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Does Cane Corso Have Lock Jaw? What’s Their Bite Force?

If you’re considering adopting a Cane Corso and hesitating because of the superstitious “lockjaw” concept, you should know that this theory is based on assumption. And you can bring home your Corso pup any time without any fear of Tetanus.

Does Cane Corso have lock jaw? 

Cane Corsi does not have the physical mechanism of locking the upper and lower jaws together in any healthy way. However, they can bite pretty tight if they’re attacked, provoked, or threatened. Their appearance might be intimidating, but the concept of locking jaws is a myth. 

If you’re wondering whether a Cane Corso has the ability to lock jaws, you’re in an absolute misconception. There is no such thing as “locking jaws” among canines. In fact, it is impossible for any dog to lock their jaws while biting prey physically. 

Moreover, the “locked jaw” concept is a myth that developed during the 1900s centering the bigger dogs, for instance, Bulldogs, German Shepherds, Mastiff, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, including the Cane Corso.

However, you can be absolutely sure that the mentioned term is a myth and no dog has that ability. 

Gradually, these muscular dog breeds started to build up a reputation of having “locked jaws”. Surely, they do have sharp teeth, wide jaws, large heads, and can bite prey down pretty tight.

But their jaws don’t get fixed onto the prey permanently and you can take it off anytime applying force. Whereas, “locked jaw” refers to a situation, when you can’t take a dog’s jaws off from his prey unless he wants to.

Surely, the appearance of a Cane Corso with a large body, strong muscles, wide jaws, and blockheads make him look quite intimidating, but it’s just the looks.

A Cane Corso raised with proper training and socialization, grows up to be an obedient and loyal dog. And he’s very protective and fond of his human family.

Furthermore, a dog with such a huge body requires sufficient food to live. Hence, the wide jaws and sharp teeth. Without the strong jaws, they wouldn’t be able to hunt and live. In the wild, it is their only surviving mechanism. And the wild dogs have been surviving like this since forever. 

That is the reason why they have such strong bites. You can guess the biting force if you play ‘tug of war’ with your Corso, and he wouldn’t let it go. Hence, if you’re planning on adopting a Corso, you can do so without any worries, with having proper knowledge about his size, training, food habits, and temperament issues. Since the lockjaw concept is just a myth that grew out of ignorance.

What does it mean when a dog’s jaw locks? 

If your dog has a locked jaw it could indicate that he’s suffering from tetanus. It is a medical emergency that needs to be treated in no time or the situation may deteriorate. 

In such a scenario, the upper and lower jaw muscles of your pup start contracting and eventually they become locked to each other. Your pooch will be unable to move the jaws and eat and will suffer from acute pain, swelling. The condition may also result in bone shifting or paralysis.

Pooches suffering from lockjaw will also show other illnesses like arthritis, neurological disorders, fever, muscle atrophy, and so on. Moreover, he’ll be prone to losing weight, excess saliva secretion, dehydration, losing appetite, and so on.

However, lockjaw can be treated depending on your pup’s health condition, the severity of the disease, and age. Be careful of your adult dogs since they’re more prone to develop a lockjaw.

What is the bite force of a Cane Corso?

A Cane Corso will not usually bite you unless he gets triggered, provoked, threatened, or senses danger. But the Cane Corso breed has the reputation of biting hard and thus there’s the misconception of having locked jaws among Cane Corso.

Corsos can bite down with an immense force of 700 pounds per square inch. But you can prevent your pup from not getting aggressive and controlling his temperament with correct socialization and upbringing from a very young age. 

Nevertheless, if you’re planning to adopt a Corso any time soon, you must be concerned about the grooming, drooling, size, and temperament issues. Otherwise, there might be some temperament issues and accidents may occur.

You must know that the bite of Cane Corso is quite impressive compared to the bite force of other dogs.

However, the locked jaw concept is considered a myth, and you should know that responsible parents are able to tame a dog and raise an obedient pooch.

How strong is a Cane Corso bite in pounds?

A Cane Corso bite is said to be pretty strong, approximately 700 pounds per square inch (psi). Such a strong bite is rare in the dog world. They also have strong muscle force with a huge body and intense eyes. Hence, Cane Corsi might appear somewhat intimidating to other dogs and humans.

Does a Cane Corso bite harder than a lion?

You will be surprised to know that a Cane Corso bites harder than a lion. A typical mature lion has a bite force of around 650 pounds per square inch (psi); whereas, that of a Cane Corso is more or less 700 pounds per square inch (psi).

You don’t need to worry about your Cane Corso; since he’ll not exert the same pressure every time, he’s biting something off like his food, kibbles, or balls.

Considering your Cane’s body structure, wide jaws, and broadhead; he’ll need a stronger bite force to satisfy his hunger.

However, lions being social cat animals are supposed to have weak bite force for hunting and living.

Will a Cane Corso attack an intruder? 

Cane Corsi was bred to act as guard dogs; hence, they’re naturally very protective to their human family. So, if you’re messing around with a Cane Corso, or he feels threatened, he’ll most likely become aggressive and attack you.

It is believed that Cane Corsi are extremely intelligent dogs and are able to assess a scenario rigorously and eventually sense danger. Any small threat makes a Cane Corso alert and he becomes desperate to save his family.

You’ll notice him barking at or running off to his potential suspect and return back to his human family to make sure everyone is safe.

How dangerous is a Cane Corso?

The bigger size and mass of any dog can make it look dangerous and intimidating. Cane Corso has a dark and muscular appearance which may often make him seem to be dangerous. But with proper socialization from an early age, you can raise an obedient Cane Corso.

Cane Corsi was bred to be guard dogs; hence are extremely loyal to their family and owner. So there are times when a Cane Corso becomes aggressive and dangerous to protect their human family.

However, a Cane Corso raised with early socialization will not be a danger to others. If you’re considering adopting a Cane Corso, you must be aware of their temperament issues.

Exposure to strangers and other dogs since his puppyhood will make your pooch less aggressive and his temperament will remain under control.

A Cane Corso raised improperly without socialization often grows as a dangerous and aggressive canine.

Why does my Cane Corso bite me?

There might be various reasons behind your Cane Corso biting you. Cane Corsi has a reputation of pleasing their owners and love to bond with their human family. So if your Cane Corsi is suddenly acting out and has started biting, this is a matter of concern.

If you didn’t train and socialize him properly, he’s most likely to develop temperament issues and become aggressive. Hence, it is of earnest importance that you train a Cane Corsi correctly from a young age.

Your Cane Corso may also bite you if he’s suffering from separation anxiety. Cane Corsi love to be with their humans and want their presence all the time.

However, it could also be that your dog is having any medical issues. Hence, he’s in pain and unable to express himself; as a result, getting frustrated. If this situation keeps exaggerating, it’s better to consult a professional.

That being said, Cane Corsi are amazing companions to have considering their devotion to the owners and loyalty. Not to mention, the strong, big, and muscular appearance make this breed pretty attractive. Moreover, a Cane Corsi can also be your guard dog and you can relax throughout the night.

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