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How Do Cockapoos Show Affection? (Explained for Owners!)

Cockapoos are one of the oldest designer breeds of companion dogs that are incredibly affectionate towards their masters. And knowing such characteristics of Cockapoos, many of you who prefer an affectionate dog best friend would want to adopt one.

However, before adding an adorable Cockapoo to your life, naturally, you would be intrigued to know the ways Cockapoos show affection.

So let’s have a detailed insight into this topic.

How Do Cockapoos Show Affection?

Cockapoos love cuddling with their owners, lean bodies on their masters, directly gaze into their owner’s eyes, licks them, follow their masters, greet their owners excitedly and with a happy face, and try to comfort their owners. All of these are Cockapoos’ lovely ways to illustrate affection.

Are Cockapoos Affectionate?

Cockapoos are exceptionally affectionate dogs that are people-oriented and easily shower their unconditional love over everyone they meet including other pets and people.

Cockapoos are miniature-sized dogs with an utterly heart-melting adorable face that would never let anyone feel lonely. And exactly for their lovely, easy-going, and affectionate nature, they have been recognized as one of the best companion dogs.

Besides, Cockapoos are a crossbreed of the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodles. Therefore, they have genetically inherited the loving, sweet, and affectionate temperament from their Cocker Spaniel parents that are widely known as highly adoring dogs.

5 Ways Your Cockapoo Show Affection

Cockapoos, the super friendly, happy, and outgoing companion dogs have their own sweet gestures to express affection to their owners and other people.

And to give you an insight into their affectionate gestures, among all the ways the 5 best common ways have been articulated here.

Happy Facial Expression:

Cockapoos already have a very sweet happy face and the happiness on their faces seems double when they show affection to their owners or favorite persons.

You will notice your Cockapoo lift up the upper part of the mouth and show teeth to you with a happy facial expression. He would even raise one eyebrow while moving the left ear behind.

By giving you all these exceptionally adorable facial expressions, your Cockapoo will show you affection.


Cockapoos are really snuggly babies because they are people-oriented and love spending time with their favorite humans or masters while cuddling on bed/couch.

So, when you notice your Cockapoo wanting to snuggle with you on the bed or while you are sitting on the couch, simply know that he is showing affection to you.

Also, if he sleeps, placing the head on your lap, also means he loves you and showing fondness.

Gazing Into The Eyes:

Cockapoos directly and affectionately gaze into the eyes to make eye contact with their masters to show appreciation and admiration.

Therefore, if you see your Cockapoo looking at you comfortably with eyes full of love, just be sure you are loved and your Cockapoo is showing affection.

Wags Tail:

A wagging tail is another means for Cockapoos to show affection to their owners and loved ones. When Cockapoos are genuinely satisfied and admire their owners they wagtails excitedly to express that they love their masters.

So when you see your Cockapoo wagtail looking at you excitedly, this means he is embodying affection.

Greets Excitedly:

Cockapoos have a familiar way to demonstrate fondness and that is greeting their owners excitedly every time they see them after a long while or after coming back home from outside.

If your Cockapoo becomes really joyful to see you when you come back home and greets you enthusiastically, it means he is exhibiting affection towards you.

Why Does My Cockapoo Lick Me So Much?

Licking is often considered an indication of affection that is identical to kissing. So if your Cockapoo licks you so much this simply means that they are showing unconditional affection to you.

It also can mean that your Cockapoo is trying to grab your attention on him.

Besides, the human skin is slightly salty and dogs love that salty taste, so this can be another reason that can make your Cockapoo lick you so much.

Moreover, if your Cockapoo is licking you too much this can be an indication of wanting meals or treats.

Why Are Cockapoos So Affectionate?

You must have thought of the factors/reasons that make them so affectionate. To break down the main aspects, 4 reasons have been deciphered below for your understanding.


Every dog’s temperament manifests its parent dog breed’s temperament. And Cockapoos are no exception. 

Cockapoos are designer mixed-breed dogs, so 50% of their genes are from the Cocker Spaniels that are greatly known for their super amicable temperament. So, genetically they are born as affectionate dogs. 

Cockapoos’ genes for being loving dogs are one of the main reasons behind their friendly personality.


Cockapoos are people-oriented dogs that can not bear separation from their owners and other family members for a long time. They always expect someone to stay with them, pet them, give them attention. 

Therefore, such people-oriented nature has naturally turned them into affectionate dogs.

Moreover, Cockapoos cherish and enjoy cuddling, spending time, and making a strong bond with their owners or favorite person. And this spur fondness in them more and makes them even more loving.

Companion Dogs:

Cockapoos are bred as companion dogs that can be a person’s best doggo friend, can ease him, and give him unlimited love and admiration for being companion dogs. Cockapoos are so affectionate.

Having warmth in companion dogs is a must-have quality so that they can fulfill the purpose of giving company and comfort to people.


Cockapoos are fiercely loyal, and their loyalty builds up an incredibly strong and affectionate relationship between them and their families and owners. Therefore, they are extremely devoted to them.

Besides, when a dog is fond of people and their company, he automatically gets closer to them and becomes loyal to the bottom which makes feelings arise more in him. This happens with Cockapoos too, so they become sincere and adoring as well.

Do Cockapoos Like To Cuddle?

Cockapoos love to cuddle, especially with those people with whom they are most attached and love. Except for them, even with other people outside of the family, Cockapoos are very friendly and enjoy some snuggling time when they feel comfy with them.

Cockapoos are friendly dogs that were used to be human’s friends, so naturally, they are born as super lovable dogs that shower love and demand love.

Therefore, if they get a bit of attention and love from humans, they use every bit of it to snuggle and get affection.

How Often Should You Cuddle Your Cockapoo?

There is no certain timetable for cuddling your Cockapoo. If you have set boundaries by making your Cockapoo realize that at what situation/time it’s appropriate for him to ask for cuddling, you can cuddle and give tons of love to Cockapoo at the acceptable time during a day.

In a day, you can fix specific times when it’s suitable for you and then allow your Cockapoo to cuddle with you on particular furniture. So that he gets to understand he will not get smuggling time whenever he wants.

How Do I Know If My Cockapoo Is Happy?

Here are a few apparent indications that indicate that your Cockapoo is happy.

  • Wagging tail
  • Direct eye contact
  • Happy facial expression
  • Head held high
  • Joyful walks
  • Cuddles
  • Floppy or relaxed ear position
  • Brings his toys

Do Cockapoos Love Their Owners?

Cockapoos extremely love their owners. Their admiration, attachment, and fondness towards their owners is just pure. Cockapoos accept their owners quickly, listen to their commands, and crave their owner’s compassion and appreciation.

Despite being four-legged small furballs, Cockapoos are fiercely loyal to their owners and try their best to protect them. And, these are also an indication of their love towards their owners.

If you give a Cockapoo the love and appreciation he wants, he will love you till the end.

Do Cockapoos Get Attached To One Person?

It’s natural for every Cockapoo to get attached the most to one specific person in the family instead of getting connected to all of the family members.

It happens because Cockapoos are assistance dogs that build a strong bond and partnership with a person who loves and wants them the most.

So, when a Cockapoo is brought into the family, he shows utter commitment and affection to one specific person who builds a spectacular bond with him and needs him most.

Do Cockapoos Need A Lot Of Attention?

Cockapoos undoubtedly need a lot of attention. In fact, they are one of the breeds of dogs that barely can tolerate separation from their owners or family members. So all the time, Cockapoos thrive to get love and attention.

They enjoy human company, cuddles, and getting pet by them. Sometimes, they even do funny acts to draw the attention of their humans towards them.

How Do You Bond With A Cockapoo?

You can bond with a Cockapoo in 5 ways and those are mentioned below.

  • Give him rewards for his good manners
  • Regularly spend some quality time with him
  • Personally groom him
  • Play with him
  • Snuggle and pet him

Do Cockapoos Like Being Picked Up?

Cockapoos love being picked up. They really prefer staying close to their owners because they are people-oriented and suffer from separation anxiety when they are not around their owners.

Also, their sweet and loving temperament just makes them enjoy the warmth and compassion while being carried in arms.

Cockapoos just have the most charming and loveable methods of expressing affection. So you got to convey your love to them to get their immense affection in return.

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