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What Can & Can’t Weimaraners Eat? (Extensive Guide)

Weimaraners are unique breed dogs. Their metabolism is different from humans. Even some dogs’ metabolism isn’t the same. So, eatable food can be different for each dog breed. Even some food can cause digestive problems and other health issues.

If you have a Weimaraner, you need to know what they can eat and what can’t. This article will tell you what type of food, fruits, vegetable, and human food the Weimaraners can eat and what can’t.

What can Weimaraners dogs eat?

Weimaraner dogs can only eat the foods that are safe for them. These foods include dog food, fruits, vegetables, and some human food. Weimaraners can eat dog foods that are suitable for Weimaraners’ metabolism. Other human food, fruits, and vegetables should be feeding them in moderation.

Weimaraners are active and hunter dogs. This large dog needs proper nutrients. Dog food that has adequate protein and nutrients is suitable for Weimaraners. Fruits like apples, pears, bananas, blackberries, watermelon, etc., are safe for Weimaraners.

Some foods contain many proteins, fibers, vitamins, and other essential nutrients for dogs. Dog foods contain all the vital nutrients.

But you need to know whether the Weimaraners can eat all the fruits, vegetables, and human food. Because unsafe food can lead to serious health issues.

What cannot Weimaraners dogs eat?

Weimaraner dogs cannot eat foods that aren’t safe for them. For example, Weimaraners should never eat alcoholic foods, dairy foods, caffeine, chocolate, cat food, etc. Some fruits and vegetables are also not suitable for them. Some human food can also make the Weimaraners sick.

Foods that don’t match Weimaraners’ metabolism and digestive conditions can cause food poisoning and other problems. For example, chocolate and caffeine products might cause problems to the Weimaraner heart and nervous system.

Some fruits also contain acids that are not suitable for Weimaraners. For example, some grapes contain toxins that can damage the Weimaraner’s kidney. So, you need to be selective while giving your Weimaraner food.

How much do Weimaraners eat?

The amount of foods that Weimaraners should eat depends on many factors, such as their age, weight, size, health conditions, etc.

An adult and healthy Weimaraner should consume 2.5 to 3.5 cups of dog food a day. But it would be best if you didn’t give more than four cups a day.

You shouldn’t give the Weimaraner this amount of food at a time. Divide the amount into two meals. If the Weimaraner is a puppy less than six months, provide him with half or one cup of dog food. You can increase the amount gradually with age.

Weimaraners should not overeat. Overeating can cause digestive and health problems in Weimaraners. So, how much Weimaraners eat depends on various factors.

Even some safe fruits and vegetables can be harmful if the Weimaraner eats those in a large amount. So, measuring the amount of food is pretty necessary.

What fruits can Weimaraners eat?

Weimaraners can eat many fruits but in a moderated way. Some fruits are healthy for the Weimaraners for containing vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. For example, apple, banana, watermelon, orange, etc., are safe for the Weimaraners. But they should be given the fruits in a specific amount.

So, all fruits aren’t suitable for the Weimaraners. Let’s see which fruits the Weimaraners can eat.


Weimaraners can eat melon. Melons are a good source of vitamins and minerals. Melon can also work well in the overweight Weimaraners to lose weight. But make sure that the Weimaraners don’t eat the seeds. It may cause choking.


Watermelon is an excellent source of water as it contains 92% of water. It can keep the Weimaraners hydrated. A moderate amount of watermelon is safe for them. But remove the seeds and rind of watermelon before feeding.


Peach is good for digestion because it contains fiber. So, the Weimaraners can eat the peach. Make sure to remove the pit before feeding peach to the Weimaraners.


Apples are a great source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and digestive fibers. They also contain other nutrients. But the seeds of the apple contain toxins. So, the Weimaraners can eat apples after removing the seeds.


Blackberry contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and other antioxidants. So, blackberries are safe for the Weimaraners. It also helps the Weimaraners to keep in a sound immune system.


Banana contains potassium and other elements suitable for the heart and kidney. So, Weimaraners can eat the banana. It can be a sweet and delicious treat for the Weimaraners.


Weimaraners can eat mango. Mango contains a good amount of fibers and vitamins. It’s also a tasty and sweet treat to the Weimaraners.


Pumpkin can be an excellent fruit for the Weimaraners. It’s a great source of fibers and nutrients. Fresh pumpkin contains much water that can keep the Weimaraners hydrated.


Orange is a juicy and healthy fruit for the Weimaraners. It contains a large amount of vitamin C and fiber. But Weimaraners should not eat much orange as it contains potassium.

Other fruits:

Some fruits can be given to the Weimaraners in moderation. The Weimaraners can eat and digest these fruits. These fruits include cucumber, kiwi, papaya, pineapple, cantaloupe, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, cranberry, etc.

What fruits cannot Weimaraners eat?

Weimaraners can’t eat fruits unsafe for them. Fruits that contain toxins, cyanide, and other harmful elements are not safe for Weimaraners. Some fruits are hazardous for Weimaraners for their different digestive system. For example, they can’t eat grapes, raisins, avocado, etc.

Weimaraners cannot eat avocado and grapes because these contain toxins that are harmful to the Weimaraners. Raisins also contain harmful toxins. Weimaraners cannot eat tomatoes and kumquats also.

Weimaraners also cannot eat rhubarb. Some nuts, like almonds, walnuts, pistachios, plums, lemons, limes, macadamia, and pecans, are not healthy for the Weimaraners. Canned fruits are also not suitable for the Weimaraners as they can contain alcohol.

What vegetables can Weimaraners eat?

Weimaraners can eat vegetables that contain fiber, vitamins, and essential nutrients for dogs. Some vegetables might be good for humans but not for the Weimaraners for their different digestive systems. So, some vegetables, like broccoli, carrot, celery, etc., are safe for the Weimaraners.

So, let’s see what vegetables the Weimaraners can eat.


Broccoli is a safe vegetable for the Weimaraners. Broccoli has low fat with high fiber and Vitamin C. But the Weimaraners should eat broccoli in a small amount. Otherwise, it can cause gastric irritation.

Brussels Sprouts:

Brussels sprouts are also a great source of antioxidants and nutrients. These are also safe for the Weimaraners. But they should not over-eat Brussels sprouts.


Carrots are safe for Weimaraners. Carrots have high fiber and beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is a source of vitamin A. Moreover, eating carrots is good for the teeth of the Weimaraners.


Celery is pretty safe for the Weimaraners. Celery contains Vitamin A, Vitamin B, and Vitamin C. Celery also good for the dog’s heart. Moreover, it removes the foul smell of the dog’s breath.


Ginger contains many antioxidants. It’s also good for dog’s arthritis. A small amount of ginger is safe for the Weimaraners.


A small amount of spinach is safe for the Weimaraners. But if it is taken too much, the dog may face health problems.


Peas are loaded with protein and fiber. They also contain vitamins and minerals. Green peas, snow peas, sugar snap peas, and garden or English peas are safe for the Weimaraners.


Cauliflower has fiber, potassium, calcium, vitamin K, vitamin C, and folate. These ingredients are super healthy for the Weimaraners.

The nutrients are also good for the Weimaraners’ immune system, liver, blood, and muscles. So, cauliflower is safe for the Weimaraners.

Other Vegetables:

Some other vegetables are also good for the Weimaraners in a moderate amount. For example, green beans, beets, beans, cabbage, etc., are a good source of vegetables for the Weimaraners.

What vegetables cannot Weimaraners eat?

Weimaraners cannot eat vegetables that contain toxins and harmful acid for dogs. Some common vegetables that are good for humans might harm the Weimaraners. For example, onion, garlic, mushroom, etc., are unsafe. These vegetables can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and other health problems.

It would be best if you never give your Weimaraner garlic and onion. If the Weimaraner eats onion and garlic, his red blood cells can rupture. Onion and garlic can cause serious health issues.

Mushrooms are also toxic for the dogs as well as for the Weimaraners. Most of the mushrooms are poisonous. The toxicity of mushrooms can lead to poisoning.

What human food can Weimaraners eat?

Many human foods can be safe for the Weimaraners to eat. The digestive system of humans and dogs aren’t safe. So, the amount of food should be different. However, some human foods, such as rice, grains, chicken, cheese, peanut butter, etc., are safe for the Weimaraners.

Let’s see from the following list what human food the Weimaraners can eat.


Crakers are safe for the Weimaraners in a moderate amount. Don’t let your Weimaraner eat too many crakers.


Plain bread is safe for the Weimaraners. But if the breed has ingredients like raisins, it can harm the digestive system of Weimaraners. So, Weimaraners can eat plain grain bread.


Weimaraners can eat fish. Cooked fish is pretty healthy for them. But fish bones should be removed before feeding.

Some fish contain a high level of mercury that is not safe for Weimaraners. But it would be best if you did not give the Weimaraners raw fish.


Eggs are safe for the Weimaraners. Eggs contain a high level of protein. Moreover, eggs have linoleic acid and Vitamin A. So, eggs are pretty suitable to feed the Weimaraners. But don’t give raw eggs to them.  


Barley is a good source of fiber and low cholesterol. But it has carbohydrates. So, a small amount of barley is safe for the Weimaraners.


Bones are safe for the Weimaraners. Bones contain minerals and essential nutrients. Chewing bones is good for the Weimaraners because it stimulates the saliva enzymes. Saliva enzymes prevent plaque buildup of Weimaraners. Moreover, it prevents gum disease.

It would help if you gave the Weimaraners the bones from beef, pork, mutton, chicken, etc. But fishbone can stick in the throat. So, fishbone should be avoided.

What human food cannot Weimaraners eat?

Weimaraners cannot eat human foods that contain alcohol, caffeine, and other toxic elements. Many human foods are dangerous for the Weimaraners for their different digestive system. These foods include alcohol-based beverages, chocolate, caffeine, dairy products, bacon, salts, etc.

Alcohol, beer, and alcohol-based food can cause poisoning in Weimaraner’s stomach. Chocolate, tea, coffee, etc., which contain caffeine and theobromine, can be toxic for the Weimaraners and cause heart and nerve problems.

Ham and bacon contain a high level of sodium and fat that are not safe for the Weimaraners. Besides, foods that have high iron aren’t safe for them.

Dairy products, like milk, contain lactase enzymes that is also not safe for them. A large amount of salt also should be avoided.

Dough yeast, a large amount of liver, hops, macadamia nuts, citrus, xylitol, etc., are also unsafe for the Weimaraners.

Weimaraners are intelligent and smart dogs. They have a good digestive system and pretty good health. But all foods aren’t suitable for the Weimaraners. Some food can contain essential elements but are still harmful to them.

Sometimes, a severe health problem can occur for a small amount of unsafe food. If you have a Weimaraner, you need to know which food is suitable for them and which not. This article might help you to choose safe food for your Weimaraner.

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