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Do Dry Cleaners Clean Dog Beds? (Explained)

If you are stressed about your dog who no longer wants to sleep in its bed because of the foul smell as you cannot make enough time to wash it timely, now is the time to say goodbyes to your worries.

Nowadays, you can easily find dry cleaners who use pet-friendly detergent solvents to clean dog beds, and they will wash it within 24-48 hours for you. So if your dog isn’t comfortable on its bed, SIMPLY CHOOSE A DRY CLEANING SERVICE.

Do dry cleaners clean dog beds?

Yes, the dry cleaners offer the service of dry cleaning a dog’s bed. Dry cleaning depends on the amount of dirt or pathogen on a dog’s bed. Dry cleaners mostly use a pet-safe detergent to prevent harming a dog’s skin, as different dogs have a variety of allergies towards the solvent or detergent.

Undoubtedly, your dog’s bed will get dirty with time. Given the benefit of the doubt, you should consider dry washing your dog’s bed as it is safe for your dog’s skin. Though there are no quick ways to clean your dog’s bed, dry cleaning might have various alternatives.

If your dog’s bed is too big to fit in a dry cleaning machine, you can wash it in your bathroom in a tub. Make sure you use an eco-friendly detergent.

Can you dry clean dog beds?

You can dry clean your dog’s bed. However, dry cleaning at home isn’t quite the exact thing as dropping your clothes off at the cleaner. Usually, the components for dry cleaning are fabrics like wool, silk, rayon, etc.

Once you understand the type of bed material you are using, you shouldn’t feel hesitant to dry clean your dog’s bed.

You should make sure that you use an eco-friendly dry cleaning solvent while putting your dog’s bed to make sure it doesn’t harm your pet in any way. 

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How to dry clean a dog bed?

It would help if you regularly cleaned your dog’s bed so that your dog can lead a happy and cheerful life like yours. To dry clean your dog’s bed at first shake the bed very well to remove the dirt or debris on it.

Check for any stains or spots on the dog beds and soak it in hot water to eliminate the stubborn spotty areas. After getting rid of the marks, please put it in a dry cleaning washing machine and put a safe pet-friendly-solvent over the dog’s bed. Lastly, dry it with the help of sunlight and use a spray to spread good fragrance.

Please consider reading the tags and instructions before dry cleaning your dog’s bed. Your dog might be intolerant to some solvent, and in that case, dry cleaning isn’t a safe option. Nevertheless, dry cleaning would help you completely get rid of dirt or the pathogens on it.

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Is it safe to dry clean a dog bed?

Yes, it’s safe to dry clean a dog bed if a pet-safe laundry detergent is used regularly. It’s a good practice to dry clean your dog’s bed at least once or twice a week. However, you should also check how much your pet sheds, the amount of time they spend sleeping on their beds and if they have any allergies.

Drying cleaning a dog’s bed also depends on the fabric material the bed  is made of. Thus you should always follow the instructions given in the washing machine or on the cloth to create a problematic situation for your pet.

You should also check the amount of solvent you are using to dry wash your dog’s bed so that it wipes off the pathogens from your dog’s bed.

However, if your dog bed is too big for dry washing, wash it in a giant bathtub with water and the solvent, and your work is done.

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Where can you dry clean dog beds?

You can quickly dry clean dog beds in your home. Drying cleaning dog beds is pretty simple if you have a dry washing machine in your home. Otherwise, you can always get a dry cleaning service or hire someone who can dry clean your dog’s bed for you.

What are the alternatives to dry cleaning for the dog bed?

You might have to think a lot about cleaning your dog’s bed if you cannot merely afford dry cleaning service. But don’t worry. The alternatives to dry cleaning for a dog bed are quite simple and easily affordable.

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Using apple cider or white vinegar :

The most affordable and cheapest solution you can ever found would be a bottle of either apple cider or white vinegar. It’s always available in your home, and you don’t have to rush to your nearest department store in the middle of a night if your dog poops on its bed.

Moreover, scientifically it’s proven as the best detergent against cleaning the pathogens.

Baking Soda :

You might find it difficult to wash a stinky dog bed. In that case, Baking soda would work in the best possible way as it has an odor-absorbing capacity. The good thing is it’s also available at your home for cooking purposes.

As a dry cleaning agent, it absorbs every type of bad smell. You can take a pinch of baking soda and spread it all over on your dog’s bed to get a nice fragrance. After getting mixed with water, it would become a very thick paste to wash away the dirt.

In order to make a baking soda solution, pour some warm water into a container, take a pinch of baking soda and a bit of kitchen salt. After you have made the paste, put this paste on a sponge and clean the bed cover’s mattress. After you have washed it well,  soak it in warm water to get rid of the pathogens.

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Lemon Juice is a great solution too :

You might dislike the smell of vinegar. In that case, use lemon juice, which serves as an active cleaning agent. Lemon juice contains enzymes that work against organic matters like oil, fat, grease and lipid, etc.

Lemon Juice is an excellent solution as it works against a stain or dirt in a dog’s bed.You’ll need an empty spray bottle, hot water, baking soda, and lemon juice to take advantage of lemon juice’s effectiveness. Baking soda is an alternative in this case too. 

However, if you add it, it can increase the total performance of this all-activity cleaner. Use two tablespoons of baking soda solution, measure three cups of hot boiling water, and then pour two spoons of lemon juice.

Taking some hot water into a container, start adding baking soda, and vibrate it with your hands so that it gets mixed with the solution. Finally, add lemon juice, spread it on the bed cover or foam, and wipe it off with a used clean cloth.

Many washing detergents are now available at pet stores. These detergents bear fragrance and optical brighteners to clean the dog bed. If you want to try a detergent, go for one detergent that doesn’t use any toxic compounds.

Eco-friendly detergents are highly recommended in this case. These detergents are powerful enough to take out all the germs and microorganisms, ensuring that the bed appears absolutely new. 

A piece of advice would be to read the instructions and its ingredients. Figure out whether the detergent is safe for your dog as some dogs might have high allergies to certain substances.

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How often should I wash my dog’s bed?

The best solution is to  always consider washing your dog’s bed once or twice a week. If it has been a long time since you cleaned your own dog’s mattress, consider getting a dry cleaning service or in a washing machine. Your little pup mightn’t want to sleep on a dirty couch.

You can also make a chart or even a routine to monitor the monthly routine of dry washing for your dog. The accurate frequency is dependent on your dog’s habit.

How much he plays outside when brings dirt to its bed and how much he sheds on its bed determines how frequently you should often wash your dog’s bed.

Generally, you can remove the cover from your dog’s bed and wash it every few weeks to decontaminate your dog’s bed and keep it clean.

We know your dog is your special little pup, and you dislike the idea of your puppy getting sick because of a dirty bed. In that case, you need to be careful while giving it a dry clean. Dry cleaning with safe pet-friendly detergents is mostly preferable for most dogs. Yet, a bit of carefulness won’t hurt anyone!

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