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Can Havanese Have Blue Eyes? (Answered for Beginners!)

The eye color of a Havanese always a fascinating topic. And a blue-eyed Havanese is always considered as a rare one because you won’t see them frequently. 

And some of you may don’t even know that exactly what color eyes Havanese can have. Therefore, this creates an interesting question that can Havanese have blue eyes or not. 

Can Havanese Have Blue Eyes? 

Havanese can have blue eyes. Three possible reasons make Havanese have blue eyes. 1st one is, young puppies have medium to dark blue eyes but it’s temporary. 2nd one is dilution, a dilute adult Havanese will have blue eyes. 3rd one is, bi-eyed Havanese can have one China blue eye and one brown eye.

Generally, Havanese dogs are rarely seen with blue eyes in their adulthood. Only in three common and special conditions, Havanese dogs will have blue eyes.

The first possible condition, young puppies are seen with medium to dark blue color eyes when they first open their eyes. But this eye color is not permanent so as he will age he will get his original eye color gradually. 

Second, Havanese dogs with dilution will have blue color eyes even in their adulthood. Also, they will be paired up with dilute pigmentation and dilute coat color. 

And third condition is when a Havanese is born as bi-eyed. Means he will have two different eye color. One eye will be China blue color and the other eye will be brown color. Such a blue eye is a result of unequal melanin distribution.

What Color Eyes Do Havanese Have? 

Most of the Havanese dogs with black pigmentation have brown eyes. The color may vary from brown eyes to medium brown to dark brown and almost black. And this eye color is the most commonly found one in Havanese dogs.

However, Havanese can even have blue, grey hazel, grey, golden hazel, grey-green, or yellow-amber color eyes too. But these eye colors are not often seen.

Only if it’s a dilution gene Havanese you will see these eye colors. For instance, a dilute black Havanese dog can have diluted eye colors like dull blue, grey, or grey hazel. And a dilute chocolate Havanese dog can have eye colors like grey-green, golden hazel, or yellow amber. 

Do Havanese Eyes Change Color? 

Havanese dog’s eyes change color and the iris is accountable for it. Mainly Havanese puppies with blue eyes go through this color-changing phase. 

After 8-10 weeks, their blue iris starts to change color. The ultimate color of the eyes will be the original eye color it has genetically adopted which is brown.

But this brown color can vary from various tints of brown, for example, it can be dark or chestnut brown to medium brown to hazel and amber. 

Moreover, the eye color can change into green too, and here also the shades of green can vary. Like dark green, olive green, grey-green, etc.

But note a point that normally all Havanese puppies have medium to dark blue color eyes which gradually change to brownish shade.

Do Havanese Dogs Have Eye Problem? 

Like any other dogs, Havanese also have inherited some eye problems. Which shows up as they ages but if necessary steps are taken immediately these eye diseases can be cured. 

One of their most common eye problems is Cataract and this is completely inherited. This eye problem might result in losing eyesight fully making a Havanese blind. 

Also, they can suffer from inflammation in their third eyelid that is known as “cherry eyes”. This disorder swells their third eyelid and can make the other eye infected too. 

Also, tearing up too much is a kind of eye disease too. Vitreous degeneration is another eye problem that Havanese dogs have. 

What Eye Problems Can Havanese Have? 

As a Havanese dog owner, it is surely your common concern to know the health condition of your Havanese and eye problems are one of them.

So to guide you through all of these eye problems and cures for them, a list of major eye problems along with proper solutions has been described below. 

Cherry Eye 

Dogs are born with a third eyelid. And when their third eyelid swells it causes a disease named “Cheery Eye”. Cherry eye is the condition of the eye when the gland protrudes of the third eyelid get irritated or inflamed and make the eyelid swollen. 

Weak connective tissues are assumed as the main cause of cherry eye disorder but it’s a heritable problem. 

Well, if one eye is affected with cherry eye problem then there has a probability that the other will be affected too. Also, sometimes you may notice the gland to be tucked back but it can prolapse again. 

Solution: The cure of this disorder is, a vet will surgically reposition the gland by tack in one place. 

Heritable Cataracts 

Heritable cataracts is a genetic disorder that Havanese are born with if both of their parents have this disease. When a Havanese reaches the age of 3-4 years old he can be diagnosed with this disorder. But it may appear at the age around 7 as well. 

A recessive gene is considered as the cause behind this disorder. So if the Havanese is born off such parents that have a recessive genetic problem he will most likely be affected too. And this inherited problem may even make a Havanese lose its eyesight. 

Solution: Complete blindness due to this disease can’t be cured. However, this problem can be avoided if the heritable cataract is diagnosed earlier.

So before adopting a Havanese it is highly recommended to see if the pup’s parents have passed the eye test or not. And the second solution is a regular check-up of Havanese dog’s eye regardless of companion dogs or show dogs.

Tearing And Staining 

Excessive tearing and staining are the other eye diseases of Havanese dogs. And blocked tear ducts, acidity or pH level of tears, yeast infection, allergies food or environmental, diet are considered as the main reasons behind this disorder. 

Solution: The only solution to this eye problem is finding the main reason behind excessive tearing and staining and eliminating it from the dog’s life. Also, taking a vet’s suggestion is always recommended for any disease.

Vitreous Degeneration 

This eye problem of Havanese dogs occurs because of some kinds of inflammation. It can make a Havanese more vulnerable to retinal detachment. 

Solution: Vitreous degeneration can be recognized by doing a regular eye check-up. So, the dog must go through tests so that if retinal detachment happens it can be caught earlier and treated. The sooner it will get caught, the better the outcome will be. 

How To Clean A Havanese Eyes? 

Havanese dogs do tear up sometimes and this tearing leaves stains around the eye area on their face. So, Havanese dogs should be cleaned regularly so that tear stains don’t stay on their face.

To clean a Havanese dog’s eyes, you will be simply needing a soft face cloth or eye cleaning cotton pad and tear stain removal solution. 

All you need to do is, take the cloth or eye-cleaning cotton pad and pour 3-4 drops of the solution on the cloth. And gently wipe out the areas around the dog’s eyes and nose.

Do it regularly so that tears can’t crust up and make it look worse. After cleaning, take a small comb and brush the area to remove any matts or tangles.

How To Keep Havanese Eyes Clean? 

The first rule of keeping Havanese dog’s eyes clean is daily cleaning and wiping the skin around their eyes.

Havanese dogs tear up and it leaves a tearing stain on their face around the areas near the eyes and nose. So if you daily clean the areas with a damp soft face cloth, tear stains will not be there.

And there are tear stains already then take a soft cloth or cotton pad, soak it with a tear stain removal solution and wipe the areas very gently. 

Also to wash out any eye irritants from your Havanese dogs you can use saline eye drops. 

Also, trim and keep the hairs short around their eyes so that it can’t irritate their eyes that results in tearing and staining 

Do Havanese Get Tear Stains?

Havanese tears up and their eyes discharge also. So this tearing up and eye discharges leave unattractive stains on their face around the eyes and nose areas.  

Many reasons like blocked tear ducts, yeast infections, genetics, allergies, acidity or pH of the tears, diet, food or environmental allergies are considered as the main cause behind a Havanese tearing up. And sometimes the tearing is too much that it leaves stains frequently. 

How To Get Rid Of Tear Stains On Havanese? 

There is no solution to getting rid of tear stains on Havanese but if you adopt these ways listed below, to a high extent you can prevent tear staining.

  • Clean with canine eyewash: Every day clean your Havanese’s eyes with a suitable canine eye-wash like saline eyewash solution to wash out any irritants that may cause tearing. 
  • Wipe out the areas: Regularly gently wipe out the areas near their eyes and nose with a soft cloth and tear stain removal solution. 
  • Keep the hair short: Keep the hairs around the eyes short and trimmed so that it doesn’t irritate the eyes and cause tearing and staining.
  • Change in food habit: Eliminate all those substances from their food and environment that cause tearing. 

Havanese dogs with dilution genes and bi-eyed Havanese can have blue eyes, they might be rare but they do exist.

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