are good for a dog’s heart and helps them to digest food easily. But make sure to feed plain, peeled, and cooked sweet potatoes.

What Vegetables Cannot Aussiedoodle Eat? 

Just like fruits, not every veggie is edible for Aussiedoodles. So they can not eat vegetables like asparagus, mushrooms, onions, garlic, and chives.  Any in condition, neither raw, steamed, cooked, nor canned, these veggies should never be fed to Aussiedoodles. 

Aussiedoodles shouldn’t eat asparagus because in raw condition this vegetable is hard to much on and in cooked condition, there’s no nutrients left. So it’s kind of pointless to give asparagus to Aussiedoodles to eat. 

Wild mushrooms are very poisonous for any dog and can even be risky sometimes. So, Aussiedoodles should never eat mushrooms, especially wild ones. 

Onions and chives belong to the same plant daily named Allium, and it’s toxic for dogs. So, Aussiedoodles can’t eat them.

What Human Food Can Aussiedoodle Eat?

Human foods that Aussiedoodles can eat are plain cooked/boiled meat, fish, and egg from the protein-enriched food section. Aussiepoos also can eat cooked rice and bread and peanut butter from the carb section. They can also eat plain popcorn as a treat. 

List Of Human Foods That Aussiedoodle Can Eat

There are many human foods that Aussiedoodles can eat. Here, except for fruits and veggies, the other most common dog-friendly human foods that Aussiedoodles can are listed.

Rice And Bread: 

Plain-cooked rice and plain whole-grain brain is a good source of carbs for Aussiedoodle. So they can eat both of them but feed bread occasionally. 

Cooked/Boiled Meat/Fish/Egg: 

Any type of plainly cooked/boiled meat (beef/pork/chicken), fish, and egg are suitable for Aussiedoodles to eat. In fact, plain cooked/boiled meat and fish are the main source of protein and fatty acids for Aussiedoodles. 

Peanut Butter: 

Only unsalted peanut butter is a good treat for Aussiedoodles. But peanut butter should be given in a small portion to eat.

What Human Food Cannot Aussiedoodle Eat?

Aussiedoodles cannot eat human foods that are enriched in caffeine like chocolate and caffeine. They also should not eat any kind of raw meat/fish/egg, cooked bones, corn on the cob, processed food, and Xylitol (chewing gums, sugar-free foods, and breath mints).  

Raw meats/fish contain bacteria that can be lethal for Aussiedoodles, so they cannot eat these. Also, cooked bones can cause a choking hazard, so Aussiepoos should not eat them too. 

Caffeine-filled food like chocolate and caffeine can cause hyperactivity, seizures, vomiting. So, Aussiedoodles cannot eat them too. 

Corn on the cob can result in digestive blockages. Therefore, Aussiedoodle cannot eat it either.  

Feed your Mini Aussiedoodle’s 2 cups of food every day. And you can include these mentioned foods, veggies, and fruits in his diet chart. But always take the vet’s suggestion before feeding anything.

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