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Why Are Cockapoos So Aggressive? (All You Need to Know)

Cockapoos are loving, easy-going, and family favorites. They can be playful, excited, and loud-mouthed. Some people worry they are showing teeth too often.

Yet, some things make them become growly and aggressive dogs and you might want to know what those are.

Why are cockapoos so aggressive?

Cockapoos are not aggressive dogs by temperament but can be due to anxiety, frustration, or lack of socialization. When aggressive, they may pant heavily, whine, lunge, and lick their lips. Cockapoos might also move their eyes or tails more hastily with aggressive growls and snarls.

Are cockapoos aggressive dogs?

Cockapoos are one of the sweeter-natured dogs that get along with families quite easily. Unless something has triggered it, cockapoos are rather playful but loud nonetheless.

When a cockapoo lunges, growls, or barks with teeth out, it can mean many things but at the base of it, the aggressive behavior is kind of a warning. 

The cockapoo communicates with you to signal that they are under some stress, anxiety, or pain even if that is caused by a stranger’s presence.

Why is my cockapoo so aggressive?

If your usually playful and amicable cockapoo is behaving aggressively, you may have to look into the reason.

Your cockapoo feels anxious:

One of the underlying reasons for a cockapoo behaving aggressively is related to anxiety. This anxiety can be triggered by various factors.

Oftentimes, when a cockapoo has not been socialized enough, it will start growling and lunging at strangers or other new dogs in the street. Other times, cockapoos also behave in a hostile manner if they feel threatened.

One way to tell if the behavior is being triggered by anxiety is body movements. You can look out for slow movements, excessive barking, licking, and swallowing.

Your dog is suffering from pain:

It is not always feelings of anxiety that make a cockapoo become aggressive. Not all dogs are good at communicating what they want and how they feel.

When they are in pain or suffering from any kind of health issues, a cockapoo may start to behave in a destructive manner. The feeling of discomfort causes this but more than that, it is the frustration of not being able to convey it to their human friend.

If they snarl or growl when somebody tries to get close or if you touch them heavily, then you may have to take your dog to the vet for a checkup.

Your pet is being possessive:

If you notice your cockapoo is pacing and whining along with growls, you may have to assume that it is indeed their territorial side talking.

Cockapoo can be a loyal and protective breed which often leads to unnecessary aggressive behavior towards strangers.

They are also quite possessive and seeing you get close to other pets or humans can trigger them into guarding aggression. This is especially true for cockapoos that have a neglected past.

They are too excited in play:

If your cockapoo is playful and is often playing with other pets, you may have noticed how it becomes aggressive during the play sessions.

This has nothing to do with any pain or anxiety, rather over excitement. This, in fact, is one of the most common reasons for a cockapoo to behave in a violent way. 

Are cockapoos food aggressive?

Like many different breeds, cockapoos can also be food aggressive more often than not. Food aggression is normal, and the same can also be associated with toy possession. This is a result of evolution and can be quite common.

Food aggressiveness is a situation when a dog becomes snappy when any person approaches their bowl of food. They would snarl, show their teeth and make sure nobody gets their meal.

How to stop an aggressive cockapoo?

If your cockapoo suddenly starts to roll and howl most destructively, you may need to calm the pet and stop the cockapoo from behaving that way. Here is what you can do:

Keep your own cool:

First things first, you need to be as calm as possible as your cockapoo starts to bark and lung around.

If you scold or shout at your pet at the time, it is most likely that you will trigger the dog to become defensive and more aggressive. Remember to lower your voice as you try to comfort your dog, and hold your patience as you do so.

Read the body language:

You would only know what is causing your dog to portray aggressive shows if you know what is the reason behind such mannerism.

For that, you may have to be a responsible parent and look out for signs like an upright ear or tail. For example, if your dog is licking their own lips and swallowing, it may be a sign of stress. You need to comfort them in that case.

Prevention is better:

Let’s face it. Once a cockapoo gets aggressive, it won’t be the easiest task to calm it down. Hence, know your dog well and make sure nothing leads to triggering its aggression.

If it’s a toy, a new dog in the neighborhood, or a hunger span, you may have to be on the lookout to prevent the whines and rolls.

Distract favorite treats or toys:

This may become more harmful if they think you are rewarding their aggressive behavior.

If the behavior is too loud and aggressive, you can distract them temporarily just to have the situation in control.

Do cockapoos aggressive growl?

Cockapoos, when in their aggressive states, always growl along with other body movement signs. Added to the growling you will notice pacing and chasing up and down.

They would also show their teeth and in extreme cases, bite someone’s hand, but that would only be to protect themselves from possible danger.

You can identify aggressive growling in cockapoos with several ciphers. Two common behavioral changes that you may notice are the change in the position of their ears and tails held uprightly.

How do you discipline a cockapoo?

If you are a Cockapoo owner and want to discipline your pet, then the following tips are for you –

Rule of 7:

This is a rule to socialize and discipline your cockapoo where you take your pet to 7 places and make them meet 7 different places. In the meantime, also familiarize them with 7 different sounds and surroundings!

Anxiety is often caused when cockapoos see new people and new surroundings and socializing them takes away half the problem. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Doggy classes:

If your cockapoo is an adult and behaves aggressively quite often, you won’t have much time to discipline it through social moves.

Professional puppy classes where they would be taught to control their emotions in a learning environment would help rapidly. Consulting dog specialists can also help with the hostility.

Leash training:

Oftentimes cockapoos exhibit aggression when they are out on parks and walks. Take them out regularly on a leash and let them know that it is normal for others to be free around them.

The more familiar they become, the less vulnerable and threatened they would feel.

Are cockapoos aggressive with other dogs?

Like children, cockapoos are also friendly and easygoing with other dogs in the family.

 If, however, they are put on a leash and face other dogs in the streets, they may behave in a hostile way.

They love to play with other dogs without wanting to dominate or harm their friends.

Are cockapoos aggressive towards strangers?

Cockapoos are territorial dogs that may be slightly hostile towards strangers, especially if they have not been socialized at a younger age.

A common behavioral pattern in cockapoos is said to be violent behavior towards strangers when they are put on a leash. Because they are on a leash, it may make them feel vulnerable at the moment.

Are cockapoos good with children?

One of the reasons why cockapoos are so wanted as a family dog is their adjustment with children. The breed is excellent to have around children because of their sweet and friendly nature.

Children usually love to be around a cockapoo because of the cute looks and more importantly, the dog’s playful nature. Cockapoos are full of energy, excitement, and the ability to make children laugh. 

Are cockapoos good for families?

Cockapoos are excellent to have in a family full of children or pets. They are especially harmonious and desired as family dogs due to their sweet and loving nature.

Cockapoos love to spend time with their favorite humans while being a clown to entertain the family. The breed is easy going and loyal is also considered a plus for families.

Do Cockapoos have behavioral problems?

Cockapoos are friendly and adjustable dogs that do not possess behavioral problems. However, if they are neglected or do not receive proper social pieces of training, they might pick on aggressive behavior.

A lack of socialization has often led to more behavioral problems in many dogs. A cockapoo may become more possessive and irritable if they don’t socialize enough.

Cockapoos are usually excited little fluff balls that only get aggressive if they feel anxious or threatened.

In some situations, they would feel helpless and hence more defensive against the “threat” making them behave strangely antagonistic, hence aggressive.

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