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Will My Cockapoo Puppy Go Curly? (Explained)

Dogs are a man’s greatest companion and if you are thinking of getting one then you should be fully researched about the breed. It is to help you take better care of them. If you are thinking about getting a cockapoo then you might be wondering if their fur can go curly.

For some, it might be a desirable feature and thus it is helpful if you get to know more about the nature of their fur. 

Will my cockapoo puppy go curly?

It is not a given for your cockapoo to go curly. A general trend is for their wavy fur tends to go curlier as they grow older. However, It depends fully on their specific pool of genes and thus you will not be quite sure until they are at least 26 weeks and their mature hair starts coating them. 

Do cockapoos get curlier?

If your cockapoo carries a dominant curly gene then its coat will be curly. However, that is very hard to tell and you will not know until their adult coat grows in.

The F1b breed has a high chance of being curly as in their breed there are more chances of the curly gene to show up as a dominant characteristic.

On the other hand, cocker spaniels are more likely to have a straight coat because their curly gene shows up as recessive. An experienced breeder will be able to tell from the adult fur coat of a six-month-old cockapoo if there are chances of their fur being curly. 

Do all cockapoos have curly coats?

No, all cockapoos do not have curly coats. There are three possible kinds of coats and thus they can have a wavy or a straight coat too.

The chances depend completely on their breed. An F1 American cocker spaniel x miniature poodle has a high chance of having a tight curly coat as their curly gene is dominant. 

However, with that being said if two of their recessive genes show up instead of one dominant curly gene then even the F1b will not end up having a curly coat.

Similarly, for their other breeds if two of the recessive curly genes show up then even a breed that is likely to have a straight coat will end up having a curly coat. 

Three reasons why cockapoo get curlier:

There is not much guarantee as to how the offspring’s coat will turn out to be until their adult fur starts coating them. It is then when an experienced breeder will be able to tell the chances of the coat getting curlier. 


The curly coat on a cockapoo is fully dependent on a mutated gene known as KRT71. This alongside a few other genes working together is in charge of the coat length as well. It depends on if the curl genes are dominant or recessive.

If it is dominant then it means that only one copy of it is required for the hair curl to show up. That being said, if the gene is recessive then even then there is a 25 percent chance of the hair curls showing if two of the recessive gene’s copy is present.

There is no proper guarantee before birth and until the puppy is of age for its adult coat to develop.  


If your cockapoo is bred between an American cocker spaniel and a miniature poodle then there are high chances of the coat being curly.

These tight curls appear because there are more of the poodle gene in this specific gene pool. The poodle gene is about 75 percent here.

If you look more into its history then you will know these curls are because the poodles were originally bred for waterwork. Their thick curls are used to help their skin stay protected from all the waterwork.  

Improper maintenance:

If you are not properly maintaining your cockapoo’s coat then their coat will overgrow. Not giving it regular grooming and washing means will result in their coat starting to look overgrown and shaggy.

If your cockapoo’s coat is on the wavy side then this shagginess might give a false impression that your cockapoo’s coat is getting curlier. 

At what age do cockapoos go curly?

When a cockapoo is young there is no way for you to tell its coat type. When they are of two months an experienced breeder can advise as to what they think the coat type will be but they are all speculations.

However, as they are six months old you will be able to tell their coat type as their adult coat starts developing. When their coat thickens you will be able to see signs of their curly coat. Even if they have wavy patches then as they grow older the coat will get curlier. 

How to tell if a cockapoo puppy will be curly?

When it comes to predicting if your cockapoo will be curly, your best bet is to look for an experienced breeder. From two months of age, they have the experience to tell the chances of your cockapoo coat being curly.

However, do keep in mind that these are all predictions and there is no solid guarantee until your cockapoo puppy is at least 6 months old.

Once your puppy is of age and its adult coat starts developing, there are more indications of its coat type. If your puppy has patches where the fur type is much coarser and curlier than the rest then this is an indication that their cockapoo will be curly.

If your cockapoo starts showing a wavy coat then that might also be an indication that as they grow older their coat might start getting curlier. An experienced breeder will be the best at being able to tell more about the coat type. 

Why isn’t my cockapoo curly?

Since they are crossbreeds, they tend to have variations in their appearance and not all cockapoo puppies will necessarily end up being curly.  

Percentage of trait:

They have both cocker spaniel as well as poodle traits and it solely depends on which traits your cockapoo is leaning towards. If they are leaning more towards the cocker spaniel traits then chances are they will end up inheriting a much straighter coat. 


Even if both the parents have a curly coat then bear in mind that your cockapoo will still have some chances of showing a straighter coat.

If both the parents carry the straight coat genes in their system then even if the gene is recessive, there is still a 25 percent chance of the offspring having a straight coat.

This is because there is a 25 percent chance that two of the straight coat recessive genes may show up in the offspring.  

Breeding back to a cocker:

If your cockapoo is bred back to a cocker spaniel then it may end up having a straighter coat. The F1 working cocker spaniel bred with a miniature tend to have a straight coat.

The F1 English show cocker spaniel bred with a miniature poodle tends to have a loose wavy coat.

This is because the gene pool is focused more on the cocker spaniel and thus the straight coat shows up more. The flat coat is similar to a cocker spaniel and is very low maintenance with minimal shedding. 

How to make a cockapoo curly?

There is no way you can make your cockapoo curly if it already has a straight coat. However, if you are thinking of getting one then there are ways you can ensure that there are higher chances of your cockapoo puppy inheriting a curly coat. 

How to determine/choose a curly cockapoo?

You can determine by the ways below. Let’s dig into them to know more. 

DNA Testing:

if you have the budget and resources available then you can opt for canine DNA testing. This will allow you to determine whether a certain puppy carries the dominant gene that is responsible for their hair to curl.

This is the only way you can truly guarantee to have a curly-coated cockapoo puppy.  

Professional breeders:

You can also seek help from professional breeders and increase your chances of having a curly-haired cockapoo.

However, do keep in mind that even consistent breeding lines may not end up being accurate as it all comes down to speculations and especially if your puppy is very young.

There are better chances of it being accurate if your puppy starts to show an adult coat as there are clearer indications.  

Breeding back to a poodle:

If you want to increase the likeliness of having a curly-haired puppy your best chances are an F1b breed using the poodle.

The gene pool consistency is higher matched to a poodle so your chances of a curly-haired puppy increases, but there is no guarantee. The recessive non-curly gene may show up too. 

Do cockapoo puppies’ coats change?

All cockapoos start with a straight coat. After eight months of age, your puppy’s coat will change.

As the adult coat starts to show your puppy might end up showing its true genes and having curly hair. If it is wavy then there are chances it might get curlier as your puppy grows older. 

How often should you get a cockapoo groomed?

It depends on the coat type but you should get them groomed regularly regardless. On a general basis, you should brush them four times weekly and give them a trim every three months.

However, if your puppy has a curlier coat then you should give more attention to grooming as they are quite high maintenance. Regular brushing and trimming are a must for them. 

To avoid any confusion, it is best if you can widen your budget and take help from an experienced breeder. This will ensure that you get the traits that you are looking for.

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