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How to Make a Dog Bed with Sides?

Whether you should make a dog bed with sides depends on whether your dog likes a bed with sides. You can easily create a dog bed with sides using a zipper or by sewing the fabric. However, make sure that your dog is comfortable in a bed with sides.

How to make a dog bed with sides? 

A dog bed with sides can be made using a zipper or sewing the fabric. It is highly recommended to buy a 1-inch-thick shaped foam mattress and 2 yards of outdoor fabric to make a dog’s bed with sides. Making a dog bed with sides is actually making a pillowcase by either sewing or applying a zipper.

You can easily make a dog bed with sides with just some pillow form and some fabric. A good thing is you can make the dog bed with sides of any shape you want. If your dog is a bit in size, you can make a bed bigger than its size with the sides. 

How to make a dog bed with bolster sides?

Most dogs are known to sleep peacefully in a dog’s bed with bolster sides. The standard dimension for a mattress with bolster sides comes with 27 inches in length and 32 inches in breadth. However, it also depends on how much stuffing you do in your dog’s bed. 

The five steps in which you can easily make a bed with bolsters sides-

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1. Sewing the 27 inch – 32-inch fabric together:

Pin the fabric together. Remember to leave a total of 6 inches opening along one side for stuffing.

2. Clipping the corners of the pillow: 

Turning the pillow at one side, clip the corners with safety pins and clips.

3. Fixing the bed base: 

Make sure you fix the dog base by taking the appropriate measurement. 

4. Making bolster sides:

Once you find two fleece panels with 15 inches in length and 29 inches in width, fold each panel in half the right sides together.  

5. Tieing with the lining raw edges: 

Measure 2 inches from the bottom, top fold, and place a tie at this 2 inches position, corresponding one end of the connection with the lining’s raw edges.   

Once you baste across the bottom in the sewing machine, your dog bed with bolster sides would be ready.

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How to make a large dog bed with sides?

If you want to build a large dog bed for your dog, you must make sure it looks like a toddler cot. For your convenience cut, the edges with a table saw without the necessity of hiring a carpenter.

The six easy steps to build a  large dog bed with sides-

1. Setting the table saw at a 45-degree angle: 

Use a panel cutting sled to cut the ends to four-meter joints by setting the table saw at 45-degree angles. Use a scraper to remove any rough mark. 

2. Applying glue: 

The first thing you need to do is to start applying the glue. You can use some ratchet straps to assemble the bed parts and tighten the joints. Use bracket ratchet straps so that the edges aren’t crushed.

3. Add a few dowels: 

Mark the places and add a few dowels that would be used to reinforce the miter joints. Before removing the clamps you need to make sure that you give proper time to dry the glue and set along with the bed parts. 

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4. Make a lightweight base for the bed: 

Giving the bottom router more surface is essential to keep it lightweight. You can clamp-on a piece of wood across the edges to build up the router surface. Once you are done with it, you can use a chisel to square up the corners to make it lightweight. 

5. Place the bed slats: 

Glue the bed slats with glue and nails using a drill machine. The pieces of MDF would be supporting the bed slats. Keep a 2-millimeter gap between each slate. 

6. Mark the joint leg points: 

Before attaching the legs, mark the places and take measurements. 

Later clamp them for fifteen minutes or so. 

Place a cushion overlapping the size of your dog’s bed, and your job is done.

How to make a wooden dog bed with sides?

You won’t need a lot of tools or skills to make a simple wood dog bed with sides. You have to follow some simple instructions. All you need is a circular saw, a drill, and a driver to drive some screws. 

The three easy steps to build a wooden dog bed with sides- 

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1. Cut the base taking proper measurements: 

You can cut the base in any hardware store or can cut it according to sizes if you have appropriate tools in your house. The plywood should be about four feet by two. 

2. Assembling the beadboards: 

Make a couple of homemade jigs with the circular saw. Now assemble beadboards and apply glue to the edges of the beadboards. If you don’t have a nail machine, use a wall screw machine to install nails. 

3. Finishing the woodwork by putting the beadboards on all corners: 

After you have finished setting the breadboards on all corners, cut the rest of the wood pieces making a 45-degree angle to install front sides.  

After you place a cushion on the wooden dog bed, your wood dog bed with sides is ready to go! 

How to make a round dog bed with sides? 

You can easily make a round bed dog in your home. The items required to make a round dog bed with sides are an invisible zipper, continuous zipper, essential sewing tools, cushion pad. 

The simple three steps to prepare a round dog bed with sides- 

1. Take a circular sheet: 

Prepare a circular pattern with a diameter of 21 inches, including ½ seam allowance. Cut the fabric strip 67-inch length and 18-inch width, which includes the ½ seam allowance  

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2. The underpart of the bottom divided into two equal parts: 

For this part, use the fabric left after the other projects, which is way cheaper. The circle halves will be connected with the help of an invisible zipper. 

3. Finishing the raw edges of the fabric with zippers: 

Place the fabric circles with the wrong sides together and pin the fabric strip and the underpart of the bottom with right sides together. Pin the ribbon ends together and sew it in a sewing machine at ½ from the edge. 

Take a continuous zipper and pin one zipper side to the top of the bed bottom with the right sides together.  

After you are done putting the zipper together, stuff hollow fiber and cushion pad, and your round dog bed with sides are ready to be used.

How to make a square dog bed with sides?

To make a square dog bed, all you need is to follow a few steps to create a cozy and comfortable square-shaped dog bed with sides. 

The simple five steps of creating a square-shaped dog bed with sides- 

1. Make an appropriate circular shape: 

Cut the upper fabric to 25 inches square like the length of a cushion pad. It should overlap with the cushion pad 

2. Placing the zips: 

Place the zips on the right sides and take the square-shaped sheets to sew the zipper in. 

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3. Repeating step number two: 

To make the sides repeat step number 2 four times to make four sides. 

4. Sew all the sides: 

After you sew the sides, attach the four parts with the main fabric and sew it with zippers at four corners. 

5. Inserting the pillow pad and unzip the sides: 

Then insert the pillow pad into the bed, and your square-shaped dog bed with sides is ready to use.

Do dogs like beds with sides?

Yes, most dogs like a bed with sides. There are varieties of dog beds that are sure to comfort your little puppy. Having a dog bed with sides makes them feel that they have additional support and feel they have their couch.

In contrast to your thoughts, your dog might feel comfortable on a bed with sides. 

What is the best material for a dog bed?

To determine the best material for your dog’s bed, you should understand if your dog is comfortable with the material. While various fabric types are available in the market, the best materials are Polyester, faux fur, Microfibre, etc.

The benefits of buying the best material for your dog’s bed:

Dog beds made of Faux Fur: 

Your dog will feel like they’re in their home or will be cuddled up in their little bed cover made of faux fur. The faux fur will give your dog the coziest vibe ever. You can also take sides with a dog made of faux fur. 

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Dog beds made of Microfibre: 

Microfiber is very easy to wash and is usually available in the market. The microfiber allows your dog to stay comfortable without overheating during the night. 

Dog beds made of Polyester: 

Polyester is an eco-friendly fiber that might provide you, high sustainability guarantee. Most dog beds made of polyester fiber provide a comfy vibe, enough to make your dog feel like a home on a small couch. 

Dog beds made of Vinyl: 

Another alternative to using dog beds outdoors is Vinyl. It dries quickly and has long durability. It has a mesh design to allow water drainage in its central part. 

A dog bed with sides gives an edge to provide comfort to dogs. In most cases, if you travel with your pets, you can carry your dog’s bed in your car, which will be comfortable for your dog to sleep in or to rest outdoors. As always in doubt, remember to reach out to us whenever it is convenient for you.

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