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Can Weimaraner Be a Guard Dog? (Explained!)

Many dog owners use their beloved furry friends as guard dogs. However, not all dogs are meant to be guard dogs.

Therefore, when it comes down to Weimaraners, some may think they can be guard dogs, some may not. And this is where a common question takes birth, “ can a Weimaraner be a guard dog?”

In this article, this common query is going to break down with a proper explanation.

Can Weimaraner Be A Guard Dog?

Weimaraner dogs are not the best option to be a guard dog. Because they are highly energetic and have a personality of being stubborn, aggressive, and restless. And they sometimes don’t obey their owner too. Besides, their guarding instincts shouldn’t be encouraged as it can prove destructive. 

Do Weimaraner Make Good Guard Dogs?

Weimaraners don’t make good guard dogs. Because their characteristics don’t go along with the characteristics of a guard dog.

Weims are super energetic and restless. They barely like to stay in one place calmly. Which is not an appropriate trait of guard dogs.

Moreover, they are aggressive around strangers. And they can be vicious at times and might even bite a family friend whom they don’t know because they will be taking that person as an intruder. 

They are stubborn sometimes, so they will not even obey their owners. And will do what they want. 

Mainly, Weims are bred as hunting dogs so if their guarding dog instincts are encouraged, it can be destructive and troublesome. 

6 Reason Why Weimaraner Don’t Make A Good Guard Dog

Possibly the reasons behind Weimaraners not being a good guard dog are still vague for you. So, all the major reasons that explain why Weims don’t make a good guard dog have been explained below. 

Boisterous Nature 

Weimaraners are a stubborn nature dog breed. Sometimes, they can be so adamant that they will not even pay heed to their owner and will do whatever they want. And such behavior is not acceptable from a guard dog. Because it can prove dangerous.

Their boisterous nature can make them destructive as well. So they will be seen destroying things instead of guarding. 


Weims are quite restless. They can not be seen to stay in one place calmly. And calmness is a required trait of guard dogs.

Because guard dogs are meant to stay in one place while guarding. Otherwise, it’s difficult to keep an eye on intruders. Moreover, restlessness ignites disobedience too. 

High Energy 

Weimaraners are vastly known for having high energy. They demand regular exercise and energy-burning activities.

If they don’t get to release the energy they act very hyperactive. And nobody would want a hyperactive dog as a guard dog because it will only bring problems. Also, they become uncontrollable that time.

Moreover, guard dogs can’t be so hyperactive, energetic, or uncontrollable. As they are meant to guard their family. 

Separation Anxiety

Weims are severely prone to separation anxiety. So if they are left alone outside for a prolonged time, separation anxiety triggers them.

And for no good reasons they bark/howl/growl insanely which causes unnecessary trouble to the family. Even neighbors don’t like it. 

Low Trainability

Since guard dogs are required to be persistent with their obedience training, they must have high trainability. As the higher the ability to accept training, the better the chance to get obedient and disciplined guard dogs. 

However, Weims have low trainability and don’t easily accept the training. That makes them unsuitable for being a guard dog. As without having proper training they can not learn anything. 

Hunting Dogs 

Here comes the main reason, it’s known that Weimaraners are natural hunters. They were specially bred for hunting purposes only. So when they are trained for some other abilities which they don’t inherit, it can be harmful and pressurizing for them.

Even if they manage to learn to be a guard dog, it will make them feel superior. And they would want to do whatever they want. Therefore, encouraging their instincts to be a guard dog is not an ideal idea at all. 

Are Male Or Female Weimaraners Better?- Which Is The Best For Guard Dog?

Well, Weimaraners are not the best as guard dogs regardless of male or female Weimaraners. Because their temperaments don’t suit the job of being a guard dog.

However, if you still want to train or have your Weimaraner as guard dogs then you better chose female Weims. Because they are more protective and vocal than male Weimaraners. 

Female Weimaraners will stare outside, noticing strangers. And even if they feel slight danger or suspicious activity they will be quick on barking.  As they are faster in alarming owners upon seeing any danger. 

On the other hand, male Weims will first perceive a thing if they feel danger only then they will bark or alert the owner or try to protect their family. And males are less stubborn, plus affectionate. 

However, upon receiving proper training and the required environment, Weims regardless of female or male possibly will be a better guard dog for you. 

How Do I Train My Weimaraner Dog To Be A Watchdog?

Weimaraners are suitable to be a watchdog. But they do need training and you are the one who is going to train them to be a good watchdog. So to make it easier for you a step-by-step guide to training your Weims has been provided below. 

Understand Your Weims Temperament 

Weimaraners are known for their aggressive temperament. So first step should be understanding your Weimaraner’s temperament. Because the entire training depends on his attitude towards you, your family, friends, standard, and obviously obedience training. 

A List Of Things To Be Barked/To Be Not Barked At

The next step is making a list of things that you want and don’t want him to bark at. This will help you to train him precisely.

Because you will be clearly knowing that what you want to teach him and whatnot. It will also make him stop barking randomly or at everyone who passes by your home. 

For example, you will want him to bark at seeing any dangerous or suspicious activity only. But you will not want him to bark unnecessarily at everything or everyone. Especially at night. 

Obedience Training 

Obedience training comes next. Train your Weims to be obedient to your command and words. So that he stops barking at every stranger or family friend after getting your command to stop barking.

Create Scenarios To Train 

You need to create different scenarios including both day and night to practice with him. Also, this will help him to understand the situations or people where and whom he should bark at.

For example, create scenarios like someone is intruding on your home forcefully or cutting the lock to enter in improperly.

Make Them Recognize Your Friends And Neighbors

You should make him recognize your family friends and neighbors and their children. So that your Weims don’t bark at them unnecessarily. 

Train Them Not To Attack But Bark Only

Watchdogs are not meant to attack physically anyone. So train your Weims not to attack physically anyone. Make him understand that he only needs to bark at certain things he is being trained for. 

Treat Them 

Treat him to encourage him whenever they successfully bark at those certain things and situations you have trained him for. 

Are Weimaraners Protective Dogs?

Weimaraners are really protective dogs. They are loyal, devoted and protective towards their owners and other family members. They are protective towards their own belongings and the territory of the property or home they are living in. 

Most Weims are seen to bark at strangers or suspicious activities to alert their owner. They even boldly tries to stop any other animals that want to enter their home or just passing by.

They are alert and have a strong sense of sensing danger, so they make very good watchdogs to warn their owners.

Do Weimaraners Bark A Lot?

Weimaraners do bark a lot. Several reasons trigger excessive barking in Weimaraners. Including the main reasons, all other reasons have been listed below.

  • Their territorial temperament makes them bark at everything and every stranger
  • When separation anxiety triggers them, they bark a lot.
  • They are velcro dogs, so to grab attention they bark insanely 
  • When they are bored, they bark just to keep themselves amused
  • When they see other animals they bark unnecessarily
  • They bark as a way of communication
  • To show their dominance over other animals they bark a lot
  • If any Weimaraner lacks of socialization, he barks around other people and animals
  • When they can sense danger they do bark 

Are Weimaraners Friendly?

Weimaraners are friendly dogs. They are friendly towards their owner, family kids, family members, and people they know. However, you might not experience their such friendliness around with strangers or kids they don’t know. 

The people Weims love, they are fiercely loyal and friendly to those people. You may even see Weims giving standing hugs and wanting to be cuddle with them. They dearly love the kids in the family and enjoy spending time with them too. 

What Dogs Are Bred For Guarding? 

Here is the list of dogs that are bred for guarding.

  • German Shepherd 
  • Doberman Pinscher
  • Giant Schnauzer
  • Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • Bull Mastiffs
  • Great Pyrenees
  • Great Dane
  • Belgian Malinois
  • Dutch Shepherd 
  • American Bulldog
  • Boxer
  • Beauceron
  • Cane Corso
  • Rottweiler 
  • Tibetan Mastiffs
  • Komondor

Due to their not so suitable characteristics, Weimaraners can’t be the best guard dog you want. However, depending on training and their temperament some Weims can be a guard dog. But they are best as watchdogs and hunting dogs

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