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When Do Havanese Stop Teething? (All You Need to Know)

No newborn baby comes with teeth in its gum from birth; rather, by the course of time, teeth grow. This is common among puppies as well! The baby teeth usually stop growing as well as  teething. It stops as soon as the adult teeth come out.

Havanese pups are no different! They are all chewy till they teeth and sometimes even after. 

When Do Havanese Stop Teething?

Havanese puppies stop teething at around the age of six months. The baby teeth fall out and the adult teeth start growing near the age of three or four months. The canine teeth may sometimes require pulling. However, this entire process of teething is finished within the age of six months.

Teething happens when the deciduous teeth aka the baby teeth fall out and the adult teeth grow up. Havanese puppies go through teething in most cases at the age of 4 months. In case of the exceptions, the teething starts before or sometimes even later.

So, here may come a question- where do these deciduous teeth go? Well, these teeth are mostly swallowed by the puppy going through teething and surprisingly the swallowed teeth don’t really do any harm to its digestive system.

In some other cases, the teeth fall out because of the puppies’ continuous chewing habit. The canine teeth (the set of two sharp and pointy teeth in each gum-line used for tearing food) may need to be pulled at the vet’s if they don’t fall out automatically.

During teething, the gums stay sore and the puppy may go through some discomfort while eating and otherwise. However, the teething stops when the puppy is almost six months old.

Well, that’s the average so, it can sometimes even take longer than that which is not an issue at all.

How Long Do Havanese Puppies Teeth?

Just like any other puppy-breeds, Havanese puppies teeth. They start teething at the age of 4 months according to some records. There can be different timing as well.

Puppies usually have 28 baby teeth in total that need falling out. These teeth take about two months more or less to fall out. Then the adult teeth start growing.

What Helps A Teething Havanese Puppy?

Teething can be pretty discomforting for puppies. Teething often leads them to chewing things. Puppies in such cases chew boards, the legs of the chairs and tables and what not!

If nothing is done about their chewing nature while they’re young, it’ll become a habit even when they’ll grow. They’ll keep on chewing things and the habit of biting may just become permanent.

You cannot really stop them from chewing things but can help them in this process so that they don’t spoil any of your furniture. 

4 tips that help a teething Havanese puppy: 

Provide Them With Frozen Bags To Chew:

As soon as they start chewing the bag, the chillness of the bag will help the sore gum be at ease. It’ll basically neutralize the aching. Also, the density of the bagels may help remove any loose teeth from the gum.

Give Them Chilled Veggies Or Plain Fruits:

Vegetables and fruits that are high in nutrients like vitamins and minerals, should be provided chilled to your dog.

Such veggies are carrots, cucumbers, broccolis etcetera and fruits like bananas, apples, strawberries, kiwis etcetera. If these are provided chilled, they can and will help the puppy to have a painless numb gum with nutrients to function in its body.

Twist And Roll A Wet Towel And Freeze It Before Giving It To Your Dog:

Take a towel or a rag and wet it. Now take the towel and put it in the refrigerator, wait for a couple of hours and let ice form. When it’ll be frozen completely, give it to your dog and let it chew the towel.

Provide Them With Chilly Bone Or Kongs:

Chilly bones are thought to be puppies’ favourite toys. Just soak them in water and refrigerate it and then let your puppy play with it. Pretty sure, you pup will love to play with it!

Same goes for the kongs. Although these are rubber-made toys, these can also be chilled but no need to soak them in water. Just toss them in the freezer and let them chill for an hour and you’re good to go!

As you can see, we’ve recommended only chilled substitutes for helping your teething Havanese puppy. However, it does not necessarily mean that we suggest you give your puppy ice cubes directly.

Because ice cubes can sometimes be risky as it’s easy for your puppy to choke on ice. So, stay alert!

What Are The Best Teething Toys For Havanese Puppies?

There are specific toys for puppies that help with the teething. As the tendency of chewing starts from this phase, the toys specially made for teething really help. Here are some toys that are the best teething toys out there for the Havanese puppies.


Usually, these are like the keyring bones. Puppies love to chew nylabones.

Nylon Chew Toys

These are the kind of toys that are specially made for our teething buddies.

Kong Puppy Toy, Kong Puppy Binkies

This is a rubber-made toy. Puppies spend really good times chewing these kong toys.

Latex Squeaky Toys

These squeaky toys are made of latex and are shaped into different animals. These seek the puppies’ attention easily.

Plush Dog Toys

The plush toys are gentle toys but highly durable. These are basically handmade double layered double stitched toys.

These are just the kind of toys but there are many more variations of them. These will surely help your Havanese puppies while teething.

What Do You Feed A Teething Puppy?

There are many things that you can feed a teething puppy. There are times when you need to choose different diet for your puppy. Just before changing the food habit of your puppy, just see how its health is functioning and then act accordingly.

If you notice that your puppy is all chewy and it loves biting hard stuff, you can simply offer your buddy carrots, cucumbers, fruits, dry food etcetera.

However, if your puppy is not going through much difficulties with eating, don’t provide anything hard or too dry. Try soaking the dry food in hot water for 5-10 minutes or provide it with the wet food. Hard food can increase the pain in the gums.

How Do I Get My Havanese Puppy To Stop Biting?

Starting from the teething phase, Havanese puppies can get the habit of biting even after they grow up.

You need to train your puppy when they are babies or young enough to be trained because that’s when they learn. There are ways that are not too hard but effective in such manner.

Whenever you play with your puppy and definitely he’ll play sometimes or most of the times keeping your hand in his mouth, just make sure that he’s not pressing too hard neither too deep.

If he does it, immediately shriek with a high-pitched voice and act like you’re hurt. You’ll notice immediately your dog being stunned and it stopping right there. Dogs react to sounds immediately. So, yeah, shrieking can a very good solution.

When Do Puppies Stop Biting?

As known, puppies go through teething at around the age of three-four months. This is actually when they start getting all chewy. And this chewy nature initiates the biting habit in dogs.

However, it is supposed and even in some cases proved that dogs stop mouthing at the age of eight to ten months. Meaning, they stop biting virtuously. This wouldn’t even require any formal or informal training.

At What Age Do Havanese Puppies Calm Down?

Havanese puppies are very playful and mischievous by nature. But by observing their longevity and gradual change in behavior, it is said that these puppies calm down when they are two years old.

This is when they’re supposed to mature both mentally and physically. At the age of two, they start their adulthood and live by it the rest of their life.

Do Havanese Dogs Have Teeth Problems?

Havanese dogs tend to grow tartar which is a kind of hard mineral deposit on teeth. It’s more common among the Havanese dogs than any other dog breeds.

Havanese dogs get this teeth issue at an early age, like when they are two-three years old and it doesn’t go away automatically.

Due to plaque and bacteria this issue forms. We recommend you to brush your Havanese’s teeth regularly either with a dog-brush or with your own fingers but just keep the teeth clean.

Trust me, You don’t really want any gum or tooth loss for your dog.

Havanese are a very good dog breed that are common out there in the world. They are really adorable and good-looking which is why people tend to adopt them more than a lot of other breeds.

No matter how or what the dog breed is, the dog, when a puppy, will surely go through teething. And, eventually, the teething will stop.

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