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Do Cane Corsos Like to Cuddle? How Affectionate Are They?

Came Corsos are one of the super powerful and athletic mastiff breeds of dogs that are giant furry babies as well. Their big black athletic and strong body made them efficient working dogs that strive to perform tasks.

So, knowing such factors of their physical and characteristic traits if you are a new Corso owner or want to be one, you certainly will wonder whether these big babies like to cuddle or not.

So here the thirst of yours to know all the cuddly nature of your giant Cane Corsos comes to an end. Because this article is here to provide you with all the valid information regarding the cuddling nature of Corsos.

Do Cane Corsos Like to Cuddle?

Came Corsos, these giant dogs like to cuddle only with their masters and other family members because they are family dogs. So Corsos have zero interest in cuddling with outsiders or any other animal that doesn’t belong to his family. So they won’t be seen snuggling with everyone they meet.

Are Cane Corsos Cuddly?

Cane Corsos are the giant Italian mastiff breeds of dogs that surely are cuddly. But all of their cuddlings are saved up only for their masters or the other family members whom they adore. They have got such a restricted cuddly nature because they are known as family dogs only.

And as a result, Cane Corsos show no interest and zero affection towards people and other animals outside of their family. Therefore, Corsos are never seen or hardly seen to cuddle with any outsider they meet. Even they will not buddy up with those strangers at all.

How Do Cane Corso Show Affection?

Seeing your Cane Corso big furry friend possibly you would wonder how they do show affection with such a large body and strength.

So in this section 5 Corso’s ways of showing affection have been explained for your knowledge.

Snuggles With You Or Your Stuff:

A Cane Corso is normally not that affectionate but he does like to cuddle and his snuggling with you is a sign of his affection towards you.

Another thing is, when Corsos are fond of their masters, they become very connected to their smell. So Cane Corsos tend to snuggle with their owner’s belongings like shoes, clothes, etc. And this is another way of showing affection.

So if you see your Corso is also cuddling with your belongings, know that they are attached to you.

Eye Contact:

When your Cane Corso is pleased with you and respects you, he will directly make eye contact with you. Seeing your dog making eye contact with you is a sign of love and trust. He will look at you affectionately to make his gaze meet yours.

Also, making eye contact is the first thing Cane Corsos learns while taking basic obedience classes so when your Corso is obedient too, he will make eye contact.

Calm And Relaxed Body Language:

A relaxed and calm body language is another way for Corsos to show affection. After having an initial happy expression in him to see you after a long time, your Cane Corso will be back in a comfortable mood. And it’s his language of love.

The most usual relaxed-calm body languages you will get to see in your Corso are- a slightly opened mouth, relaxed facial mood, washing tails, blinking eyes. And sometimes he would roll his body to get belly rubs.

Listens And Responds To You:

Responsiveness is such a sign that manifests clearly and surely that your Cane Corso loves you and has built a healthy bond with you.

So when you will notice your Corso listens to you when are talking and is obedient to your commands, just understand that he loves you. Also, your Cane Corso’s coming to you on your calling is the best thing you will ever experience.

Seeks Affection:

Seeking your affection is the other way of showing affection and adore. When your Cane Corso wants you by him or when he adores you so much, he would lean his body on you, would hug you, and snuggle with you. It’s a clear indication that your Corso is bonded with you so much and wants to get affection as well as wants to shower you with affection.

Are Cane Corsos Loving?

Cane Corsos are just large-bodies fur babies with a lovely personality, so yes, Corsos are loving dogs. Despite having a strong-willed, stubborn, prominent personality, Cane Corsos can become the sweetest pet you will ever know.

Their natural ability to build a strong relationship with their masters is amazing. They are also fiercely devoted to their master and other members of the family.

Cane Corsos are loving around family’s kids too. They are seen to play with them and protect them. Especially with older kids, Corsos share a good bond.

However, all their loving nature and lovely behavior are reserved for their masters and other family members. Cane Corsos are definitely loving but they don’t seem to act lovingly in front of everyone they meet.

Particularly strangers and pets that don’t belong to his home. Sometimes, Corsos can dominate strangers, other pets, as well as little human babies.

But with proper training and Cane Corsos Can be the right loving companion of yours.

Why Does My Cane Corso Lean On Me?

It’s normal to experience your Cane Corso leaning onto your body with the bulk of his weight. But you may not know the reasons behind such an act of theirs and surely it will make you want to know the reasons.

So, here all the common reasons and usual theories behind your Cane Corso’s leaning on have been described


Dominance is arguably the most common reason that makes your Cane Corso lean onto you. Also, naturally, Cane Corsos are dominant and like to act bossy around their owner. So, if your Cane Corso is leaning on you it simply can mean that he wants to show his bossy nature sitting on your feet or invading your space.

Wants Attention:

Except for being dominant, your Cane Corso can lean onto you as an act of asking for your attention. Sometimes, your Corso would like to have some physical interaction with you like cuddling, belly scratches, so at that time he will throw his body on you to grab your attention so that you pet him or cuddle with him.

He will just do it out of sheer attachment to you, it’s normal. Even placing his lead in your lap and putting his legs on yourself is also a part of his leaning onto you.


If your Cane Corso is going through some anxiety or he is stressed, he will lean on you and it’s a sign that your furry friend is asking for security. Sometimes, your Corso can be nervous or afraid of something that time you will notice him coming towards you and lean on you to get both physical and mental support. So leaning can be associated with your Cane Corso’s safety.

Are Cane Corsos Affectionate?

Cane Corsos are really affectionate so don’t go on their bold, powerful, and strong appearance. But the fact is Cane Corsos are actually affectionate, gentle, and loving only with their owners and family members.

Cane Corsos are good at building a strong and deeply loving bond with everyone in his human family and they also act as their ultimate protector.

Also, if Corsos get the right socialization training, they can get affectionate towards little kids as well. But don’t ever expect them to be affectionate around strangers, outside animals/pets/outsider kids because it’s just against their personalities.

Are Cane Corsos Clingy?

Cane Corsos are not clingy at all. They prefer their own private space. But sometimes when they want some physical affection from their owners or want them to stay near, Cane Corsos lean on their masters.

Usually, Cane Corsos are very attached to their masters but they are hardly seen to be clingy and all needy around their masters. They will not throw their body on their owners 24/7, neither will follow their masters all time. They are well-balanced and a non-clingy furry companion.

Can Cane Corso Bond With One Person?

Cane Corso can make the strongest loving bond with one person out of all his family members. It’s not necessary that Cane Corsos will pick only the owner who got him into the family.

They can choose anyone with whom they are mostly attached, feel safe, and whom they adore the most. And it’s a very normal issue.

However, it absolutely doesn’t mean that Cane Corsos will act hostile towards other members. They just love that one person most dearly than anyone.

Do Cane Corsos Bite Their Owners?

There are not reports of Cane Corso’s biting their owners. However, this large dog breed can get excessively aggressive which can turn them into dangerous creatures.

If the Cane Corsos are not properly trained in their puppyhood to get socrealized with other pets and humans, they can become aggressive and can even bite. Also, if they are mistreated by their masters, Cane Corso will show aggression towards them as well.

Why Does My Cane Corso Follow Me Everywhere?

Cane Corsos belong to the Molossus dog family. As they are Molossus dogs, they have learned to serve their masters and spend time with them because they assume their owners as their commanders. So, it’s the reason your Cane Corso is following you everywhere.

Cane Corsos are not a breed of cuddly dogs, therefore, they will not cuddle all time. But they like cuddling sometimes only with their family members and owners. And as a Cane Corso owner, you got to accept that.

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