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Are Aussiedoodles Good with Cats & Other Dogs? (Answered)

The adorable Aussiedoodles are the first choice of many pet owners. They are cute and full of energy. You must love them for their playfulness and loving nature. These super-friendly dogs are easy to train and socialize with as well.

Are Aussiedoodles good with cats & other dogs?

Yes, Aussiedoodles are good with cats and other dogs. You have to train them, and it is best to start from their early years. They are friendly and receive training fast. They can receive training to be compassionate and friendly towards other pets, be it other dogs or cats.

Are Aussiedoodles good with cats? 

There is a myth that dogs and cats are enemies. And they do not go along with each other. It is maybe true for some breeds of dogs, but not all of them.

There are a lot of breeds of dogs who love the company of cats and adore them. Dogs can receive training to behave around cats and other pets. Aussiedoodle is one such breed.

Aussiedoodles are small dogs that are hyperactive and super friendly. They love to play with you and others. They are not aggressive towards cats and behave well with them.

You have to train them with praises and treats to be less aggressive towards cats and not eat them. Start when these dogs are in their baby stage. In that way, they will behave from the beginning.

The very nature of dogs that they inherit from their ancestors may be visible in them. Try to mitigate those with the help of teaching lessons and training.

Aussiedoodles are great learners. They obey and love you and behave well. They are good with cats.

Are Aussiedoodles good with other dogs? 

Dogs are the descendants of wolves. They tend to be aggressive due to their instincts. But all breeds of dogs are not the same. There is some breed of very amiable dogs.

Aussiedoodles are a mix of two other breeds of dogs.

One is an Australian Shepherd, who is very smart and loyal.

And the other is poodles. They are small-sized hypoallergenic breeds.

These small, hairy, and adorable Aussiedoodles love their owners. They are intelligent and can catch training cues very fast.

When introducing them to any other pet, try to be slow and patient as they are good to other dogs. They are not aggressive or dominating. But they might try to herd other dogs. So, keep an eye out for that.

You have to be patient enough to deal with them. Allow it space and time to accept other dogs and treat them when they show a positive attitude.

Introduce the other dogs at an early age. It will help them to become more tolerable of other dogs. They will mix and play with them for a long time. And they would also love that.

Are Aussiedoodles good with babies?

When it comes to a dog, they make good pets. But there is always a tension of their adaptability with the children in the house.

If you have babies in your house, you might be wondering which breed of dog to get. Aussiedoodles make great pets. They are good with babies as well.

They tend to have this herding quality. So, be careful and monitor the dog in its training phase. Teach it at an early stage.

 Baby Aussiedoodles are not fully acquainted with their powers and strengths. Try to train them with positive reinforcement lessons and teach them good manners.

Take away their treats or subtly punish them if it is trying to dominate the baby. Teach it that it is wrong by saying words like ‘stop,’ ‘do not do that,’ etc.

Try to give them some time to recognize the patterns of activities and members in the house. And do not leave them alone with babies before their training phase.

Aussiedoodles adore babies and get along with them. After you have introduced them and they become friends, they will have a playful time together. Engaging the baby and the dog will help them to relieve their energy and playtime.

Are Aussiedoodles good with chickens? 

Aussiedoodles are known for their temperament. They love to play around and mix with others.

They also are very well with other pets in the house. Be it another dog or cat or a chicken. There is a possibility of thinking that dogs would hunt on chickens as they belong to the wolf family. But this is not true in the case of Aussiedoodles.

Chickens are safe in front of your Aussiedoodle. You have to train your dog to be less aggressive and not develop an attacking tendency. They will catch up on the hints and training pretty fast and befriend their chickens.

You do not have to worry if you have chickens. You can get an Aussiedoodle for yourself. There have been cases where they love chickens so much that they do not want to let go of them and even hug the chickens.

Be mindful of the time they spent with other pets and keep them disciplined.

Are mini Aussiedoodles good with other dogs?

Aussiedoodles are a mixed breed of Australian shepherd and poodles. Mini Aussiedoodles are easy to train. You can boost up their positive nature through training. They are responsive to training and socialization.

It is easy to train mini Aussie doodles at a young age.  They have adaptability characteristics. They are playful and curious about a lot of things around them. They go along well with other dogs.

They are active and love to have long walks. They are also well-behaved with other dogs. It is better to treat them well while training them to behave around other dogs.

Are mini Aussiedoodles good with cats?

Mini Aussiedoodles are adorable dogs. They love to spend time with their owner, the children around, and also with other pets.

They are good with cats and adore them. They try to herd other cats. They find them as their play partner.

Socializing and positive reinforcement practices are imparted skillfully to them when they start in their early years. They are not aware of their energy at that stage. That is why it is easy to shape their nature.

Mini Aussiedoodles are tame and playful. And as such, they are friendly with other cats as well. So, try to keep up their nature like this through proper training.

Are Aussiedoodles good family dogs? 

Family dogs are supposed to be friendly and caring in nature. They must love to spend time and play with you. And if you want a dog that loves to stick around with you, you must love an Aussiedoodle.

Aussiedoodles are great dogs that love company. They are good family dogs. Owing to their instincts, they go well with other pets and children as well. You can also nurture them in an apartment.

They need the right amount of company and activeness to spent their pent-up energy. These dogs love to relax after a busy day and cuddle you. They are good companions and possess therapeutic characteristics as well.

If there are members in your house with special needs, they can also help them, be it an adult or a child. Moreover, their charm is too good to avoid. They can melt your heart with their cute gestures and activities.

Are Aussiedoodles good apartment dogs? 

Yes, Aussiedoodles are good apartment dogs. They possess the genes of both Australian shepherds and poodles.

Australian shepherds are intelligent dogs. And poodles are hypoallergenic dogs with charming appearance.

Aussiedoodles are active and playful. They need activities and playtime to use up their energy. They are cheerful when they spent time with you. be it at home or outside. They must have their training as well. But they also love to spend a relaxing time with their owners.

Aussiedoodles will cuddle and ball up with you when they understand you need support. They also love to get along with strangers and pets like cats, chickens, and other dogs.

They do not shed a lot. It makes their cleaning and maintenance easy. They are less prone to allergies and are a healthy breed. They are a good choice for a family dog.

Do Aussiedoodles make good pets? 

The purpose of getting your pet is the main factor here. If you are looking for an all-time companion with a lot of enthusiasm and energy, you can go for an Aussiedoodle.

But you do not need an Aussiedoodle if you do not want to spend your time grooming, playing, and training them. They need a lot of your time and attention.

There are a lot of things that make Aussiedoodles good pets. They are:

  • They are less prone to allergies, i.e., hypoallergenic.
  • You have to groom it at regular intervals. But they shed a little.
  • They are friendly and socialize very easily.
  • They are intelligent breeds and show herding characteristics.
  • They are easy to train and develop habits.
  • They are very compassionate and playful towards other pets and children.
  • They are very loyal and therapeutic dogs.
  • You can pet them inside an apartment as well.
  • They are happy as long as they can spend their time with their owners.

This adorable breed of dog with its furry appearance and small structure attracts the attention of many people. They are cute and amiable. You do not want to use them for guarding your house. There is a possibility that they will end up befriending others. So keep them with you.

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