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Does Cockapoo Hair Stop Growing? (Complete Guide)

After a specific period, every dog gets their adult coat and its coat stops growing. But Cockapoos have variations in their coats such as tight curls, wavy/ringlet, and long straight coats.

Therefore, normally it would make any Cockapoo owner think about the growth of the Cockapoo’s coat. And at this point, if you are a Cockapoo owner, you can be hit with a question that whether or not Cockapoo hair stops growing.

So in such a case, let’s not make any delay and find out the actual answers.

Does Cockapoo Hair Stop Growing?

Cockapoo’s hair does stop growing after maturing into a full-length adult coat about 15 cm. Cockapoos start shedding their puppy coats and change into adult coats as soon as they have passed 8 months. So this also means, any standard-sized Cockapoo will stop hair growth after becoming 8 months old.

Does Cockapoo Fur Keep Growing?

Cockapoo’s fur does not keep growing. Like every other dog breeds Cockapoos regardless of size grow fur until a certain age and length, and their fur stops growing after hitting that age and fur length.

In the case of Cockapoos, the certain age when they stop growing fur is the age after 8 months old. By that time they complete shedding puppy fur and grow adult coats.

Also, after this specific period, their adult coat reaches its highest length which is 15 cm, therefore, as soon as they develop a full-length coat, their fur stops growing.

Do Cockapoos’ Hair Grow Fast?

Cockapoos’ hair grows fast. You can expect any Cockapoo to grow its puppy hair in full length by 7-8 months of their age and grow puppy hair anytime after they reach 8 months old. And by 12 months old Cockapoos’ achieve their adult coat in full length.

Also, according to Cockapoo owners, Cockapoos grow hair back in just 3 weeks after getting a haircut/trimmed and within 6-8 weeks they grow hair back after being shaved.

So apparently the duration of Cockapoos’ to grow their hair is much faster than other breeds of dogs and that clearly says that Cockapoos’ hair really grows fast.

How Quickly Does Cockapoo Hair Grow?

Cockapoos grow their trimmed/cut hair back into a normal length just within 3 weeks after getting a haircut/trimming. And by weeks their hair return to its full length, therefore, they require to have a haircut in every 8 weeks.

Also, they grow their shaved hair back only within 6-8 weeks of span. By this time period, you see a Cockapoo getting a fairly normal-length coat.

Besides, know that Cockapoos hair grows rapidly, so puppies grow their puppy coat fully by 7-8 months old. And adult coat fully gets grown by their 1st birthday.

When Should You Cut A Cockapoo’s Hair?

You should give your Cockapoo his first haircut when he will reach the age between 6-8 months. During that time, your Cockapoo will require a simple hygiene body, face, ear, and paw haircut.

You can either take him to a professional and groom him or else you can buy the grooming/trimming/clipping tools and give your Cockapoo his first haircut by yourself.

It will also make your Cockapoo encounter the grooming process.

How Often Should You Cut A Cockapoo’s Hair?

Once a Cockapoo has grown its adult coat, you must cut its hair every three months. You can either choose to just trim his hair by yourself at home or it would be better if you take him to a professional groomer for a full body wash and haircut.

Both are fine as long as you are making sure that the Cockapoo’s hair is matt and tangle-free.

Since Cockapoos can have wavy, tight curls, or straight hair, therefore, the chances of getting matts or tangles are high. So you should chop off a Cockapoo’s hair in such a short period every time.

How To Cut A Cockapoo’s Hair?

It must be a little costly to take them to a grommet every time for a haircut. Therefore, to help you in giving your Cockapoo a perfect haircut in your home, a step-by-step guide has been provided below. 


Start with brushing your Cockapoo’s hair. First, use your fingers and run thoroughly and gently to remove trapped hairs in his coat. Then apply a detangling spray on his hair and brush gently with a detangling spray.


The next step is bathing your Cockapoo. To bathe a Cockapoo, always use lukewarm water and dog shampoo. Choose your groomer or vet recommended dog shampoo.

Lather the shampoo gently and rinse off with lukewarm water.

Also, never use human shampoo to bathe your Cockapoo because human shampoo contains some elements that are harmful to the dog skin.

Drying And Brushing:

Now use a dry towel to soak water from your Cockapoo’s hair and then use a hairdryer to air dry your Cockapoo’s hair fully. After that brush again your Cockapoo with grooming and a steel brush to remove any matt and tangles.


To give your Cockapoo a nice haircut, make him stand on an elevated surface and keep him calm using lots of dog treats or by attaching to a puppy leash.

Then choose your preferred haircut. You can choose a teddy bear cut to make him look cute, or a lamb cut for easy maintenance, or summer cut during summertime.

Use the right hair cutting tools and cut his body hair up to 2-3 inches and start hair cutting from front to back and the legs and paws.

Cut the hair around his eyes, nose, ears, and tail very carefully because these areas are really sensitive.

Brush Off Again:

Lastly, brush your Cockapoo’s hair once again to remove any residue hair from his body.

How Do You Clip A Cockapoo Face?

Here is the step-by-step guide to guide you in clipping a Cockapoo’s face at home maintaining safety.

Brush And Clean Face:

First, you have to brush your Cockapoo’s facial hair and then wipe his face with a damp cloth or facial wipes for dogs. If there is any stain around the eye area, clean it too.

Start With Head:

Now start clipping the crown area of the Cockapoo’s head. Take small sections of hair and pull it with your two fingers to prevent exceeding the cutting line. Then make small snips at a 45° angle and cut the crown part in a medium length.

Trim Eye Area:

After clipping the head area, come to the Cockapoo’s eye area and very carefully trim to prevent any poke to his eyes. Use your free hand and get a tight grip over the hair under his chin area to keep his head still.

Then cut the hairs using the middle part of the scissors keeping the blade upwards. Cut the hair in the eye area short.

Trim Nose Area:

Lastly, trim the hair around the Cockapoo’s nose area and muzzle. First, brush the hair around his nose and cut the hair in a straight line matching with the jaw level. Then pull the hair and snip the long hairs away making a curve.

And then slowly move to his nose and cut the hair shorter.

Will My Cockapoo’s Hair Grow Back?

Your Cockapoo’s hair will surely come back if you have shaved him fully. But the newly grown hair will look much different than the hair he had before shaving.

However, some Cockapoos can take a little longer than normal to grow hair back. You shouldn’t worry about it because ultimately your Cockapoo will surely develop his adult hair back.

Also, do remember that after shaving a Cockapoo fully, some Cockapoo can grow even curlier hair than before.

How Long For Cockapoo Hair To Grow Back?

Generally, any Cockapoo will take approximately 6 to 8 weeks to grow its hair back after being fully shaved.

However, it’s not a definite time period for every Cockapoo you see. In some cases, Cockapoos can take a longer period to grow hair after being shaved. It depends on a Cockapoo’s hair growth.

And if you have only trimmed a Cockapoo’s hair, then the hair will grow back to its normal length anytime soon between 3 weeks.

Do Cockapoos Get Curlier As They Get Older?

Cockapoos will not get curlier as they get older unless the Cockapoo you have adopted is an offspring of the F1B generation where the breeder has bred a Cockapoo with a Poodle.

When the Cockapoo is an F1B litter born of a Cockapoo and a Poodle parent, it has bigger chances to gain Poodle genes (about 75%), so the Cockapoo will get a curly coat as soon as he will start developing an adult coat.

Otherwise, the Cockapoos will not get curlier as they age.

Should You Trim Cockapoo Eyelashes?

You should trim Cockapoo’s eyelashes so that those long lashes can’t bother a Cockapoo to see things. Besides, there are no practical reasons to keep the eyelashes long, so it’s always better to trim their eyelashes in short.

But if the eyelashes are not creating a disturbance for the Cockapoo, keep them long to protect the eyes well.

What Is The Best Cut For A Cockapoo?

There are several haircuts for Cockapoos to look adorable and attractive. Here a list of the most famous Cockapoo haircuts has been included for your convenience.

  • Cockapoo Teddy Bear Cut
  • Cockapoo Summer Cut
  • Cockapoo Puppy Cut
  • Cockapoo Lamb Cut
  • Cockapoo Cocker Spaniel Cut

As soon as your Cockapoo will mature into his new adult coat to full length, he will stop growing hair. So wait until he grows his adult coat after 8 months old to see his hair stop growing.

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