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Do Cats Like Dog Beds? (Explained)

If you have ever owned a cat and a dog in your house, you must be familiar with the sight of your cat comfortably occupying the dog’s bed, all the while the dog looks on helplessly. 

The internet is full of such pictures. Although funny, it can certainly be unfair to your dog. Ever wondered why cats like dog beds so much?  

Do cats like dog beds?

Cats like comfortable and cozy spots to rest, not just dog beds. It does not matter whether the cozy bed belongs to you or your dog or even to other cats in the house. Sometimes a cat might be fond of the dog bed; other times, they just want to show the dogs who the real boss is.

A lot of households have both a cat and a dog as pets. Likewise, they have beds for their cats and separate dog beds. However, it is often seen that the cats occupy the dog beds leaving the dogs to sleep on the couch. 

Why do cats like dog beds?

They find dog beds comfortable:

Cats love comfort and warmth. They are experts when it comes to finding spots in your house that are cozy for themselves. 

Whether it’s your bed, or a kid’s, a cat might start to sleep on it if it finds the bed soft and warm enough. When it comes to dog beds, the case is no different. 

Dog beds are usually small and homey. When the dog gets up from it, they leave the bed quite warm as well. One of the reasons that cats might particularly like dog beds is because of this warmth and size. 

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Cats show the dogs that they are the boss:

While dogs are more obedient and unresisting, cats tend to represent themselves as the chief, especially when they are living in the house with another pet dog. 

You might have gotten a newer, more comfortable bed for your dog; your cat will still want to occupy the old dog bed. This time the reason could be to show authority over the other pet. 

Although it is said that cats don’t have a sense of belonging, in this case, they act up and show who that bed belongs to. Few times, cats leave their beds and kick the dog out of their own territory. 

Cats can be playful and teasing as well. They can sit on the dog bed while the dog helplessly waits. You can call this the cat’s ‘just for fun’ activity, and they usually tease the puppy in the house this way. 

Your cat and dog are friends:

Although the sight of a cat stealing away a dog’s bed is pretty common; it is not always about the cat bossing around. 

In many houses where cats and dogs are pet together, and for a while, the animals become like siblings. Cats and dogs may have disagreements, but many a time, they can be best friends too. 

If a cat and dog get along with one another, the cat often loves to share the dog bed with its pal. Moreover, some cats like to sleep on the dog bed because of the lingering scent of their pet friend. 

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Everything belongs to cats:

Funnily, cats have a natural tendency to assume that anything they see around them, or anything they like, belongs to them. It includes dog beds too. 

It does not matter if it is your laptop or your favorite sweater; if your cat likes it, they own it anyway. When it comes to dog beds, the story is no different. 

Besides, cats are naturally determined animals. In any situation, if they set the will to obtain something, they will have it by hook or crook.

As we said earlier, cats don’t understand if a piece of clothing or a bed belongs to your dog or any other humans. Yet, they are known to be obstinate and steadfast when it comes to taking what they want. The dog bed, in this circumstance. 

So, if a cat has set its eyes on a dog bed, neither the owner nor the dog would have much to do but give up. For the peace of the household and to avoid pet fights! 

Cats like trying out different spots:

When it comes to getting a good nap or proper rest, cats are serious. They are always on the hunt for a comfortable place. 

When your cat observes you sleeping in your bed cozily, they want to try it out. Similarly, whether it’s a couch or a dog bed, cats choose to move around to explore other pleasant spaces to rest. 

Sometimes, cats don’t even care if the dog is sleeping or resting on their own bed. The cat would climb on the dog bed, move and push around until the dog is too annoyed to stay. 

Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows how cats love to leave their soft beds just to occupy yours. It is just a cat thing! 

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Can a cat use a dog bed?

Yes, a cat can use a dog bed without any issues. In fact, cats love using dog beds. In some cases, cats leave their own beds and occupy the dog’s space. 

Although most dogs are unresisting when it comes to cats taking over their beds, few don’t give in without a fight. In a scenario like this, when your dog is not ready to share a bed, it’s best to keep the cat from using the dog bed.

Pet owners who own both the animals often buy two dog beds. One for the dog, of course, and another for their cat. We suggest that is a good idea to avoid pet fights in the house. 

Can my cat and dog share a bed?

If your cat and dog are friends and get along just fine, of course, they can share a bed. Make sure the dog bed is comfortable and large enough for both. 

Before you let your cat and dog share a sleeping space, you must keep some factors in mind. First, if your dog is older and needs proper rest each day, it is best if the pets sleep in separate beds. 

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Another concern would be if your dog or cat has a special condition. Normally, cats are more flexible and can sleep at any place they find comfortable. It’s not the same for dogs.

If your dog has allergy issues or joint issues, you may have to keep the cat away from the dog bed. Beds made for dogs with conditions vary in material and construction. 

Likewise, if your cat has any bodily or allergic problems, you should have separate beds for each. 

How do I keep the cat off the dog bed?

Although it probably melts your heart to see your cat and dog cuddling up in the same dog bed, we understand why keeping the cat away could be necessary.

Old dogs need more rest and could have problems like joint pain. Few dogs have allergy issues and need special fabric beds. Moreover, your dog might just not be fond of sharing their bed space. 

Whatever the reason, you could practice a few techniques to keep your cat away from the dog bed. Here are a few:

Get your cat another dog bed

If your cat is determined to sleep on a dog bed, it might just move away and shift to the new one. Make sure it is as satisfactory and spacious as the old one. 

Spray citrus scent or mild cat repellent

If your dog is ill or old, your dog must get proper relaxation. Only in such cases it is proposed that you may spray some cat repelling scents. 

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Cater to the cat’s wants

Cats are fond of somewhat higher spots. To distract your cat, you could buy or design a space in your house that is more raised than the others. This could work as a great incentive for the cat to stay away from the dog bed. 

Distract your cat

Buy different cat toys. Whenever it’s time for your dog to rest, get the toys out and distract the cat from sight. 

Say no to your cat

Always teach your cats what it can do and what it shouldn’t. Cats understand when you constantly tell them not to do something. Teach them the meaning of “NO”. 

Why do dogs get kicked out of their beds by cats?

Dogs by nature are more patient and giving animals. Cats, on the other hand, are obstinate and tend to be persistent in what they want. Dogs also carry out instructions better, while cats do as they please.

For the way cats and dogs naturally are, dogs give in when cats try to take over their bed. Few dogs resist, but most retreat for the harmony of the house. 

Cats like to sleep on dog beds. Sometimes they even push around long enough until the dog gets uncomfortable and leaves its space. At times cats just look for a snugger spot. Sometimes, they want to claim the dog bed to prove they simply can. 

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