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Can Dog Beds Go in the Dryer? (Explained for Beginners)

Dog beds are an essential piece of furniture that any dog owner needs to provide for their furry friend. Keeping it clean is a priority as well, for they can accumulate dirt, germs, and diseases if kept unchecked. Now the question arises, after washing if the dog beds can go in the dryer or not.

Can dog beds go in the dryer?

Yes, dog beds can go in the dryer. However, it depends on the material it is made of. Most manufacturers will mention whether the bed is washer and dryer-proof, but it is safe to assume they are. Just make sure they are waterproof or water-safe, and you are good to go.

Dog beds have a tendency to collect dust, dirt, and, with them sickening germs that are harmful to both the pet and the owner. This is easily preventable with simple, intuitive steps. It is imperative to wash them and make sure they are properly dried as well.

It is advised to clean and wash the dog bed at least once a week, if not in two weeks. It is also highly recommended to make sure the bed is properly dried before using it again.

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Types of dog beds that can be put in the dryer?

Any dog bed that is waterproof should be okay to be put in the dryer as well. After properly washing the cover and making sure the laundry detergent is pet-safe, you are supposed to let it completely dry before allowing your pet to use it again.

You can let it air dry, or you can put it in the dryer. To make sure it is safe to do so, the materials mentioned below are either waterproof or washer and so dryer safe.

In an ideal world, the perfect dog bed can go through both washer and dryer cycles problem-free. They are supposed to have removable covers and waterproof material. They would also have sturdy zippers, stitches, and seams so they can survive the rather intrusive laundry phases.

  • Removable covers: The new pet dog bed trend is to have removable denim covers since they are durable and long-lasting. They are heavy-duty washing and drying cycle safe too.
  • Polyester: High loft Polyester is greatly regarded to be machine washable and be dryer safe. They tend to be ultra-soft as well.
  • Denier: 300/600 Denier fabric is made to be waterproof so is easy to dry as well.
  • Cotton: There is likewise a type of cotton padding memory foam that is both orthopedic and waterproof, which is perfect for senior dogs.
  • Corduroy and co: Knitted Corduroy and faux suede are also very clearly and safely dryer-proof. They are also interchangeable for summer and winter heat comfort.

To play it safe, always check the product code to see if it is safe to put your fur friend’s beloved bed into the tumbler and dryer.

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Types of dog bed that cannot be put in the drier:

As mentioned before, it is usually mentioned whether the dog bed can be used in the washer and drier. Even if it is not specified, there are some telltale signs that will let you know.

If the bed cover is not removable, chances are the whole bed itself will not last through the process. 

Let’s say you had already washed it before, and it seems fine- only a few seams are coming off. That itself is a sign of danger. Eventually, it will fall and break apart the more you expose it to regular washes.

Another thing to mention, if the zipper of the bed seems low quality, it is best to avoid vigorously washing it and revealing it to a dryer. They will break and so render the whole bed practically useless.

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Beds that have steel or wooden stands on them- raised beds to be exact, they are understandably not dryer-proof.

Anything that can rust, easily break, or come off- immediately means it is not dryer-proof.

Just to reiterate, most dog beds are meant to be washer and dryer-proof. In case you want to be safe, look up the bed model to know full details.

Why should I put my dog bed into the dryer?

Washing your dogs’ bed is the first step to ensuring a proper, hygienic space for your companion. However, you should always make sure the bed is completely dry before letting them use it.

If the bed isn’t properly dried, it can grow mold and mildew. Both of these are components that bring skin diseases on board, to say the least, including the risk for other kinds of diseases as well. Which in turn raises the chance to transfer the disease to human beings.

To ensure this does not happen, dry your dogs’ bed completely. And one of the foolproof ways to do so is to use the dryer. Airdrying will take too long, sometimes taking full days for them to completely dry.

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Is it safe to put a dog bed in the dryer?

Yes, it is safe to put a dog bed in the dryer. Unless the manufacturer has specifically mentioned it not to be safe, it is understandable to assume it is dryer-ready.

If you are worried it might harm the dryer or damage the bed, you can always air dry it. True it might take longer, but the peace of mind that comes with it is always worth it.

Do you need to clean the dryer after drying dog beds?

Yes, you should clean the dryer after drying your dog’s bed. 

You might think you do not have to, seeing how a dryer is supposed to be a cleaning machine itself, but it is recommended that you clear and clean it out.

Experts endorse running an empty cycle after washing the pet bedding, especially before doing any human laundry. To cut odor, add some bleach to the empty cycle.

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How to remove dog urine smell from the dryer?

Dog beds can smell pretty bad from time to time. Urine smells bad due to the high amount of nitrogen compounds present. It also stains the bed and anything else it comes in contact with.

It is usually advised to airdry the bed instead of putting it in the dryer for it transfers the smell onto the dryer.

However, if you have made that mistake, fret not. Baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and vinegar are all household items that you can use to remove the pungent urine smell.

Odor removal products are helpful to get rid of the smell too. They usually come in liquid form and extremely effective.

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Putting in an old tee shirt soaked in the homemade vinegar or baking soda solution into the washer and then the dryer should help to get the odor out of it.

It is absolutely necessary to ensure a clean, washed, and dried bed for your dog for they honestly deserve nothing else. Properly and regularly cleaned dog beds increase the chance of a healthy and happy dog, which in turn makes a healthy and happy owner.

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