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Do Havanese Dogs Bite? (All You Need to Know!)

Havanese Dogs are so cute that you may take them for teddy bears. But hey, these cuddly, silky hair beings can also bite!

Find out why your Havanese pet might be nipping more than usual.

Do Havanese dogs bite?

Havanese dogs are usually playful and friendly, but they may bite if they are overexcited or upset. A Havanese pet might bite if they don’t get enough attention from their owners. Sometimes they bite if they feel threatened by new situations or people, other times they might be in pain.

Can Havanese dogs be aggressive?

Normally, Havanese dogs love to be around people. They love to snuggle and are playful. However, this breed can also be aggressive from time to time.

With and around other pets in the house, a Havanese is active and happy and could play for hours at a stretch without bark or bite. Likewise, they love to get involved with their master and familiar guests alike. Havanese dogs especially love games that require them to use their brains.

Havanese dogs are also greatly dependent creatures. They are clingy and want quite a bit of attention from their masters. Things may go south if they do not get that attention. In such a situation, a Havanese dog could be hostile or destructive as well.

You’ve also got to keep in mind that this intelligent and fun-loving breed, can be different in front of strangers, specifically people who might seem like a “threat” to them.

Why is my Havanese biting?

If your Havanese dog is biting, it is not always because it is being “aggressive”.  Here are few other reasons:

Lack of attention from master:

Perhaps the most common reason linked to a Havanese dog’s biting or other violent behavior is linked to its relationship and attachment to the owner.

If your dog thinks that it is not getting enough attention and time from you, it might want to get its way by a series of bites here and there.

The Havanese breed is known to be a dependent pet and requires more time from its human friend than a lot of other owners.

If you are busy with a friend at home or are on the phone after returning from work, you might notice your Havanese dog barking more than usual, even nipping just to get your eyes and ears on them.

Dominant behavior:

As with a lot of other work or hunter dogs, they want to show everyone who is the boss.

Even though the Havanese variety is not hunter types, they do have a tendency to be dominating, especially among kids or even other dogs.

A little bit of extra biting around, for this reason, is merely to prove that they are stronger and more capable, not out of anger.

Although it can sometimes be out of jealousy, as they tend to be possessive pets, whether it concerns their human friend, toys, or even food.

Feeling threatened:

In Havanese dogs, and many other different breeds, it is seen that the otherwise happy-go-lucky pets start to bite and act aggressively when they encounter a new or unfamiliar situation.

Whether it’s visitors or going to a new place, sometimes fear gets better of them. This can happen especially when they visit doctors or supermarkets, where there are a lot of unknown faces.

Illness or discomfort:

Like us, humans, dogs also get annoyed and vexed when they are in discomfort, whether it’s pain, bloating, or other health concerns.

In the same way, in many situations, Havanese dogs express their discomfort by biting around on their owners and sometimes, other people around. It’s utterly a way of communicating and showing that they are not feeling so well.

Simply over-excited:

Havanese dogs can get so excited and so happy during a play session they are enjoying; they can sometimes become slightly out of control.

This overzealous behavior ends up in bites, barks, and sometimes breaking things around the house. That’s has nothing to do with your dog being aggressive, but just a little too excited.

How to stop a Havanese from biting?

Socialize your pet:

When you take out your Havanese pet for a walk, to garden parties, malls and shops regularly, you are familiarizing them with your environment.

Starting this from an early stage makes them think that this is what’s normal, and they no longer start to bite of aggression when they are out in the crowd or hear loud noises.

Training from an early age:

The most important method that prevents dogs from biting in the first place is early training and learning. Teach them when they are young, and they would grow up to be more patient and calm pets.

Telling them “no” with conviction will also help as they would understand that this is something that they shouldn’t be doing!

Exercising or play with them:

When you play with your Havanese breed friend, it always enhances the bond between a human and their pets.

It’s also great if you can involve other people in the house in their play sessions. This makes them less aggressive and social as well.

Health checkups:

One of the several reasons that Havanese dogs’ bit is some kind of pain or discomfort. It is important to be a responsible pet owner and get your furry friend checked up by the VET regularly.

If your dog suffers from bone-related issues, it is always wise to go through medical screenings just to be sure.

How to train a Havanese puppy not to bite?

Training a Havanese puppy not to bite must start early. One of the best ways to teach them that biting is not the way is through self-control. Here are a few steps to exercise it:

  • Step 1: Set a schedule for playtime every day or every other day, primarily when you are training your dog. Involve other people in the house as well.
  • Step 2: During that time, start playing for short bursts of time. Play for a minute or more until the pet gets excited.
  • Step 3: Stop playing completely after a minute. Wait for your dog to calm down, and ease its over-enthusiasm. No matter what they do, do not start playing until they are completely calm.
  • Step 4: Every time you stop the play and your pet calms down, show him appreciation and applaud the calm deeds. If they try to bite in between, show that it upsets you and indicate that this is bad behavior.
  • Step 5: Repeat this, by playing for 30 seconds and stopping every time. This will help the dog learn to calm themselves and teach them self-control.
  • Step 6: When you have trained your pet for a few days, you can introduce cue words to indicate what’s good and what’s not. Say “no”, “calm”, “good job”, as words to refer to good and bad actions.

Why does my Havanese dog pretend to bite me?

One reason your Havanese pet pretends to bite you is to get your attention on them. Havanese dogs are usually clingy pets and want all the world’s devotion from their masters. If you are out for too long, they feel the absence quite a lot.

It might be a sign of fondness, and attention-seeking.  It can also be because they are trying to tell you that they are in some kind of pain or want something like a toy or food.

They also show such behavior around strangers. This could be someone who is a vet, or an electrical with tools in hand; or a guest who is too loud. In that case, your Havanese dog could act more aggressively. They might bark more than usual, with occasional growls and bites.

Do Havanese like to cuddle?

Havanese LOVE to cuddle with their human friends. This breed loves to play and often dislikes being left alone.

They are fond of their owners and can be quite dependent as well. After a long day when you get home and rest, your Havanese pet will always find a way to sneak in and cuddle with you.

Are Havanese dogs affectionate?

Havanese puppies are full of love and affection for anyone who shows them some. They love to play with their human family as well.

Not only are play playful and affectionate, but they would also demand their master’s attention if they think they have not gotten enough of it. In many situations, this makes them bite their owners as well.

How do you discipline a Havanese puppy?

Havanese puppies are one of the most trainable dogs. At an early age, teaching them what’s good behavior and what’s bad behavior can help to discipline them.

You can also discipline them by training them through self-control. Always appreciate their calmness, and social self, while you dissuade their aggressive behavior.

Remember to never shout at them or hit them!

Havanese pets are cute, joyous, and playful. But sometimes if you don’t give them attention, they can bite you and show some degree of aggressiveness. It can also be because they are uncomfortable, in pain, or around strangers.

Whatever the reason, be sure to train your silky-haired companion from an early age, and remember to never hit them or make them sad!

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