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Do Cane Corsos Like to Swim? (All You Need to Know)

Cane Corsos are known as a lover of performing all kinds of dog activities and dog activities include both ground and water activities.

Because there are many breeds of dogs that skillfully perform water activities and natural swimmers. Therefore, it raises a hot question regarding this Italian mastiff breed of dogs that, “Do Cane Corsos like to swim?”

So, if you are a Cane Corso owner, you must be wanting to know the answer to this hot question. And this article is going to break down all factors regarding this topic to provide you with valid answers.

Do Cane Corsos Like To Swim?

Cane Corsos like to swim. Because they enjoy taking part in various kinds of dog activities and exercises and it includes swimming too. So, if Cane Corsos get an adequate amount of consistent training in swimming, they learn efficiently and enjoy swimming along with other water activities.

Cane Corsos enjoy swimming and playing in water bodies. As they take swimming and other water activities as a part of their exercises and other activities. Therefore, upon getting a decent amount of persistent training in swimming, Can Corsos learn and perform swimming skillfully without having any difficulties.

However, not all Cane Corsos are supposed to like swimming, especially if they are forced to swim in tiny pools or lakes. Also, their large and heavy body is another reason that makes some of the Corsos dislike swimming.

Can Cane Corso Swim?

Cane Corsos can swim but they are not any natural swimmer dogs. These Italian breeds of mastiff dogs require training to be a good swimmer. Only if Cane Corsos are persistently and properly trained with all required swimming equipment, they can learn to swim effortlessly and even swim skillfully.

There’s a reason why Cane Corsos take swimming seriously and learn to swim. Cane Corsos are naturally intrigued to perform activities and exercises so when they get training for swimming, they take it as a part of their exercise. As a result, they put effort to learn to swim skillfully and can even swim.

But don’t think that all Cane Corso can swim or they will be interested in swimming. No, they will not be because some of the Cane Corsos dislike water and some can’t swim with such a lofty body.

Do Cane Corsos Like To Swim?

Cane Corsos like and enjoy swimming. Especially if Cane Corsos are taken to large water bodies they enjoy swimming and other water activities more. As they can throw their big lofty bodies on the vast water body and paddle in the water effortlessly.

The main reason behind Cane Corso’s fondness for swimming is they assume swimming as an exercise they are assigned to do. It’s known that Cane Corsos are powerful working dogs so they like to immerse themselves in various types of activities and exercise for dogs.

Therefore, when they are being trained for swimming, their athletic sense ignites them to take it seriously, learn it skillfully, and enjoy swimming as any other exercise or work.

Are Cane Corsos Good Swimmer?

Cane Corsos are good swimmers. Corsos have become such good swimmers through the right amount of persistent training.

It’s well known that Cane Corsos responds to training in a good manner. As a result, along with giving a good response to ground activities, Cane Corsos response well to water activities too. 

And if they are provided consistent training in swimming, they find it amusing and perform accordingly the training they get. Therefore, enough training and Cane Corso’s determination to practice make them really good swimmers. 

Also, since Cane Corsos like to work all the time, they take swimming as one of their work and strive to do it in the best way which makes them good swimmers too.

Can You Teach A Cane Corso To Like Water?

You can teach a Cane Corso to like water but to turn him into a water-loving Cane Corso, you got to be persistent and patient while training him.

However, some very simple tricks and tips you surely can adopt while training a Cane Corso dog to love water. And the first tip you should start your training with is to make his bath time fun and exciting so that he gets attracted to water and water activities.

Bath time is the best time for water training and it will make a Corso accept water quickly. So you can use lukewarm water in the first place while bathing him and treat him with tasty treats every time he does a good job. Also, treats work as a good encouraging tool while any kind of training.

The next way is to start training with a kids pool instead of your home’s bathtub. Kiddie pools are much spacious than your bathtub so it will give the Cane Corso a sense of larger water bodies. 

In a kiddie pool, you can play fetching toy games and make a Corso paddle slowly and steadily. When you will notice that the Corso is paddling and balancing his body well in the water, you can increase the water level and he will learn to like water by himself.

The last trick you can use while teaching a Cane Corso to love water is, you can invite another water-loving dog while training a Cane Corso. To see the other dog enjoying water activities so much, your Corso will get intrigued and throw himself into the water following that pooch.

How To Teach My Cane Corso To Like Swimming?

Teaching your Cane Corso dog to like swimming is a matter of a lot of time and patience. But if you are constant with your training, he will surely learn to like swimming. And to make this tricky job easier for you, here a few tips are given that will help you in training your pooch.

Start Training At Young Age:

The very first tip you should adopt while teaching your Cane Corso to love swimming is to start his training in swimming at his very young age.

Because if you introduce water bodies and swimming to him your Corso when he is still a puppy, he tends to be more interested in learning a new activity. 

As puppies are curious about every new thing and learn from the heart. Also, it will reduce the fear of water from his mind.

Start With A Kiddie Pool:

Start teaching your Cane Corso to swim in a kiddie pool so that he doesn’t get traumatized with fear of water.

Also, kiddie pool is extremely narrow and has slow-motion water, so your Corso will learn to figure out how to balance his body and paddle in the water bodies.  Therefore, when he will swim in large water bodies, he will face less problems And will enjoy swimming.

Give Treats:

Treats work as the best encouragement tool as it makes any pooch greedy to get delish treats so they perform tasks in a good manner. So while teaching your Cane Corso to love swimming, you can give them treats every time they swim well and skillfully.

Play Games:

All dogs are fans of games so you can play games as a teaching method to make your Cane Corso love swimming. You can play toss and fetch toy games. For that first start with kiddie pool and toss his favorite toy in the water and then let him swim and fetch the toy.

When you will notice that he is comfortably doing so, expand the area of water bodies and play the games in larger water bodies like big lakes, ponds, or rivers.

What Age Should You Teach Your Dog To Swim?

You should start teaching your dog to swim between the age of two to five months old. Because at this age dogs are very young and they are captivated with every new activity. As they are young learners and have enthusiasm and passion for learning and putting effort they will withstand the first swimming lessons.

Also, if you start training to teach swimming at 2-5 months old, the fear of water bodies will be gone gradually as they will get adjust to swimming in large water bodies as well.

Do Cane Corso Like Water?

Most of the Cane Corso dogs like water if they are introduced and trained to like water in a very exciting way at their young age. But don’t expect that it would work for every Cane Corso dog. Some Corsos may not like water that much.

Cane Corsos are obedient to training and enjoy activities. Therefore, if you can teach your Corso to like water bodies, water games, and swimming when he is just a little pup, he will start liking water as he gets adult.

Do Cane Corsos Like Baths?

Cane Corsos are hesitant to take shower/bath. But if you do the bathing process quickly and use strict commands while bathing them, they will listen to you and will take a bath without being stubborn or bossy. But no matter how much they act reluctant, as an owner you must bathe him regularly and every time he gets dirty.

How Often Should I Wash A Cane Corso?

You have to wash up your Cane Corso dog every 6 to 8 weeks depending on what lifestyle you are providing him. But if he gets really dirty after playing, you should wash him up immediately.

Even though Cane Corsos have a short coat they need a regular bath because their coat is thick and can get dirty easily.

Cane Corsos like swimming but to make them like swimming you got to be persistent with their swimming training and start teaching at their puppyhood.

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