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Are Havanese Good for First Time Owners? (Explained!)

First-time dog owners go through a lot of questions and confusion regarding choosing Havanese dog breed for them. And it’s normal to have such skepticism.

So if you are also a first-time dog owner and contemplating taking a Havanese, you also can think that are Havanese going to be a good breed for you as a first-time dog owner or not. 

Are Havanese Good For First-Time Owner?

Havanese dogs can be an excellent dog breed for first-time inexperienced owners. Because Havanese are small-sized dogs and easy to manage. They are super friendly, gently behave, and affectionate towards their owners. They have a chill temperament. Also, they are easy to train and obedient. 

As a first-time dog inexperienced dog owner, these little Havanese fluffballs will be the best choice for you. Because Havanese dogs are small-sized. So even when they will reach their adulthood, they will remain small-sized.

And small dogs are easier to manage, control, and take care of than large dogs. Also, the cost behind raising them is less. 

Besides, Havanese are one of the friendliest dogs that will adjust to your home easily. They behave really gently and affectionate towards their owners.

Mainly, they have a chill temperament which means that don’t get hyped often. They are an obedient type of dog so they are easy to train as well 

Is A Havanese A Good First Dog? 

Havanese dogs are one of the best dog breeds for the first-timers as they are a noob.

These Havanese fluffs can be the best companion for you. They are super affectionate so they will shower you with their abundant love.

They are the friendliest so they will adjust with your family member too quickly.  They are small in size and obedient so you can easily manage and train them. They are quick to learn tricks as well. 

Moreover, they don’t shed much so you won’t have to spend thousands on them for taking care of them. Also, you won’t see them get hyper too much. So, if you want to adopt a dog, Havanese is the one for you. 

Why Are Havanese Good For First-Time Owners?

You still must have a lot of questions respecting why Havanese are good for first-time owners. Therefore, the main incentives have been broken down here for you to run through them. 

Small-sized dog

It’s always better to choose a small-sized toy dog as the first-time pet for noob owners. As small-sized dogs give you the advantage of taking of them easily.

As Havanese are small-sized you can carry them easily, take them anywhere you want, and they also cost less than larger-sized dogs. You can get cuddly with them anytime too. 

Easier to manage

As said before that Havanese are small-sized fur babies. So naturally, small-sized dogs are really easier to manage. You can easily bathe them, brush them, train them, pick them up. Also, you can handle them on a leash easily. 

Since they are small-sized they won’t even take up much space in your home. And the cost behind raising them is also less than any larger-sized dog. 

Apartment friendly 

Since most of the apartments have very limited space so as a first-time dog owner Havanese will an excellent choice for you. Because they mainly are indoor dogs so they will adjust to your limited space apartment too. They don’t even take up much space like a large dog. 

You also don’t need to take them to walk like a larger dog to lose energy. They will happily play inside your home. Chew treats and exciting dog toys will do the job.

Super friendly 

Some first-time dog owners can be scared of dogs too. But don’t worry, Havanese dogs are the friendliest. They are affectionate and so adorable.

They will love you and other family members unconditionally. They get along with kids the most. So you will just have a fluffy bundle of joy to cuddle with. They will brighten up your mood instantly. 

Chill Temperament 

Havanese dogs have naturally chill temperaments. It doesn’t get hyped and act impulsively without any major reason. So if you adopt one, most of the time you will see them play around calmly. 

Easy to train

This adorable pup will not give you hard times training them as a first-time dog owner. They are quick to learn tricks and obedient to your words. So you can train them easily. 

Which Dog Is Best For First-Time Owners?

As a first-time owner, you would certainly like to know which dog breeds are exactly the best for you. So here is a list of a few of the best dog breeds with the proper explanation given for your convenience. 


Havanese are certainly one of the best dogs for first-timers. Because they are small-sized, easy to manage, friendly, good temperament, and obviously apartment-friendly. So, you for sure can choose a Havanese as your first pet. 


Maltese dogs are another top pick of first-time owners. As Maltese dogs are indoor dogs and super friendly and affectionate. They can get along with anyone. They are super energetic toy dogs that would shower you with love and  cuddle. Also, they easy to control and train.

Bichon Frise 

Bichon Frise dogs are the bouncy happy-go-lucky cotton dogs. They are great as a family/indoor pet. They can be your cottony cuddle partner and a great companion.

They easily can adjust to your lifestyle and really easy to train and handle. All you need to do is take care of its health and coat. 


Pomeranians are the sweetest little fluffballs that will walk around you continuously until they get your love and affection. Because they are closest to their owner but can get along with others too.

Adopting a Pomeranian, you don’t have to spend much on its grooming because the fluff coat is not high maintenance. Also, they give a positive response to your training. 


Poodle dogs are the other top pick of first-time owners. Because Poodles are a versatile breed and very adaptable to any environment.

Also, makes an excellent companion. They are very enthusiastic and will try to do small works for you. They are intelligent too and respond quickly to training. 

How Do I Prepare For My First Dog?

As a first-time dog owner when you are going to get your first dog you must meet your pup’s basic needs first.

You must prepare yourself for fulfilling its basic needs like proper nutrition, physical care, mental stimulation, adequate training, and the demand of loads of love. 

Then, you must find a great veterinarian for your dog. As after bringing him home, you must take him to the vet for his health check-up. 

You have to pile up all necessary things for your dog before he comes home. Adequate food, munchies, chew toys, toys, his beds, food and water bowls, and others you just need to stock up in a good quantity. So that you don’t run off his necessities. 

Most importantly, choose suitable dog food according to his breed and health before he comes home. Also, train yourself to provide necessary training to your dogs.

Also, just be prepared for this little fur baby’s sudden tantrums. Prepare your family members too to welcome your first dog. 

What’s The Bad About Havanese?

Along with numerous good qualities, Havanese have some cons too. So for your knowledge here is the list of their cons. 

  • Many of them suffer from anxiety
  • It can be difficult for you to housebreak Havanese dogs
  • Some Havanese can be timid and shy while social interactions
  • Sometimes they can be really stubborn
  • Separation anxiety or depression can make them bark constantly
  • They need frequent brushing, grooming, combing, bathing

Are Havanese Good Family Dogs? 

Havanese can be a great family dog. Because they behave gently, sweet to everyone, and super friendly so can get along with other members as well. They are good with kids too. They are adaptable to a family’s living style and place. 

A very chill temperament dog so they play make up their own games and play quietly. Also, they are very affectionate to the owner and other members so will show them with love and cuddles. Mainly it’s a small size dog so any family can adopt one easily. 

Are Havanese Dogs Good For Apartments? 

Havanese make great apartment dogs. Because they are known as indoor dogs means they are apartment-friendly. Also, they are small in size so they can adjust in limited space apartments. And don’t even take up much space.

Moreover, as indoor dogs, they remain content playing around the house all by themselves. But you need to provide them with some exciting toys and games so that they remain occupied. 

Can a Havanese be left alone during the day?

Havanese love human interaction and they are likely to be attached to their owners. So they absolutely hate it upon being left alone.

Especially if they are left alone for long times and quite often they suffer from separation anxiety and depression. Which makes them hyperactive.

So it would be better if you leave them alone for a little time only. Or before leaving them alone, give a lot of toys and chew treats so that they stay occupied. 

As a first-time owner get a Havanese and sink into their abundant love and affection. Also, Havanese as the first pet will brighten up your home’s environment. So you will never regret choosing a Havanese as your first fluffy pet. 

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