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Why Do Cockapoos Sleep on Their Backs? (Explained!)

Cockapoos are playful and fun-loving dogs. They are smart enough to find out their comfort. Generally, Cockapoos are good house dogs. They have some outstanding features that attract people to pet them.

If you have a Cockapoo, you might have seen him sleeping on his back. But you might be confused about why they do it.

Moreover, many people search for whether sleeping on the back is good for them or not. Well, let’s see some details about Cockapoos’ sleeping habits.

Why do cockapoos sleep on their backs?

Generally, Cockapoos sleep on their backs for their comfort. Like most other dogs, sleeping on the back is considered comfortable for Cockapoos. This is a sign of feeling safe and secure. Moreover, if the Cockapoo has hurt or pain on their belly, they might sleep on their back.

Sleeping on the back is not an uncommon incident for dogs. Most dogs often sleep on their backs. But if you see it for the first time, you might be confused about whether it is normal or not. Well, Cockapoos sleep on their backs to show comfort.

Why do cockapoos lie on their back?

Cockapoos can lie on their back like most dogs. Let’s see why Cockapoos lie on their back.


The most common reason behind the Cockapoo’s lying on his back is his comfort. When you see your Cockapoo lying on his back, it might be a sign that he is feeling safe and comfortable.


Sometimes, your Cockapoo might lie on his back to show affection. Generally, Cockapoos are loyal and adorable.

Whenever you adore him or spend quality time with him, your Cockapoo might be happy and show you affection by lying on his back.

To keep cool:

Cockapoos might sleep on their back to keep themselves cool. Cockapoos’ feet and belly are heat-producing sources. So, if they lie on their back, it gives them comfort from the heat and keeps them cool.


Cockapoos might sleep on their back in front of you to show trust. If your Cockapoo trusts you, he might be more exposed and raise his paws in the air.

Hurt or pain:

If the Cockapoo has any hurt or pain in his side of the body, he might sleep on his back. Sleeping on their back will give them comfort from the hurt and pain.

Is it bad for cockapoos to lie on their backs?

No, it is not bad for Cockapoos to lie on their backs. Even Cockapoos lie on their backs for their comfort. When the Cockapoo lies on his back, it means he is safe and secure. Sometimes, the Cockapoo might lie on his back to show affection and trust.

Moreover, if the Cockapoo is trying to keep himself cool, he might lie on his back. Most dogs lie on their back to feel comfortable. Cockapoos do this for the same reason. So, there is nothing bad for the Cockapoo to lie on its back.

But if your Cockapoo lies on his back continuously, notice whether he has got any hurt or not. Sometimes, when the Cockapoo is hurt on the side of his body’s side portion, he might lie on his back to relieve pain.

Do cockapoos sleep a lot?

Generally, Cockapoos don’t sleep a lot. They sleep for 12 to 14 hours a day. This time range is not large compared with other dogs. So, Cockapoos sleep at a moderate time range.

Cockapoos are medium-energy dogs. So, they don’t require an excessive amount of sleep. 12 hours of sleep is enough for Cockapoos. But if the Cockapoo is a puppy, he might require more sleep. So, sleeping for a long time is normal for puppies.

But if your adult Cockapoo sleeps more than 14 hours a day, he might have a problem. The problem might be health-related. So, notice how much time your Cockapoo sleeps.

How much sleep do cockapoos need?

Generally, Cockapoos sleep for 12 to 14 hours a day. Sleeping for this time is normal for a Cockapoo. Cockapoos are medium-energy dogs. So, they require at least 12 hours of sleep a day.

Cockapoos are not that lazy to sleep all day. Even they sleep less than the other dogs. So, adult and healthy Cockapoos don’t sleep much. If the Cockapoo is a puppy, he needs more sleep than the adult ones.

How much sleep do cockapoo puppies need?

Cockapoo puppies need more sleep than adult Cockapoos. Generally, a Cockapoo puppy needs 18 to 20 hours of sleep per day. Even some puppies sleep more than 20 hours. Sleeping more is normal for the puppies.

Cockapoo puppies require more sleep to grow physically and mentally. Moreover, if the Cockapoo puppies sleep less than the time they are required to sleep, they might have some health problems.

So, sleeping more than 18 hours a day is needed for Cockapoo puppies. But if your Cockapoo puppy sleeps all day, it might be a problem.

Why does my cockapoo sleep so much?

Cockapoos have a limited time range for sleeping. For example, adult Cockapoos sleep less than 14 hours. If your Cockapoo sleeps so much, there might be certain reasons behind it. So, here are some reasons why your Cockapoo sleeps so much.


Stress might be a reason for your Cockapoo to sleep more. If the Cockapoo gets bored or stressed for some reason, he might sleep more in the daytime to relax.

Though many dogs become aggressive being stressed, sleeping more might be a sign of facing stress.

Separation anxiety:

Separation anxiety can be a big reason behind sleeping more than normal time. When you bring a Cockapoo puppy into your home, he might face separation anxiety in a new place.

Moreover, if you leave your Cockapoo alone for a long time, he might get separation anxiety. This anxiety can make the Cockapoo sleep more.

Age-related problem:

When the Cockapoo gets old, he might face many age-related problems like sleeping more. Old Cockapoos sleep more time than normal.


Sleeping more time might be a sign of a disease. Many diseases trigger the Cockapoo to sleep more. So, if your Cockapoo sleeps more, notice him properly whether he has any health problems or not.

Where do cockapoos like to sleep? – Where should cockapoos sleep?

Cockapoos like to sleep in a comfortable place on their sides. Like most dogs, Cockapoos also like to sleep, extending their legs on their sides. Moreover, they like many other sleeping positions like cuddling, on their back position, etc.

Moreover, Cockapoos like to sleep on their separate beds. Sometimes, they like to sleep on the couch or the carpet. Besides, some Cockapoos might like to sleep with their owners.

Here is a list of where Cockapoos should sleep.

  • You can train your Cockapoo to sleep in the crate.
  • You can make a separate bed where the Cockapoo can sleep.
  • You can keep a couch where the Cockapoo can sleep.
  • You can keep a mattress on the floor where the Cockapoo can sleep.
  • You can use an old ottoman to use as a Cockapoo’s bed.
  • You can keep your Cockapoos on your bed following some instructions.

How do I get my cockapoo to sleep at night?

Getting your Cockapoo to sleep at night might be difficult sometimes. So, you can follow a process to get your Cockapoo to sleep at night.

  • When you train your Cockapoo basic training, teach him the word “Bedtime”.
  • Put the crate by the side of your sleeping place to make the Cockapoo comfortable and safe.
  • When the Cockapoo gets used to the crate, you can place the crate in the other room.
  • Before getting the Cockapoo to sleep, use the word “Bedtime” and make the Cockapoo sleep in the crate.
  • Gradually, decrease the time of training and make him used to sleeping at night.

Do cockapoos need a blanket at night?

Cockapoos don’t need a blanket compulsorily. If you live in cold weather, you can put a blanket over the Cockapoo gently. Don’t wrap him up with the blanket.

If you wrap up the Cockapoo with a blanket, he might get twisted or feel warm. Because Cockapoos release a lot of heat from their body. So, they can feel hot in a wrapped blanket.

So, a blanket is not a must for the Cockapoo, but you can put a blanket gently if the weather is cold.

Cockapoos are excellent family and house dogs. So, a lot of people love to have them in their houses. If you want to own a Cockapoo, you have to know about his sleeping habits.

Cockapoos don’t sleep much. But they need a moderate sleeping time for at least 12 hours. If your Cockapoo sleeps more than this time or sleeps all day, he might have a problem.

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