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Are Bernedoodles Good with Cats? (Quick Answers)

Once you get a cat and a dog altogether, you just want them to have a mutual peace living. And choosing Bernedoodle as an option is an excellent choice.

As bernedoodles are friendly dogs, it is possible to make them get along with a feline without any complications. Their relaxed behavior is what makes it so easy for them to settle.

Are Bernedoodles Good With Cats?

Most of the Bernedoodle act in a warm and friendly way towards other animals so it proves that they can live with a cat without showing any aggression. You can introduce them when they are a puppy to make it easier. And their good behavior is what makes it simple to settle with the cats.

If you introduce a Bernedoodle to a cat for the first time, you have to be patient for them to know each other first, only after that, they will start to be around each other. It won’t be a problem for the Bernedoodle to be friendly around the cat.

This is because they are always eager to meet new people or companions to play with. And they are good with other animals as well. So, you can definitely live with both the Bernedoodle and the cat in your house.

Do Bernedoodles get along with cats?

Surely, Bernedoodles can get along with the cats in a pretty good way. All they will do is smell the cat first to introduce themselves. Then after some playful interactions, they will be the friendliest companions around you.

However, it is necessary for the cat to behave in a good manner as well to create a bond with the dog. After all, it should work from both sides.

You can keep a space for the cat to hide so that the cat doesn’t start to fight with the dog in the first meeting.

Are mini bernedoodles good with cats?

Mini bernedoodles are great with cats. In fact, it is advised to establish a relationship between the Bernedoodle and a cat when they are a puppy.

This is because they are in their most flexible form when they are a puppy. So, if you start to keep them with cats or any other animals they will start to adapt to their existence and will be okay with them in a short period of time.

And as they grow together, they are actually going to be fond of each other.

Can Bernedoodles live with cats?

Yes, Bernedoodles can live with cats nicely. Most of the people prefer to live with Bernedoodles and cats together because of their calm nature. The Bernoodles become very active and playful with the cats within a week or so.

How To Introduce Bernedoodles With Cats:

There are some tips on how you can introduce Bernedoodles to cats in a decent way. With some basic training, the introduction will go in a smooth way:

Keep both of them in different rooms:

It is important to keep both the Bernedoodle and the cat in separate spaces in the first week. This will give them time to understand each other’s presence and will help them not to panic.

Have an escape room:

When you will show sight of them to each other, make sure there is extra room for the cat to escape if it gets scared.

Bernedoodles can get excited if they see anything new and in this case a cat. By seeing this excitement, the cat might get overwhelmed and run to the other room. That is why an extra room is needed to help the cat calm down.

Feeding at a safe distance:

You can try to feed the pets in a room with a good amount of distance. The distance is necessary so that they can have a glance at each other and at the same time have food in peace.

This will at least make them habituated to eat together without creating a mess.

Start giving basic training:

Start giving some basic training to both the cat and the Bernedoodle. You can start with teaching them how to play with each other and giving treats as a reward. This will speed up the process of them being more comfortable around each other.

After that, they will be ready to learn and understand more of your commands.

Let them be on their own:

Giving them some alone time is all that is left for you to do. They are going to be perfectly fine and affectionate towards each other after playing around for some time.

If you are persistent with these steps, then the Bernedoodle and the cat is going to stay together for the rest of their life. They are literally going to eat and sleep together like babies. However, you have to give some time and be patient for this to happen.

Will my Bernedoodle hurt my cat?

No, a Bernedoodle dog is not going to hurt your cat. It is pretty obvious that Bernedoodles are not high tempered or aggressive enough to hurt a cat. Actually, they are the opposite of it. They are calm and cool-tempered.

They will shower your cat with all the love and affection they have towards them and will be friendly all the time. But, you have to make sure they are growing in a good environment with lots of love.

How do I get my Bernedoodle and cat to like each other?

Spending time together:

You have to ensure that both of the pets are spending a decent amount of time with each other.

In cases where they are newly introduced, the owners let them be together for some time so that they can look into each other and explore every side of them.

And within a week the owners start to see a huge difference in the interactions of the Bernedoodle and the cat. They start to be more easygoing. So, spending time is the key.

Playing with them:

You can try to engage both the dog and the cat in a fun activity like throwing balls that will bring them close.

You can also play different games with toys to make it more interesting for them to play. As they will play together, they will start to be happier around each other.

This increased amount of playtime will come in handy for you to make the Bernedoodle and the cat like each other.


The bernedoodles are a huge fan of cuddling. So, you can try to make them sleep in one space so that they start to sleep beside each other and cuddle as well.

It will take some time for them to sleep beside each other but eventually as time passes you will notice that they slept while cuddling.

This is a pretty normal view for those who already have a dog and a cat live together in a house. 

And lastly, don’t force them to like each other as they are different kinds of animals. The cat might take more time to open up like the Bernedoodle.

But you have to bear that and give freedom to the cat to take the required amount of time for it to be comfortable. The same goes for the Bernedoodle as well.

Are Bernedoodles aggressive?

The Bernedoodles are not aggressive at all. It is seen that the dogs which are taught to hunt become aggressive. But the bernedoodles are the dogs who can stay at houses comfortably and behave in their best manner if you raise them well.

So, there is no possibility for them to show aggression at all.

Are Bernedoodles friendly?

Yes indeed, they are quite friendly creatures. They are sweet and affectionate in nature. They are like those friends who will always be there for you to support emotionally.

Bernedoodles are the perfect kind of dog who will love you unconditionally without even asking for anything extra. All they want is your attention and a good session of playtime.

How to discipline a Bernedoodle?

It is quite easy to discipline a Bernedoodle. At first, you have to be a strong commander for the dog to obey and perform as per your commands.

Then teach them certain actions like sitting down before serving them food or any other actions that you want them to learn.

The food will work as a reward for the dog and will encourage them to learn from your training. This is one of the effective ways of disciplining a Bernedoodle or any other dog.

Which dogs are good with cats?

Bernedoodle is one of the dogs that are good with cats. Moreover, dogs like the Golden Retriever, Poodle, Maltese, Beagle, Pug, Bichon Frise, and Labrador Retriever are some of the breeds of dogs who get along with cats pretty well.

Not just cats but also with children and adults. They can be the ideal companion for you and other animals.

In conclusion, both the Bernedoodle and the cat can get along with each other quite firmly but you have to make sure that you train them properly so that they can stay and live together decently.

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