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Why Is My Weimaraner Losing Hair? (Explained for Owners!)

When you’ll notice that your Weimaraner is shedding more than usual, it’s considered as losing hair. And a Weimaraner losing hair can be proved fatal for his health. Therefore, wanting to know why your Weimaraner is losing hair is a common concern for you. 

So, this article is going to break down all of the possible reasons behind your Weimaraner losing hair to guide you to the root of such a concerning issue. 

Why Is My Weimaraner Losing Hair?

A Weimaraner’s excessive hair loss can be caused by skin problems such as parasites, hot spots and extreme licking, and allergies. Or health issues like hormonal imbalance, dietary scarcities, and pregnancy and lactation can be the other reasons. Stress is also a reason behind losing hair in them.

A Weimaraner losing hair excessively and having bald patches too indicate that something is seriously wrong with its health or skin.

Skin problems caused by parasites, allergies(both contact and inhalant), and hot spots and excessive licking behavior can be one of the main reasons behind his hair loss. 

If it’s not a skin problem, then health issues such as dietary deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, or pregnancy and lactation can be the other major reasons that are causing a Weimaraner to lose its hair. 

Apart from all these reasons, stress is also considered as a cause of excessive hair loss. 

How Bad Do Weimaraners Shed? 

In reality, Weimaraners shed very little in comparison to other dog breeds. Because they have a short-haired and single coat.

You may notice a moderate to a high amount of shedding only at their coat changing phase and every year during spring and autumn time. However, this much shedding is easily manageable too. 

But they can shed excessively too. If a Weimaraner dog is affected by allergies, parasites, hot spots, and has a habit of excessive licking, he will shed too much. As allergies and parasites make him scratch and scratch a common cause of extreme hair shedding. 

Hot spots create irritation on the skin and naturally, the hair of the affected areas starts to fall. Excessive licking makes the body of Weims dry and dry skin causes hair loss. 

All of these can make a Weimaraner’s skin irritated, inflamed, and if there is any wound, or will get worsen due to excessive shedding. These can cause baldness in Weims too. 

Why Is My Weimaraner Shedding So Much? 

Several serious reasons can cause your Weimaraner to shed abnormally. Below the most reasonable reasons have been described and listed for your knowledge. 


Stress or separation anxiety in Weimaraners is a common issue that affect their mind and body. As a result, excessive shedding will occur.

Besides, a change in your Weimaraner’s daily routine and difficulties in adjusting to the new environment can be the other stress-causing and excessive shedding reasons. 

Poor Health Condition 

If your Weimaraner is suffering from poor health conditions such as hormonal imbalance( thyroid adrenal diseases), pregnancy and lactation, and Cushing’s disease, he is more likely to shed much.

Skin Diseases 

Skin issues like dermatitis, fungal or bacterial infection, hot spots cause by extreme licking, and allergies(both contact and inhalant) can be responsible for your Weimaraner dog’s excessive shedding. 


Your Weimaraner shedding too much can also be a result of skin parasites. Fleas, ticks, and mange mites are dangerous parasites that cause both itching and excessive scratching.

And excessive scratching irritates the skin causing skin infection and hair loss either for the entire body or a particular area.  


Poor diet is another major reason that causes excessive shedding. As low-quality food can’t provide all the essential nutrients to your Weimaraner, as a result, it affects the coat, hair, and skin of your Weims making him shed too much. 

Also, if you are feeding any food that your Weimaraner pup is allergic to, that can cause hair shedding too. 

How Can I Treat My Weimaraner Dog’s Hair Loss?

Before directly going to a vet, you can adopt these effective methods to treat your Weimaraner dog’s hair loss at home. Below all the remedies have been explained in detail. 

Omega Biotics 

Omega Biotics has proven as one of the effective probiotic chews for dogs that are losing hair frequently at a high level. It’s a chewy treat pack with all nutrients and goodness that can help your Weimaraner stop losing hair. It’s a great supplement to keep your dog healthy. 

Eliminate Allergens 

As soon as you realize that your Weimaraner is allergic to some food, eliminate that from his daily food.

Also, keep the environment of the area very clean where he lives in your home. So that outsider allergic elements can not attack him and make him scratch that causes hair loss. 

Apple Cider Vinegar 

Apple cider vinegar has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties that surprisingly can treat your Weimaraner if he is suffering from irritated skin. 

You can either spray a 50/50 solution of ACV or mix some ACV in his bathwater and make him bathe with it. 

Reduce Stress 

You must reduce your Weimaraner’s stress level if it’s causing hair loss. Promote calmness in him, treat him softly and in a lovable way, give him some obedience training, and stimulate his mental condition.

Also, make him feel safe and relaxed. All of these methods should work to reduce his stress make him lose hair less.

Brush Him

Brushing can do miracles in your Weimaraner’s hair to make it shed less. Because brushing will disseminate your dg’s skin would evenly and will help it to reach the coat to keep it moisturized and healthy. Also, brushing will remove any dirt, bugs, insect from his coat. 

How Can I Help My Weimaraner Dog’s Hair Grow Back?

Well, there are quite a lot of effective ways to make your Weimaraner’s hair grow back faster. The most effective ones are listed below. 

Good Diet 

Start feeding your furry friend a well-balanced packed up with essential nutrients like omega fat enriched meals to keep him healthy. A properly nourished body will be able to grow hair faster. But try to make his diet chart after consulting with a vet or doing loads of researches.


Give your Weimaraner vet prescribed supplements like omega-3 and omega-6. These supplements lessen the inflammation of his skin.

And will make his hair healthier and grow faster. As these supplements will replace all of his essential skin oils making the skin healthier. 


Bathe your Weimaraner in warm water with an oatmeal shampoo or tea tree oil. It will soothe his skin and will remove any bacteria and dirt that may hinder his hair growth.

Regular Brushing  

Brush your Weimaraner regularly with a natural hair brush to remove dirt, debris, and expired hairs from his coat. Also it will help to distribute his natural skin oil evenly to stimulate hair growth. 

Remove Bacteria 

Halts hair growth hindering bacteria from your Weimaraner’s skin by spattering a solution of 1/2 cup white vinegar and 1/2  gallon of water onto him after giving him a nice bath in a wet condition. 

Can Weimaraner Dogs Lose Hair From Stress?

Weimaraner dogs can lose hair from the stress. Weimaraners are most likely to suffer from separation anxiety that for sure can make them lose hair.

Apart from it, environmental change, difficulties in adjusting to a new place, or additional pets in the home can make them stressed out that can be the reasons behind them losing hair more often. 

Moreover, stress triggers excessive licking behavior and excessive licking can make skin dry and irritate that can cause them to lose hair. 

Do Weimaraner Dog Bald Spots Grow Back?

Bald spots caused by allergic(food or environmental), rashes, infections(bacteria, insects), and Cushing’s disease will grow back after giving the right treatment to Weimaraner dogs.

Bald spots that have occurred because of allergies(food or environmental) will gradually grow back in few weeks after the allergen properties have been eliminated from either their foods or the environment they live in.

If Cushing’s disease cause bald spots then it will take at least 6 months to grow back. Medication and sometimes surgery is the solution to growing back bald spots. 

If infections are the reason behind the bald spot then it will take more time to grow back than allergies and rashes. Within a few months or will grow back like before. 

What Vitamin Deficiency Causes Hair Loss In Weimaraner Dogs?

Vitamin D, Vitamin A, and Zinc are accountable for hair loss in Weimaraner dogs.

Therefore, vets always suggest keeping foods like salmon, beef, boiled eggs, and little amount of dairy products in Weimaraner’s diet chart to fulfill the scarcity of vitamin D. Also, to take them for a walk in the morning to get sunlight which is a great source of vitamin D. 

Also, to feed them food, especially veggies rich in vitamin A to fulfill the deficiency of vitamin A. And to give them enough mineral enriched foods and drinks to fulfill zinc deficiency. 

What Is The Best Food Dog Food For Hair Loss? 

To prevent hair loss, here is a list of the best dog food has been provided below. 

  • Taste Of The Wild Pacific Stream 
  • Nom Nom Fresh Pet Food 
  • American Journey Salmon & Brown Rice Protein
  • Diamond Naturals Skin And Coat Formula 
  • Instinct Raw Boost Skin & Coat Health Recipe 
  • Wellness Pet Food Simple Natural Limited Ingredient 
  • Orijen 6 Fish Grain-Free Formula 
  • AvoDerm Natural Dry Dog Food 

Until your Weimaraner is losing hair excessively, consider it normal. And if you notice that his mental or physical health is causing hair loss, immediately take steps or visit a vet.

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