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Do Weimaraners Like to Cuddle? (Beginners Guide!)

Weimaraners( a.k.a. Weims) are tough, muscular, larger dogs vastly renowned for their grey coat. So seeing their masculine grey body many owners out there probably will think that do these rough-tough Weimaraners like to cuddle or not. 

If you are a Weims owner too you can have the same query as the other owners. And this article is going to answer all of your common queries regarding your Weimaraners cuddling with you. 

Do Weimaraners Like To Cuddle? 

Weimaraners, these giant babies love to cuddle. They often give standing cuddles to their owner and other family members. They love to be touched so will put their head in the lap or one paw on their owner’s leg. They will also take up place on the bed to snuggle with their owner and other members. 

Are Weimaraners Cuddly?

Nicknamed as “Grey Ghost”, these large masculine Weimaraners love to snuggle as any other dog breed.

Their body can’t stop them from showing and getting affection from their owners and other members. Therefore, they will often give standing hugs and greet their family members whenever they come from outside. 

They have another unique way to snuggle. They will put their head in the owner’s lap, also will put their paws on their owner’s leg to seek affection. 

Snuggling in bed is their favorite so they also take over the bed to cuddle with their owners or other members if they see them lying on the bed. 

How Do I Know That My Weimaraner Dog Is Cuddling Me?

Here are the 4 easy ways that will help you understand that your Weimaraner is cuddling you. 

Standing Hug 

Since Weimaraners are tall dogs they easily can stand up to almost your height to give you a standing hug. So when you return home from outside, you will see them greet you by standing hugs. It’s their way of cuddling 

Sleep Next To You

Weims love to snuggle on the bed. So if your Weimaraner sees you lying on the bed, they will jump and take place next to you for sleeping and snuggling.

Place Their Head On Your Lap

When you sit on the couch you may notice your giant fur baby come next to you wagging its tail and with affectionate eyes to permit them to place its head in your lap. And putting his head in your lap is a part of their cuddling way.

Putting Their Paws On Your legs 

When your Weimaraner is seeking your attention and affection or wants some cuddly time, he will put his paw on your leg to indicate that he wants snuggling time with you. 

Why Are Weimaraners So Clingy?

Weimaraners are clingy naturally but there can be some other issues too that trigger clinginess in them. To clear your confusion and questions, here are 4 major reasons behind your Weimaraner being so clingy. 

Velcro Dog

Weims are velcro dogs naturally so they love and want to be with their owners. Moreover, they barely entertain themselves with other things so they tend to make them dependent on you.

As a result, they will roam around you 24/7. They will walk under your footsteps wherever you go. 

You will find them placing their paws and head in your lap and legs because they want your touch all the time. Their all day long wish to be with you will make them smother in bed at night time as well. 

Separation Anxiety

Weimaraners are known as owner-oriented dogs. So when as a Weimaraner owner, if you don’t or can’t spend a substantial amount of time with your dog, they go through separation anxiety. 

As already mentioned, Weims are velcro dogs naturally so when your dog doesn’t get enough attention and love from you, they miss you. Also fear that they might lose you. And such feelings affect their behavior and they become clingy to seek your affection. 


Surprisingly yes, Weims are jealous of seeing their owner being attached with any other pet at home. They don’t want anybody else to come near their owner as of they think only they should get love from their owners and family members. 

So they behave really clingy and want to stay by their owner all the time. If you have any other pet at home or if you are being attached to someone else from your family. Your Weims might not accept that and will behave clingily. 


Loneliness can be another main reason behind your Weimaraner dog being super clingy.  If you are leaving them at home for a long time they start to feel sad and lonely. As they always want to be by your side. So when you come home, you will notice them jump around you, giving you a standing hug, and follow you wherever you go. 

Reasons To Cuddle With Your Weimaraner Dog

Like many other Weimaraner dog owners, you must be eager to know why should you cuddle with your Weimaraner dog. Here are all the good reasons to snuggle with your “Grey Ghost” companion. 

Strengths Bond Between You And Your Weimaraner Dog

Although Weimaraners are owner-oriented velcro dogs but snuggling with your Weimaraner dog actually helps to strengthen the bond even more between you and your furry companion. 

Cuddling will specially help you to build trust and bond when you just have bought a baby Weimaraner dog. Or if your Weimaraner is going through some difficulties like separation anxiety or loneliness.

Because these are two crucial periods for all dogs when they want only affection and some quality snuggling time with their owners. 

Make Him Feel Valuable 

If your Weimaraner dog is sick, old, or going through some kind of pain. Then cuddling with him will make him feel valuable. It’s good for his emotions. He can even muster up courage and strength to survive these harsh conditions without losing confidence. 

For Your Weimaraner’s Better Health

The way dog makes us feel less stressed, in the same way, they feel too. Cuddling with them for some time makes them stress free for a whole day. And with a happy mood, they lead a happy and healthy life. Also, they grow more love and affection towards their owner.  

For Your Own Health

Pets are like a stress reliever. So whenever you feel stressed, try cuddling with your Weimaraner for a while. Their happy and cheerful activities as well as dumb ones will make you laugh. Also, will fill your life with abundant happiness. 

Even it can help with our physical health too. Going for a walk and spending some time with your Weimaraner can strengthen your immunity system and cardiovascular health. 

Are Weimaraners Affectionate? 

Weimaraners absolutely affectionate dogs and love their owners so much. They would walk all-time behind you just to shower you with their unconditional affection. They do all silly yet adorable acts just to live in your pocket. 

Well, they weren’t bred to be this much affectionate. In fact, they are hunting dogs. However, living outdoors is not suitable for them, therefore, they have become kind of indoor dogs. As a result, every moment they crave their owner’s and other member’s affection and interaction. 

Also being a velcro dog, your Weimaraner is going to adore you so much as a part of their natural trait. 

Why Does My Weimaraner Whine So Much?

Weimaraner dogs are really sensitive when it comes down to leaving without their owner. And it triggers separation anxiety in them. And whining is the most common manifestation of your Weimaraner dog suffering from separation anxiety.

This can even result in excessive and constant whining. Therefore, if you notice your Weimaraner crying more than usual, assume that he is going through separation anxiety. Especially if it’s a newly adopted puppy or an adult Weimaraner adopted from a former owner. 

Besides, your Weimaraner can even whine if he is practicing communication, if he is in pain, or simply wants to gain attention. But in this case, the time period is limited. 

Another reason is, leaving your Weimaraner dog at home for a long time. So when he sees you going out, he will whine insanely even if there are other family members. 

Can Weimaraners Be Left Alone?

Your Weimaraner dog can’t be left alone at home, at least not for a longer period. Because this breed of dogs highly suffers from separation anxiety and it can lead to severe health and mental issues. 

Weimaraner dogs prefer to stay with their owners. They like to be touched and pet all the time. So when they are left alone at home for a long time, they start to feel lonely and fear that maybe they are separated from their owner.

This makes them feel abandoned too. All of these emotions urge high separation anxiety in them that can also make them behave aggressively and whine excessively. 

Why Does My Weimaraner Stare At Me?

Staring into the eyes of the owner is a Weimaraner’s method of expressing affection towards his owner.

Starting can even mean that he wants affection from you too. Even to show devotion your Weimaraner will stare at you. Also, if your Weimaraner dog wants something from you like food or toys, he will stare at you. 

These big masculine-bodied and grey-coated Weimaraner dogs are really a sweetheart that loves cuddling. Showing and getting affection is their natural trait and they will snuggle to express their admiration towards their owner or their favorite person.

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