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When Do Havanese Puppies Calm Down? (All You Need to Know!)

Havanese are a very playful dog breed. They are gentle but very energetic and can play around all day long. Sometimes they get hyper too. And such playfulness and hyper behavior is a matter of concern after a certain age.

Therefore, as a Havanese puppy owner, it’s a common thought for you that when will your Havanese pup calm down. 

When Do Havanese Puppies Calm Down? 

Havanese puppies naturally calm down when they are nearly two years old. Because it’s the age when Havanese puppies are assumed to be mentally mature and adults. However, this age is not the specific one, some puppies may mature and calm down earlier, and some a little later. 

When Havanese are at their puppy phase, it’s very common for them to be extremely playful. But they do calm down naturally when they are around two years old.

Because most of the Havanese pup owners agreed that when their pup is nearly at this age, they saw them maturing and calming down gradually. Also, Havanese are considered to be adults at this age.  

However, this calming down will no make them less energetic. They will just be less hyperactive than their puppy phase. Also, remember that the age mentioned is not the very exact age. It can vary from puppy to puppy. Some may calm down earlier and some may calm down a little later. 

At What Age Do Havanese Puppies Calm Down? 

Around the age of two, your Havanese fluffball will naturally calm down. Because this age is considered as the adult phase. So your Havanese puppies will mentally mature and will become less hyperactive than their puppy phase. 

Havanese puppy’s energy and hyperactivity increase around one-year-old. But as they age, they get training and exercise, and mental stimulation. So they start calming down. And this happens when they reach two years old.

And for your info, most of the owners also admitted that they noticed their Havanese pup calms down when they were nearly two years old. 

But know one thing that this calming down period can be different for different pups. So it’s not exactly the exact age. Some Havanese can mature earlier and some later than the usual period.  

Are Havanese Puppies Hyper? 

Havanese puppies are certainly not hyper at all. A healthy, good quality Havanese pup that is not under any kind of pressure or anxiety has a chill temperament. And it is so gentle around people and doesn’t even bark or lick or act hyperactive at all.

Generally, it’s the nature of puppies to be rambunctious and energetic. But Havanese pups are unlike them. They are very calm, gentle, and sweet-natured puppies with chilling personalities.

You won’t find them barking, licking, or acting hyperactive all day around even when they are very small. Unless they are going through any kind of anxiety, fear of separation, or depressed they will not be hyperactive. 

And a Havanese from a healthy, good breed is always a less hyperactive one. 

Why Are Havanese Puppies So Hyper? 

If you notice that your Havanese pup is acting really hyper then there must be some specific reasons behind it. And those reasons are described and listed below for your knowledge. 

Fear of separation 

Havanese puppies loved to stay with their own or family members. But they are left alone for a long time on a daily basis, they catch a fear of separation.

And this leads them to act hyperactive. Therefore, they act very energetically, bark, lick, and become very excited after seeing their owner. 

So if you are leaving your dog for a long time and seeing them becoming so hyper upon your arrival at home. This is just the exact reason.


Havanese is such an attention-loving dog that it would do all funny and entertaining acts to get your love and attention.

But if they don’t get the attention they want from you or other family members. It feels lonely and it’s another reason Havanese can be super hyper and behave abnormally. 

So, if you see your Havanese being impulsive or aggressive to get your attention. Just know that it feels really lonely and that’s why it’s so hyper. 

Lack of adequate exercise 

As said before, Havanese puppies are a bundle of energy. And, it’s necessary for puppies to lose energy at a required level so that they don’t act hyperactive.

Havanese are mainly indoor puppies. Staying at home for such a long time doesn’t actually make them lose energy. They need exercise, especially when they are nearly one year old. 

Exercise makes them lose energy and they get tired and stop behaving hyperactively. Otherwise, all of these stored up energy in them incites them to behave impulsively.


Like humans, dogs can be depressed too. Might sound surprising but it’s another fact why Havanese can act hyperactive.

Depression grasps a puppy when they are not being pampered, left alone, not getting their things done routinely, not getting enough chances to be playful, or they are taken to another environment.

In any of these circumstances, Havanese get depressed easily and becomes hyper as they are not able to adjust. Sometimes, you can even encounter them being aggressive and barking a lot. 

How To Help Your Havanese Puppy Calm Down?

Don’t worry, seeing your Havanese pup being too impulsive and excited. Because you can help him/her with various ways to calm down. To make it easier for you, here a few effective ways that are going to break down. 

Provide them an adequate amount of exercise

You need to provide your Havanese pup with an adequate amount of exercise since their puppy phase.

Naturally, puppies are energetic, in that case, if they don’t get chances to uses their energy, they become hyper. As the stored up energy incites them physically and mentally. 

Therefore, you must take your puppy for a regular walk. Let him play with other pups, let him run and jump. This will make him lose his energy and make him tired too. So regular exercise will help your Havanese doggo to calm down. 

Mental stimulation 

Mental stimulation is not just a way it’s a necessity for your puppy that you must provide him with. As mental stimulation makes him content and happy. That helps them to calm down.

For mental stimulation, you can put them in a regular routine and maintain the routine strictly. When your dog will notice that his every work is done on time, he will feel satisfied and will act less hyper. 

Also, puppy training, different types of mind games like puzzles, hide and seek, etc. make his mind occupied and happy. So gradually he will become calm. 

Give attention 

Your Havanese requires a lot of attention, love, and affection. If they don’t get the proper amount of human attachment they tend to get anxious and feel the separation of fear.

So, as much as possible, give him time and play with him. Make him feel loved and appreciated. Eventually, you will see a huge difference and he will calm down all by himself. 

Give plenty of exciting toys and chew treats 

Dogs get bored with one type of game or toy easily. So you can purchase a lot of new and exciting toys for your Havanese pup. So when he will be left alone he will not get bored. Also, his mind will remain busy in playing with new toys. This will help to calm down him.

Another thing is chewing toys or treats. Dogs love to munch on as it keeps them busy and makes their teeth stronger. 

So, you can give them plenty of chew toys and treat to keep them engaged. Especially at their puppy phase, it guides them to calm their hyped temperament. 

Are Havanese Dogs Calm?

Havanese dogs are calm. Havanese is such a bread that is known for its gentle, peaceful, calm personality. Even in their puppy phase, they tend to be calmer than other dogs breed. Also, they are very reserved with strangers. 

Unless they are under any kind of pressure or depression, most of the time you will find them playing or sitting quietly. 

Do Havanese Like To Cuddle?

Havanese dogs love cuddling. In fact, they are the most cuddle lover dogs you will find. They love human interaction so often they will jump on your arms or in your bed to have some snuggle time. It makes them feel pampered and loved. 

How Do You Raise A Calm Loving Dog? 

Here are some effective tips for you to raise a calm loving dog. Have a look at these bullet points.

  • Reinforce well manner 
  • Practice the “lie down” tactics
  • Don’t encourage over-excitement 
  • Boost its confidence
  • Speak to him in the lower voice 
  • Provide a regular clam training

How Can I Make My Dog Calmer?

Here are 5 proven ways to make your impulsive dog calmer.

  • Provide them regular exercise 
  • Encourage calm behavior
  • Provide them with mental stimulation
  • Maintain them under a daily routine 
  • Calm yourself 

What Are The Best Calming Treats For Dogs?

Calming treats are essential for dogs. Therefore, here is a list of the best calming treats for dogs.

  • Vet’s Best Comfort Calming Soft Chews
  • Calming Chews- SENTRY 
  • Calming Soft Chews- PetNC Natural Care   
  • NaturVet Calming Treats For Dogs
  • GOODGROWLIES Calming Hemp Treats

Havanese puppies are like human children, at the puppy phase naturally they are energetic. Also, depression, anxiety, lack of exercise, etc. are the other reason they act impulsively. So with growing age and proper training and care at their adult phase, they will calm down gradually. 

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