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How Much Do Havanese Sleep? (Everything You Need to Know)

If you’ve just brought your Havanese pup home, and he’s sleeping all day long, then there’s nothing to worry about. 

It’s how they work and cope with the new environment. You’ll literally find your Havanese taking a small nap every now and then after being engaged in any physical activities.

How much do Havanese sleep?

A typical Havanese will sleep for 13-14 hours if left alone. Being diurnal, they are the most active during the day and become indolent as the daylight perishes. However, their activity level increases before the two hours of light, followed by less activity and a small nap during the afternoon.

How much do Havanese puppies sleep?

Havanese puppies ageing from 8 weeks to 18 weeks sleep 18-20 hours a day.

Your pup will be super active during the morning hours, followed by a small nap. His activity level will be reduced somewhat around noon, and he is likely to have a playtime in the afternoon and eventually fall asleep.

In addition to that, puppies need enough sleep to carry on with their daily activities. And they’re still small as human babies, so they’re bound to sleep a lot which could be for the whole day. Your pup is most likely to fall asleep from exhaustion after a walk, playtime and running to refill the energy.

Also, puppies use sleep to cope with the negative experience they faced during the day and are likely to fall asleep more quickly known as ‘protective sleep’. Highly stressed and anxious puppies tend to sleep more than your average pup.

Here is a list of Havanese puppies’ sleeping hours according to their ages:

Age (Weeks)Hours
8 weeks20 hours
10 weeks18-20 hours
12 weeks18-29 hours
14 weeks18 hours
16 weeks18 hours
18 weeks18 hours

Do Havanese sleep a lot?

Dogs of Havanese breed sleep a lot. A typical adult Havanese will sleep for around 13 hours a day. And the time range will increase if he’s still a puppy. A Havanese pup tends to sleep for 18-20 hours each day.

Your Havanese tends to sleep more than the average sleeping hours during winter, rainy and cosy weather as he’s likely to hibernate in such seasons. It could be for various other reasons like being neutered and as such.

Lack of exercise also causes Havanese to sleep more. So it’s important to track his sleep, and if you can’t get his sleep cycle in order, consult a vet cause there might be some health issues responsible.

It’s a fact that Havanese sleep a lot more than your average dog.

A correct sleep schedule is necessary to maintain your pup’s health. Being sleep deprived can lead to various health issues, and worst-case scenario- being sleep deprived for 96-120 hours can even risk it’s life.

How many hours does your Havanese typically sleep during the daytime?

An adult Havanese will typically sleep for around 6hours during the day time. It precisely depends on the activity of your dog. If you leave him alone without any engagement, he tends to sleep more. But if you keep him occupied with toys and playing fetch, then he’s likely to get less time to sleep.

Your average Havanese’s sleeping schedule might look a lot like this: getting up in the morning and going for a walk, followed by a small nap after having breakfast, reduced activity around noon, tends to fall asleep again in the afternoon coming back from a walk or playtime, will get up before dinner and play for some time and then falling asleep again.

When do Havanese puppies sleep through the night?

Havanese puppies can sleep through the night at sixteen weeks (4 months age). You can make your pup sleep through the night with the proper diet, exercise and make him feel comfortable in his bed or crate.

You can go to your pup and take him out to the garden if he’s crying or whining in the middle of the night. He could whine when he needed to use the toilet as well. So you need to potty-train him properly.

Keeping his crate close to your bed might also help him sleep through the night. Just a little sniff of your fingers can make him stop whining and settle down.

Just like human babies, your little furry friend has trouble sleeping through the night when you’ve brought him home for the first few weeks as he used to sleep with his mum and siblings before. He tends to get anxious, falling asleep on his own all of a sudden. 

Why does my Havanese sleep so much?

Six reasons why your Havanese sleep so much-

When nothing interesting is going on:

Your Havanese is more likely to fall asleep during the day if nothing interesting is going on. If you’re not keeping him entertained or playing with him, then he will keep taking naps and resting throughout the day. Or he will keep lying on the back of the sofa or bed and watch you work.

If he’s hibernating:

A Havanese dog will sleep more in comparatively cold weather. If it’s raining outside, your pup will lay down throughout the day, closing his eyes.

Sometimes he will sleep with one eye open to see what the other members are doing without them being involved. During this gloomy weather, Havanese tends to go on hibernating mode.

To cope with negative experience:

Havanese dogs sleep off their sadness, anxiety or negative experience. He will sleep more for the day or throughout the night if any incident has happened or he experienced something terrible. So keep a keen eye on your pup’s sleeping schedule for his well-being.

Lack of exercise:

It can sometimes occur that you’re way too busy with everything going on with your life, hence, unable to give your pup the time he requires, missing out on his walks or cannot go on walks because of the extreme cold weather.

Such instances make your dog lazy, and he loses his zeal and becomes less energetic. So he spends most of his day sleeping periodically.

When left alone:

If you’re not around your dog often and he has to spend most of the time by himself, then he will keep spending his day sleeping.

As Havanese are companion dogs, and they love to be with their owners, they get sad and anxious with your absence and sleep throughout the day and night. They sleep more out of boredom as well.

Health issues:

Your Havanese will sleep more than the usual if you’ve neutered and sprayed him lately. He will spend a few days resting and sleeping after being neutered.

However, if your dog is oversleeping a lot, there might be some health issues to be concerned about, like hypothyroidism, heart disease and arthritis. Consult with a vet if you can’t correct his sleep schedule.

Where should Havanese sleep?

It’s better to let your Havanese sleep on the crate. The enclosed and cozy environment of the crate will make him feel secure and safe. Provide him with a pillow and blanket to feel comfortable.

Put the crate on a table or chair beside your bed for the first few weeks after you’ve adopted him. He might cry and whine a little at night so put the crate nearer to you. Thus you can roll over and jiggle and snuggle your pup to calm him down.

It is up to your personal preference if you want to let your pup sleep with you on the bed. But potty training him is a must before allowing him to do so. Even if you’re allowing him to sleep in your bed, you should let him know his crate is his happy place.

Do dogs sleep the whole night?

Adult dogs with a healthy diet and proper exercise sleep for the whole night for around 8-9 hours. However, sometimes they might whine or wake up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet or for other reasons and disrupt your sleep.

Your puppies will not sleep throughout the night for the first few weeks and may cause inconveniences for you and your family.

But if your adult dog is having trouble sleeping throughout the night, then there might be some health issues like osteoarthritis, thyroid dysfunction, respiratory difficulties etc. Discomfort or pain may be responsible for not sleeping, which will make him look nervous, restless, weak and apathetic.

Is it cruel to crate a dog at night?

It’s not cruel to crate your dog at night as long as you’re not punishing him. It is recommended to crate dogs at night with proper training as it develops the sense of being independent in them, good for your back and sleep, and it will keep your pooch away from troubles.

If you plan to crate your dog at night, ensure proper training, or it might all go in vain, and you’ll end up having late-night disturbances.

Can a Havanese be left alone during the day?

You can leave a Havanese alone during the day for around 3-4hours with toys and balls to keep him occupied. But for Havanese puppies, you shouldn’t leave them alone for more than 2-3 hours.

Havanese have separation anxiety. Your furry friend will get frustrated and sad with your absence and may develop destructive behavior.

Havanese sleep a lot and will keep taking small naps throughout the day periodically. Your Havanese should be able to have a sound sleep with no disturbances to lead a happy and healthy life.

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