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Do Havanese Dogs Hunt? (Everything You Should Know!)

If your Havanese is showing signs of extra responsiveness and protectiveness, we understand if you are planning to take your pet out for a hunting game. After all, they bark well and are vigilant of threats all the time.

But are Havanese dogs really the hunting type?

Do Havanese dogs hunt?

Havanese dogs are most popular as companion or service dogs, and they do not have basic hunting skills. Although they are active, energetic, and protective dogs, they are more suitable as social pets than hunting dogs. Hunting dogs are generally more sensitive and have better reflexes.

Are Havanese hunting dogs?

Havanese dogs are considered to be companion dogs, rather than hunting dogs. Although few traits of the Havanese dogs can be similar to other hunting breeds, A Havanese pet does not have many hunting instincts.

In contrast, the Havanese variety is also labeled as Velcro dogs, because they are incredibly attached to their human friends. This quality is quite unlike the hunting breeds, which are more independent and work-focused.

Usually, hunting dogs have better reflexes and their sensitivities regarding all other senses are considered active, a lot more than a Havanese breed.

What are Havanese dogs good for?

Havanese dogs are great with other pets and kids:

Havanese dogs love company. Whether it’s a few of its other Havanese friends or other breeds, they get excited to be around other dogs and can play for hours at a stretch.

They are friendly animals when it comes to being around kids as well.

Although in some situations, they may have the urge to playfully bark or nip around, if they wish to show their dominant characteristics. Because it is all fun and games for them, other pets also enjoy the activities and noise.

Havanese dogs are favorites as companion or therapy dogs:

Havanese dogs are perhaps one of the best companion dogs out there. They are people-oriented and can have a great time with the entire family.

They are lively and pleasant. Close family get-togethers with familiar faces are a Havanese dog’s valued pastime. It loves to play around, do tricks, and bark occasionally to grab some attention.

They are often categorized as Velcro dogs as well. This is because they are not great with alone time and prefer to spend most, if not all, times of a day with their human family.

On average, they can be left alone for a couple of hours a day but that may often lead to the pet throwing tantrums, barking more or even biting around.

Additionally, they are cute, devoted, and cuddly, so you’d want to spend a lot of quality time with this teddy bear like a pet while they even help in mood therapies.

Havanese dogs can be good watchdogs:

Although Havanese dogs are not quite suited outdoors especially if the weather is too hot or too cold, this social type can be great if you want a standby watchdog.

Minus a few qualities, they are vigilant as well and sensitive.

If they notice strangers around your house, they might bark enough to wake you up. This same quality can be overwhelming if they start to feel threatened by a guest, or mechanic.

Furthermore, they are also quite protective of their family and will always be watchful of any threats or invaders.

Havanese can be the best exercise buddy:

Whether it involves spending a playful time inside your apartment or just a walk outside, Havanese dogs are always on their toes when it comes to exercising with their human owners.

If you are a fitness freak who wished to jog out with your pet every day, a Havanese dog can be your perfect workout or walking buddy. With such a silky-haired friend, you can take them running for two miles at least, if the pet is an adult one.

For adventure lovers, who love to hike up mountains and hills, you can take a Havanese dog with you as they have enough stamina and energy to lead you on!

How to train a Havanese puppy to do tricks?

Rolling Over Training:

For this, make your Havanese pet follow you into a silent room. Once there, instruct your pup to lie down completely.

Once it’s in that position, now instruct him to roll over. When you coach them, be sure to use a unique and funny voice so your pet listens to the instruction. To aid the rolling over, you can use some toy or treat to guide the action.

If they succeed, treat them well to motivate them. You can use this training for 5 minutes in one day initially, and slowly increase it to 10 mins.

Fetch Training:

For the fetch trick coaching, you’ll have to get two of his toys that is particularly fond of. Next, take him out in an open space.

When he has your attention, throw in one toy at a safe and short distance, but not too high in the air. While he tries to follow it, you can guide him along.

If he gets the first toy, lure him towards you with the second one. You can do this many times in a span of days, but don’t overwork your pup!

Jump Training:

For this, keep it light-hearted and playful. Use a treat as an incentive and hold it above him.

Instruct him to “jump” in a jolly and playful voice. You can increase the height of the luring treat as time goes by and he gets better at jumping.

Can a Havanese be a service dog?

As Havanese dogs are easily trainable pets, they can be used as service dogs as well. Just like they can be trained to play tricks, it is also possible to teach them to act according to the patient’s needs.

They can bring medications to their owners, and stop or signal any self-harming acts. Likewise, they are lively and playful and can be a great mood lifter for troubled people. What makes them suitable to be service dogs is their ability to adapt to different people and their needs.

How do I get my Havanese dog trained as a service dog?

To train your Havanese pet as a service dog, at first, you’ll have to focus on the basic skills of carrying out instructions. For this, proper house training is what is needed.

Next, make sure your dog is social enough and does not feel threatened by strangers. The more you socialize your pet, the better people skills it will have as a service dog.

This is quite important as a Havanese dog that is not well trained for unfamiliar situations cannot be suitable as a service dog.

Train them specifically to focus on what they are doing by coaching your pet to have better self-control.

Do Havanese make good therapy dogs?

Havanese dogs are loveable, charming, and people-oriented, making them great therapy dogs quite naturally. Their physique is adorable with silky hair, cuddly size, and round innocent eyes.

Besides, Havanese dogs love to show a few tricks they got under their furs and love to be the center of attention. So, if you wish a people pleaser, with warms and affection, a Havanese pet can be a perfect therapy dog for all moods.

This breed is also known to be light-hearted and lively. This is why you’ll often see a Havanese in many hospitals and rehabs. Oftentimes, people suffering from depression love the company of a Havanese.

Are Havanese circus dogs?

Havanese dogs have been used as circus dogs for years. This is because this breed is popular when it comes to exhibiting shows and tricks. Because of their playful nature, they are often seen performing and entertaining people, even in circuses.

Apart from their intrinsic ability to be playful and people-oriented, it also helps that the Havanese breed is quite adaptable to any situation. This makes them quite easy to train as well.

If they are trained as a puppy, they can be great circus dogs, service dogs, or therapy dogs as well.

What’s bad about Havanese?

Although Havanese dogs are adorable, lively, and affectionate, they are notorious for their over-dependency on their owners. They cannot be left alone for more than a couple of hours.

Also, they require a lot of time and attention from humans. If they think they are not getting the adequate attention they deserve, they could start biting, nipping, and barking unnecessarily.

Besides, Havanese dogs are high maintenance and usually have a tendency to break things around the house. This is sometimes because they are vexed by an unfamiliar person or event or simply because they are too excited.

If not trained properly from the beginning, they show annoyance towards strangers and become unsocial.

Havanese dogs are active and lively. They are so dynamic, that they can keep you on your feet all day.

As they are more of social and companion dogs, the Havanese breed is not a hunting type. Although few people say that their incredible barking abilities don’t have them any less of one!

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