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Do Weimaraner Dogs Dig? (And How to Stop Them)

Digging is assumed as a common trait of dogs. Especially hunting dogs are frequently seen digging. And the Weimaraner dog is a hunting dog too. Therefore, it brings up a common question on the table which is “Do Weimaraner dogs dig?”.

As a Weimaraner owner like others, you must be intrigued to know the answer to this query. So, to provide you with proper justification and explanation, this article is going to break down all topics including this hot question. 

Do Weimaraner Dogs Dig? 

Weimaraner dogs dig when they are after their prey that lives underground. So to catch it they dig after it too. They also dig if they are bored and want to keep themselves occupied. Seeking attention, making a cool pit in the summer, and just for fun purposes naturally, Weimaraner dogs dig.

Are Weimaraners Diggers?

Weimaraner dogs are natural diggers. Because digging is natural for hunting dogs and Weimaraners are hunting dogs too. So when they are after the prey such as any other critters that live underground, they dig after it to catch it. 

Apart from this reason, they dig absolutely for no reason sometimes. For instance, when they are bored, they dig just to occupy themselves with some activity. 

Besides, when Weimaraner just wants attention they dig as well. In summer, they are seen to dig a cool pit to escape from the summer heat. 

Why Do Weimaraner Dogs Dig Holes In The Ground?

There are some typical reasons that make Weimaraner dogs dig holes in the ground. And to clear all of your queries, all of the common 7 reasons are going to be explained below. 

Being A Dog

The core reason leads back to the dog’s wolf ancestors. Naturally, Weimaraners have inherited the digging behavior like any other dog breed. 

So as part of their natural traits, Weimaraner dogs dig holes in the ground. Moreover, they are hunting dogs too. So, almost all hunting dogs breed dig holes. 

Off-topic, but reality is they even dig in their cushions before sleeping on them. Digging is just their instinctive dog behavior.  

To Catch His Prey

As told previously, Weimaraner dogs are hunting dogs. So they have a natural tendency of hunting other animals hiding in underground holes. 

So, to catch their targeted prey, they chase after them into tunnels underground. And dig holes in the ground to make their way to catch it. 

Weimaraner dogs thirst for catching their prey, so they will dig holes like crazy to find them if they just have heard or sniffed their prey. 

Out Of Boredom 

Digging holes in the ground is an incredibly entertaining act for Weimaraners when they are bored. Because it gives them relief from boredom by keeping their mind occupied. Weimaraner dogs that are going through anxiety, digging holes in the ground work as a great anxiety-reliever method to them. Because it increases their mental stimulation. 

To Hide Things 

Hiding or burying things in the ground is a common activity of dogs and Weimaraner dogs are no exception. If they find any toy or other stuff, they will dig holes in the ground to hide it. They can even dig holes to bury and keep safe their own belongings like bone or toy. 

To Make A Cool Pit 

To escape from the burning summer heat, Weimaraner dogs dig a pit in the ground. Such a shallow bed in the cool ground helps them to beat the summer heat on summer days. 

As A Fun Activity 

Weimaraner dogs just might dig holes in the ground for no good reason. Just for having some plain fun they sometimes will dig holes in the ground and like up dirt. 


Among all these good reasons, there is a bad reason too. If a Weimaraner dog is anxious or stressed or scared, he would dig up holes in the ground trying to escape. It might even mean they just want to stay alone. 

How To Get Your Weimaraner Dog To Stop Digging?

Excessive digging can be a matter of disturbance too and to get rid of it, you need to make your Weimaraner dog stop digging. Here are 5 effective ways described below that will guide you to stop your canine’s digging. 

Make Him Exercise 

Weims are active dogs. So if they don’t get a good run, they start to dig up as a way to lose that energy. Therefore, to stop your Weims digging behavior, make your Weimaraner dog exercise a lot.

It will make your furry best friend work off all stored-up nervous energy. As a result, his body will be tired and he will stop digging.

Divert His Mind

Weimaraners simply dig to get rid of boredom. Therefore, you need to divert your Weims by providing him with some exciting games and toys. Because these will entertain them and erase boredom from their mind. Treat finding puzzle toy can be a good game. 

Moreover, companion toys, cuddly toys, tennis balls, rope toys, chew toys are the other basic toys that will divert his bored mind. 

Digging Deterrents

If you realize that your Weims just digging in certain areas because it has become his habit, you can discourage him from re-digging in those places.

You simply can bury some discomforting smelly deterrents in those areas. Or bury some rocks in those digging spots or install a chicken wire over the areas to stop him from digging. 

Cool Down Your Hot Weims

On summer days if possible bring your Weims from outside to keep him cool. Because summer heat can make him dig a cool pit to cool down himself.

And if it’s not possible at all, then install shelter or shades in your yard/garden and give him a tub filled with water to cool down himself. 

Make Your Weims Feel Safe 

If your Weimaraner dog is just stressed or scared, make him feel safe to stop his digging behavior. Because he will dig holes just to hide in them and to feel secure. 

You are suggested to keep your pup inside and build trust with him to make him feel secure. If bring him inside is not possible then build him a cozy dog house. As if he feels scared or wants to be alone he will hide in his dog hone instead of digging up a hole in the ground.

Do Weimaraner Dogs Grow Out Of Digging?

Weimaraner dogs grow out of digging because they are natural diggers. Moreover, they are hunting dogs and hunting dogs have a natural trait of digging.

Because they are committed to catching their prey at any cost, even if it makes them digging up holes underground to follow and chase them. 

However, as your Weims will age this digging behavior will lessen. Or if he digs excessively, you can take the necessary steps to stop him from digging. 

Should I Let My Dog Dig?

If you are taking your dog outside for hunting purposes and sees him dig holes to catch prey then let him dig. Otherwise, don’t let him dig. Mainly if he is an indoor dog. Because digging can create disturbance and it will pile up dirt as well. 

Moreover, if you let your dog dig as per his wish, it will become a bad habit for him. And then he will dig here and there without any good reason. 

However, you can let your dog friend dig sometimes for some time just to have plain fun. Digging is a characteristic of dogs and they enjoy piling up dirt. 

Why Is My Weimaraner Dog Obsessed With Digging?

Your Weimaraner dog being obsessed with digging might be a result of pent-up energy, boredom, or he is simply finding it as an amusing activity.

Weims are very active dogs and they like to burn out their energy. If your Weimaraner doesn’t get proper exercise or activities to lose energy, you will notice him being obsessed with digging. Because by digging he loses up all stored energy and works out. 

Also, when your Weimaraner dog feels bored or he doesn’t find any exciting games or toys, he can be obsessed with digging up. As digging will help him to occupy his mind and increase his mental stimulation. 

Another reason for being obsessed with digging is the digging habit. If your Weims have developed the digging habit, you will find him digging here and there continuously. 

What Spice Will Keep Weimaraner Dogs From Digging?

Red cayenne pepper is the most effective spice that will help to keep Weimaraner dogs from digging.

Sprinkle a little amount of red cayenne pepper to the spots your Weimaraner dog usually digs. Once the smell goes into his nose, he will avoid those spots completely and will not dig further. 

Because when he will inhale the pepper will go into his nostrils and will irritate him. If you see him snorting, shake his head and run, know that it has worked. Well, the irritation is temporary and harmless for your Weims. 

Also, paprika is another spice that will work the same.

Does Vinegar Stop Dogs From Digging? 

Vinegar can stop dogs from digging because they don’t like the smell of vinegar. Make a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar and spray at the spots where your dog digs. The unpleasant smell will push him away from digging.

However, some dogs are unbothered with the smell so they will dig anyway. 

Almost all dogs are seen to dig more or less. So a Weimaraner dog will dig too as a part of his hunting dog characteristics. However, if your Weimaraner digs excessively, take essential steps to stop him.

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