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Do Bernedoodles Like to Swim? Do They Like Water?

If you often go on trips near a lake and would like your dog to get on the water as well, you should consider adopting a Bernedoodle. Since they’re not hydrophobic and can get along with you in water easily.

Do Bernedoodles like to swim?

Bernedoodle is a mixed breed inheriting traits from breeding parents poodles and Barnese. Hence, there is a 50-50 chance for a Bernedoodle to like swimming as poodles naturally gravitate towards water whereas Barnese dislikes water. But you can start early training your pup to get him to like water.

Do Bernedoodles like water?

Bernedoodles usually like water if you expose them to water from an early age. However, if they inherit more traits from Bernese Mountain Dogs rather than poodles, then it is highly likely that your Bernedoodle will not be very water-friendly.

Nevertheless, a Bernedoodle is often seen to get playful in water if exposed from a young age correctly. But that doesn’t imply all Bernedoodle will act the same way. It is also very common for many Bernedoodles to not like water.

You should never force a Bernedoodle to get in the water if she’s avoiding it. Because clearly, she has inherited traits from Bernese Mountain Dogs more. You will often find her inside even in hot weather. Moreover, she’ll prefer playing on the ice with you rather than getting on the water.

Can Bernedoodles swim?

It is believed that dogs are natural swimmers and will eventually manage to swim if left on the water. However, not all dogs like swimming. The same is the case with Bernedoodles. Though almost all Bernedoodles can swim if trained from a young age. 

Since poodles are one of the breeding parents of Bernedoodles, and poodles have a reputation of being water lovers, Bernedoodles naturally are meant to be swimmers. At least they are not afraid of water. And you can teach your pup how to swim starting from an early age.

Nonetheless, you can’t expect your pooch to swim immediately after you throw it in the water. You have to expose him to water from his puppyhood. But if still, he isn’t comfortable in the water, don’t force him to swim. Every dog has a different personality.

Even all Bernedoodles don’t like swimming. There can be exceptions. Acknowledge your pup’s personality.

Are Bernedoodles good swimmers?

Bernedoodles will make amazing swimmers if you expose them to water since their puppyhood. Originating from two pure breeds the Poodle and the Bernese Mountain Dogs, they inherit the goofiness, loyalty, and swimming traits from the Poodles.

Not to mention, with proper grooming and training, you can raise a Bernedoodle to be a fantastic swimmer. Moreover, your pup can also take part in dog sports and amaze you with her swimming capabilities.

Bernedoodles always stand out among the dog breeds for swimming and their cheerful characteristics. They’re potential swimmers and even if you didn’t train them to swim, you might be surprised by how your pooch can get comfortable in the water by themselves.

How do I introduce my Bernedoodle to water?

Train him to obey basic commands:

You definitely don’t want your dog to wander around in water once he learns to swim. Even in the primary stage, he might get in danger for roaming too far in the water. Hence, teach him basic obedience like ‘STOP’, ‘COME’ before letting him into water.

 Praise and treat him every time he listens to you and comes back.

Early exposure to water:

Expose your Bernedoodle to water as early as possible. It is recommended to start at 8 weeks old. This is the time when puppies learn more and starting from an early age will remove fears.

Start with baby steps:

Don’t put your puppies in large water bodies when you’re just introducing water to them. Start with smaller water bodies like a pool having a few inches of water. Or you can introduce water to him first at your bathtub.

Make it enjoyable:

Don’t put too much pressure on your pooch while teaching him to swim. To make it fun you can place his balls, and chew toys in your bathtub so that he can play and get exposure to water at the same time. Playing will keep him distracted from any previous trauma or fear from water.

Set examples:

To make your pup more comfortable in water let him see other adult dogs swimming in water at first. The scenario will remove any kind of anxiety and fear from his mind and he’ll feel encouraged to go in water. It will also build a sense of security in him.

Keep your expectations low:

Don’t expect too much from your puppy. No matter how much it is common for dogs to know swimming and Bernedoodles being notorious as natural swimmers; every dog is different. Your Bernedoodle may or may not like water. Acknowledge your pup’s personality.

How to train a bernedoodle to swim?

Five steps to train your Bernedoodle to swim-

Start from a young age:

Introduce your Bernedoodle to water starting from 8 weeks old. Early exposure to water makes him more comfortable and confident.   Start with taking him to small water bodies like a swimming pool or   bathtub. It will increase his chances to love water more and remove his fears.

Start with shallow water:

Don’t take your puppy to dive into an ocean at his first encounter with water. It might be scary for your pup and he might never want to get into the water in the future. A slow moving-creek, shallow pool, bathtub can be your options.

Increase exposure:

Notice if your Bernedoodle likes it in water. If he does, you can take him to larger and deeper water bodies. And gradually increase his stay in the water. Little by little, your pup will absolutely love it in the water and start swimming with a blink of an eye.

Positive reinforcements:

Always praise and treat your dog every time he accomplishes a baby step. It will keep him motivated towards his task and will continue to learn more. Thus, he’ll be able to completely learn swimming at your watch.

Never force:

Don’t force your pooch to get into the water and learn to swim in no time. It is common for some dogs not to like water. Try and understand your dog and don’t pressurize him into something he doesn’t want to.

Safety precautions for swimming in water bodies with bernedoodles-

Get your dog a life jacket:

You should always make your dog wear a life jacket, it doesn’t matter if he’s a newbie swimmer or a pro. Because canines can easily wear out swimming in water for long, and lose their breath.

Ensure he doesn’t drink shallow water:

The water bodies may contain organisms and toxic substances that are harmful to your dog and cause diarrhea and other diseases.

Don’t let your dog drink from the ocean:

Drinking ocean water will cause diarrhea, vomiting, and serious kidney damage. Hence, keep your dog hydrated when swimming.

Put earplugs on their ears:

Dogs are very prone to ear infections and the situation may get worse when water gets inside of the ear. Hence, make your dogs wear earplugs before swimming.

Stay on-guards:

Dogs easily get tired of swimming and get fatigued. Every year dogs lose life in water because of this reason. So don’t let your dog stay in water for too long and keep an eye if he’s getting exhausted.

How to make a bernedoodle to like water?

You have to introduce your Bernedoodle to water from a very young age to make her like water. Dogs when young get comfortable in water faster than adult dogs. However, you must never force your pup to stay in the water if she doesn’t like it there.

Young dogs learn faster than adult dogs. So start exposing your pup to water starting from 8 weeks of age. By the time she’s an adult, she’ll love being in the water and swimming with you.

Moreover, playing in the water without your dog’s consent may result in adverse situations and your pup may end up having a dangerous experience that will prevent her from getting in the water in the future.

Start introducing her to water at your bathtub or swimming pool first. Once, she gets comfortable and enjoys being in the water and you expose her to larger water bodies. Always praise and treat her for being a good girl in the water.

How often should I bathe my Bernedoodle?

Bernedoodles don’t need frequent bathing so bathing her once a month is enough to keep her clean. Frequent bathing can be unhealthy and harmful for your pup leading to pain, discomfort, and itching.

Moreover, Bernedoodles need to maintain a natural oil to keep their skin hydrated and healthy. Too much bathing ruins this process. Hence, professionals recommend bathing your Bernedoodle every 3 to 4 months.

However, you have to wash her when she gets in mud to keep her clean and healthy.

Nonetheless, Bernedoodles are very cheerful and social dogs to have around you. Adding on to that, you both can make beautiful memories swimming together in the pool, river, or ocean. With early exposure to water and maintaining few rules, you and your furry friend are all set to have all the fun in the water.

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