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How High Can Weimaraners Jump? (All You Need to Know)

The forever active and full of energy Weimaraner dogs are always on the run to play and jump around. The atheltic dogs are known for their hunting instincts that also condition them to jump in high obstacles or hurdles.

The dogs are amazing if you are into outdoor activities. You can bring your dog to hiking and to your morning runs without worrying about their stamina.

The dog breed is high on stamina and you will be left astonished when you see how long they can carry on with the running and jumping.

How high can Weimaraners jump?

The tall breed Weimaraners love to jump and play around. Their build helps them to jump over high fences. On an average, a Weimaraner will jump up to 24″ in height. The dog breed are very active and have the ability to jump high fences if they get enough practice.

Weimaraners are a native German breed who were formerly known as the “Silver Ghost”. The dog breeds descended from a hunting breed.

They were accustomed to hunting deer  and bears which are known as the big games. This is why they are conditioned to jump high and run fast. It is in their instinct to jump when they see any obstacle.

Do Weimaraners jump?

Weimaraners are known to be bouncy and jumpy dog breeds. From a very young age the dogs learn how to jump and play around. These friendly and fairly active dogs are amazing when it comes to play jumps.

Can Weimaraners dogs jump a 4-foot fence?

How high your weimaraner can jump depends on the height and structure of your dog. However a 4 foot fence is pretty easy for a weimaraner to jump over. That is appropriate height for a medium to large sized dogs, such as a weimaraner.

Can a Weimaraner dog jump a 6-foot fence?

It may take a while for your weimaraner to learn how to jump a fence so high. Mostly, atheletic dogs are used to jumping this high. However, with practice your dog can learn to leap over fences of such heights easily.

7 reasons why your Weimaraner dog jumps up

Dogs are naturally energetic animals who love to jump and play around. But if you notice your dog jumping up more times than normal then you should pay heed to what your dog might want to tell you-

Greet you

A common reason is your dog is trying to greet you and welcome you whenever it sees you.

See new dogs

Some dogs will jump when it sees other or new dogs to assert dominance.

They are happy

Dogs jump when they are very happy and excited about something.

Burn extra stamina

An athletic dog breed with much stamina, like your Weimaraner, will jump to burn off the excess stamina.

To get attention

It may be because your dog is not getting enough attention from you.

Way to express feelings

Sometimes you will see your dog jump if it has seen you after a long time. It may be their way to say they have missed you.


Anxiety can also trigger your weimaraner to jump from time to time.

Dogs do not share the same language as us. But that does not stop them from expressing how they feel. Try to pay a bit more attention when your dog starts jumping and how it reacts to what you do about the jumping.

How to stop a Weimaraner from jumping?

While it may seem cute when your dog jumps but it can be dangerous for both you and your weimaraner. It is best to keep this behavior under control to prevent future damage. There a few things you can do to stop your dog from jumping-

  • Try to understand behavior: Try to understand why your dog is jumping and act accordingly;
  • Don’t encourage: Do not encourage such behavior. Cross your arms and show disagreement when your god starts to jump;
  • Do not support jumping from early: Try not to support such actions from early on. It is best to train your puppy to not jump or to act accordingly when your pup starts to jump;
  • Ignore it: When your dog starts to jump ignore it. If you ignore your dog when it jumps, they will understand that it is not appreciated and will eventually stop;
  • Command to sit: Command your dog to sit when it starts jumping;
  • Keep your calm: You should not get excited or angry either because your dog might not understand the exact point.

It is important to train your dog to stay calm and stop jumping indoors. During play time or athletic activities it is fine. But if your dog is always jumping it will cause much problems for everyone.

How do you punish a Weimaraner dog for jumping a fence?

Weimaraners are athletic and big dogs. These dogs tent to jump at all times. Sometimes the dogs will jump over the fences which is troublesome for everyone. It is best to teach your weimaraner dog to not jump fences from early on.

The best way to punish your dog for jumping the fences is to teach it that the fence is yours and if it jumps over it you will get mad. Make them understand that they are not to go near the fences at all-

  • Punish to sit near fence: Bring your weimaraner dog near the fence and put it in the sit position;
  • Look in strictly and raise a strong voice: Look at her and in a very strong voice point to the fence and tell her it is yours;
  • Use rolled paper: You can use a rolled up newspaper and whack the fence to make your point more clear.

Try doing these and you will see your weimaraner dog will start to avoid going near the fences to jump and in general. Sometimes it is best to be a bit strict with your dog for their own safety.

Are Weimaraners hyper?

Dogs are naturally very hyped up animals with high stamina. But there are some dogs who are more active than others. Weimaraners are such a breed. These dogs are very athletic and high on energy.

The weimaraner dogs have much stamina to burn off and these dogs are very playful. These energetic dogs are best to be in the competitive areas. The dogs are always stretching or looking for ways to burn off their energy. They are always ready for a run.

Weimaraners are hyperactive dogs who require a lot of exercise and playtime. Running, stretching, jumping, hiking you name it. They are good with it all. They hate being indoors without exercise for too long.

Are Weimaraners good off-leash?

The super active weimaraner dogs are always on the look the out for a long run. It is best to keep their leash on when your are out for a small stroll. They may get out of hand and run off too far than you expected.

 It is always a good idea to keep the leash on your weimaraner dog. They like to run and jump around. Things might get out of your hands if your dog is out of your hands.

If you are out for a run with your dog then a leash is not needed. But if you don’t have an intention to run, best to keep the leash on.

When you are out for a walk or a stroll keep your weimaraner under super vision. Taking the leash off is not recommended at all in situations like this.

How do you discipline a Weimaraner?

There might be certain situations where you will have to discipline your weimaraner dog. It might be because of their too hyper and active behavior. Or simply because you want to teach your dog to do something and make a habit out of it.

Use treats and positive reinforcements to teach your dog how to behave and stay disciplined. Positive behavior is the best way to teach your dog to act in a good manner. Praise and reward their good behavior and show them the appreciation of their efforts.

When disciplining your weimaraner dog, always remember to avoid using any physical force. The dog breed is very sensitive to such reprimands. It may result in them ignoring your command entirely. Try to teach them with commands and orders.

Remember to encourage good behavior and show disapproval to negative behaviors when it comes to disciplining you weimaraner. How you teach your dog to act will go a long way for you both.

Weimaraners are very active dog breeds who resent confinement. They simply do not like to lay around with no play time. This is why you need to take these dogs out for runs and let them jump as high as they want, while keeping the surroundings safe and unharmed.

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