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Foods, Fruits, & Vegetables: What Can & Can’t Havanese Eat?

Being a Havanese pup’s parent it’s normal to be conscious about their eating habit. As these delicate dogs require vitamins, minerals, fibers, and protein from fruits, veggies, meat, and human foods along with dog food.

So it can be a common question for you to know what your little Havanese can or can’t eat without getting any health issues.

What Can Havanese Dogs Eat? 

Apart from dog food, Havanese dogs can eat rice, cheese, boiled eggs, bread, boiled/cooked pork, chicken and turkey, plain popcorn, peanut butter, salmon. And from the fruits and veggie, Havanese can eat watermelon, berries, apples, bananas, carrots, green beans.

Human foods such as rice(cooked white rice only), eggs(boiled/cooked only), bread, peanut butter(unsalted,), plain popcorn, and dairy products like cheese are safe for Havanese to eat. 

Havanese can eat cooked/boiled pork, chicken, turkey, and salmon from the meat and fish section. 

Havanese do need essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber from fruits and vegetables as well. Therefore, they can eat watermelon, all kinds of berries, apples, bananas, carrots, and great beans from the fruit and vegetable section. But do remember to give only fresh fruits and vegetables. 

What Cannot Havanese Dogs Eat?  

Havanese certainly cannot eat ham(it’s salty), raw meat, raw chicken, bones, and raw eggs. From the vegetable & fruits, grapes and raisins, avocado, citrus fruits like oranges and lemons are not allowed to eat. Also, Havanese should never eat caffeine products like chocolates and caffeine. 

Havanese cannot eat ham as it’s canned food and salty, and digs should not eat any kind of canned food. 

Havanese shouldn’t be given any kind of raw meat, raw chicken, or raw eggs to eat. Raw meats can contain bacteria which is harmful to their health. And the raw egg is equally harmful to their skin. 

Raisins and grapes are highly toxic for Havanese so these fruits must be avoided strictly. 

Havanese can’t eat avocado and citrus fruits like lemons and oranges as well.

Moreover, caffeine products like chocolates, caffeine are considered as an enemy of dogs so Havanese cannot eat those either. 

What Fruits Can Havanese Eat? 

Havanese dogs can eat fruits like watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, apples, bananas, raspberries, a few chunks of pineapple, and mango. And, all of these fruits should be in fresh condition and bite-size. But, the Havanese can’t eat avocado, grapes, and oranges. 

All of these above-mentioned fruits are completely safe for Havanese to munch on. They will provide the essential vitamins and mineral that a Havanese need to stay healthy. But feed them only the fresh fruits in a bite-size little amount. 

But avoid giving citrus fruits like oranges, also grapes and avocado. Because these are harmful to Havanese dog’s health. 

A list of fruits that Havanese can and can’t eat?


Watermelon is a great source of mineral as it is high in water content so it will keep your Havanese pup hydrated. It has Vitamin A, C, and B-6. But remove seeds before feeding.


Havanese can eat strawberries in small portions. Or you can give them strawberry puree. As strawberries are high on sugar, it is better to keep them in small portions. Strawberries have enzymes that are good for dog’ s teeth. 


Blueberries can help to prevent cancer as they are rich in antioxidants and fiber. So give Havanese blueberries as treats sometimes.


Havanese can eat apples in bite-size. And apple slices shouldn’t have a core, stem, and seeds. The stem can cause choking among them while the seeds can be toxic for their health as they contain cyanide.


Bananas are rich in potassium and help to keep your Havanese’s heart and kidney in good condition. But feed them bananas occasionally as has high sugar.


No dogs should be let to eat grapes or raisins( dried grapes). They can be toxic for dogs and can lead your little havanese to a severe health condition.


Avocado has a substance named persin and it’s toxic for dogs to have as it causes vomiting and diarrhea.


Orange contains citric acid that can cause nervous system depression if taken in large quantities. So, it’s better to avoid feeding it. 

What Vegetables Can Havanese Eat?

Vegetables such as carrots, green beans, asparagus, celery, cucumber, broccoli, zucchini, potatoes, ripe tomatoes, sweet potatoes are safe for Havanese dogs to eat. But only fresh or boiled or steamed veggies should be fed. But Havanese can’t eat onions, garlic, or chives. 

Havanese like to eat veggies as crunchy treats. The stated above veggies are safe for Havanese to eat. Butt the veggies should be given in fresh condition, boiled or steamed for better digestion. 

The veggies from cooked food, canned and frozen vegetables are not for them. It is highly discouraged to do so. 

A list of vegetables that Havanese can eat 


Carrots are like edible and nutritious chew toys for Havanese dogs. They can be a good source of vitamin A, fiber, and potassium. These are essential for dogs.

Green Beans:

All types of green beans are good for Havanese. Whatever form you choose- chopped, steamed, boiled, or raw is safe for Havanese to eat. Green beans are a healthy treat for Havanese as long as they are fresh and are in plain condition.  

What Human Food Can Havanese Eat? 

Human food like, cooked/boiled salmon, pork, turkey, chicken, fruits, rice, plain popcorn, cheese, eggs, bread, peanut butter are suitable for Havanese dogs to eat safely. But raw meat, ham, chocolate, raw chicken can not be fed to Havanese dogs as they can cause health issues.

Like other dogs, Havanese are curious to eat human foods. The human food names given above are safe to feed Havanese dogs. But all kinds of meats, fishes, and eggs should be given boiled or cooked. 

And Havanese shouldn’t eat raw fishes, meats, eggs, and all types of foods that contain caffeine.

A list of human foods that Havanese can eat and can’t eat 


Havanese can eat only white rice in small portions. It’s good for their upset tummy.


You can give cheese to your Havanese pup but in small to moderate portions. But if your pup is lactose intolerant, never give them cheese to eat. 


Eggs are a good source of protein so it’s a great addition to their diet. However, only fully boiled eggs are allowed to give them. 


Your Havanese furry friend can safely eat bread in moderation. Plain white bread and wheat bread are good for them as a treat and it’s usually harmless. 

Peanut Butter:

Havanese loves to have peanut butter as a treat. It contains several beneficial substances including protein, fats, vitamin E, and B. However, only feed a little amount of unsalted peanut butter without the extra sugar and a sweetener called xylitol. 


Plain popcorn without butter, salt, or sugar can serve as a healthy to Havanese. But make sure not to give any unpopped popcorn to avoid choking. 


Fruits are the greatest source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, and Havanese loves to munch on these delish nature-made treats. 


Salmon is enriched with omega-3 fatty acids which are highly good for a Havanese dog’s immunity, coat, and healthy skin. So, boiled or cooked fish without spices are good for Havanese dogs.


Unseasoned, boiled or cooked, and plain turkey in small portions are safe to eat for Havanese dogs. 


Havanese can have pork but in very little amount as it’s high in fat. Unseasoned, cooked or boiled pork is safe for them to eat. 


Chicken is always the first choice from human foods and it’s a great replacement for dog foods. Unseasoned, boiled or cooked can be a good meal for your Havanese furball if it has an upset stomach. 

Raw Meat:

Raw meats can have bacteria that are harmful to health. So Havanese can’t eat it.


Ham is salty canned food. And both canned and salty foods are not suggested for any dogs so Havanese can’t eat ham. 

Raw Chicken:

As raw chicken is meat as well so it can contain harmful bacterial too. So Havanese are suggested not to eat raw chicken. 


Chocolate contains a high amount of caffeine. And caffeine-made foods are dog’s enemies. So Havanese can’t eat chocolates. 

What Other Foods Can Havanese Eat? 

Other foods include human food such as cooked/boiled fish and meat, boiled egg, cheese, bread, peanut butter, rice, veggies such as carrots, green beans, celery, and fruits like banana, apples, berries, and watermelon. 

Other foods mainly depict human food. And these are the safe and popular human foods that Havanese can eat. Apart from human food, Havanese eat dog foods but can’t eat bones. 

A list of other foods that Havanese can and can’t eat

Human Food:

Human foods include meat, fish, veggies, dairy, grains, and fruits. And Havanese can eat all kinds of boiled/cooked meat/fish, plain rice/bread, cheese, yogurt, and the above-mentioned veggies and fruits.

These all give them the necessary vitamins, protein, fiber, and minerals. 

Dog Food:

Dog foods contain the maximum nutrients that your Havanese puppy needs. And it is their one of the primary food too. So Havanese surely can eat dog food. 


Bones are not allowed for the Havanese to eat. Raw bones can be too strong for them to eat and cooked bones are too soft. So they can choke if cooked bone parts are eaten.  

To conclude, you are always suggested to speak to your vet before adding any food to your Havanese dog’s diet chart. Give them new food only if your vet has approved it. 

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