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Can Cane Corsos Live in Apartments or Outside? (Answered)

The cane corso falls under the working dog category. They are big, friendly and fun-loving companions who also love being given tasks!

Cane corsos can adjust to living both outside and in an apartment, depending on the conditions and facilities provided. If you are looking for a gentle and big cuddly companion, a cane corso might be the right dog for you.

Can Cane Corsos live outside?

Cane Corso can live outside, although it heavily depends on the conditions and environment. Staying outside is a good choice for cane corsos to move around and stretch comfortably. However, they can’t tolerate extreme weather and will require additional care if it does come down to it.

Cane corsos are very active dogs and they would love to live outside if given the chance. Being outside gives them a lot of space to run around and exercise, which will keep them healthy and reduce risks of developing various health related problems.

One thing to keep in mind is that, although cane corso has the ability to adjust to cold and hot weather changes; it does take time to adjust.

However, it is completely fine if you want to share an apartment with a cane corso; If you have enough space for the dog to run around and play.

Are Cane Corso good outside dogs?

Yes, cane corso are good outside dogs. Since they prefer staying in an environment where they can run around and play, staying outside would be a good choice for them.

It would be ideal to build a shelter or doghouse for a cane corso outside, in your yard. This will give the dog a large amount of space to run around freely as well as stay within your eyesight when you need him!

However, you still need to keep an eye on him if it gets too cold. Because just like any dog, they require an extra bit of help when the weather starts to shift.

Can Cane Corso live outside in winter? 

They can live outside in the winter, but they will need your help staying warm if it gets too cold. You can give them a dog coat or sweater if it gets too cold, and you might have to bring them inside if the temperature drops below 30ºF.

Cane Corso can adjust to colder weather; they will need a bit of time and your help to adjust.

They naturally shed their fur during the end of summer or late spring to prepare for winter. What this means is that they get enough time to grow a thicker coat in time for winter by shedding.

To help them adjust to the cold winter temperature, you can start by training them in summer. You can do this by letting them stay outside during the late spring or summer seasons which will allow them to naturally shed and adjust to the lowering temperature.

However, you will need to monitor if they are in fact growing a thicker coat or not. If they grow short thin coats then it is best to keep them inside. This is because some cane corso might not be able to grow a thicker coat.  

How cold is too cold for a Cane Corso? 

Cane corso are known to be excessive shedders due to their natural ability to adjust to the cold. However, there is a limit to which they can handle the cold.

It is recommended that if the temperature drops to 32-30º(F), they should be brought inside.

You should keep them in a heated room when the temperature drops lower. You can give them a dog coat or sweater if you cannot keep them in a heated room.

You also have to keep in mind that they need enough time to adjust to the changing temperature and need your assistance to do so. If you plan on keeping them outside your house, it is best to build a dog house or shelter that is well insulated.

Are Cane Corso good in cold weather? 

Cane Corso is good in cold weather if it is not extreme. Cane Corso can adjust to temperature changes because of their two layered heavy coats of fur.

Just like any other dog, the cane corso shed their fur; but you may have heard they shed excessively. This is because they are getting ready to adapt to the surrounding changes.

Cane corso shed just like any other dog during the summer and late spring. This is their way of preparing for winter. By shedding the previous grown layer, a thicker coat of fur grows underneath it which keeps them warm in the cold.

Can Cane Corsos live in apartments? 

Cane Corsos can live inside an apartment. However, they need to be provided with a big enough space to run around and play. They are laid-back and playful dogs, so they will like staying with you in an apartment. One thing you should keep in mind is that they tend to shed quite a bit.

If you have enough space for the dog to run around and play, he would be delighted to share an apartment with you. In fact you won’t even need to worry too much about the weather since he will be inside and warm with you.

Cane corso are very affectionate, loyal and friendly dogs, they will guard you and play with you with all they have.

However, cane corso are dogs that naturally shed a lot which is one of the reasons why people do not want to keep them inside. 

You also have to keep in mind that cane corso falls under the working dogs category, which means that they need to stay active in order to stay healthy and happy.

Are Cane Corso good apartment dogs?

Cane Corso are good apartment dogs, they just need a bit of assistance. They are good with other dogs and friendly with humans.

If they are getting their needed amount of exercise and kept well hydrated, they should be able to live comfortably in an apartment.

Since they are “working dogs”, they have the need to do jobs otherwise they feel empty. You can train them to do little tasks which will keep both you and the dog happy.

As mentioned earlier, they shed quite a bit; this is something you need to be aware of. Don’t worry, you just need to do a little extra vacuuming and you’re good to go.

Do apartments allow Cane Corso? 

Although dog breed restrictions depend on each apartment, cane corso is one of the dogs that landlords commonly put in their restriction lists.

You will need to check in with the apartment landlord to see if they have a list of restricted dog breeds beforehand to be sure.

However, there are ways in which you can prove to the landlord that your dog is friendly and get the apartment of your choice as well.

The first thing you can do is by keeping a pet file with all their training accomplishments and vet visit records.

It is crucial that you keep a record of all the time and effort you put into training your pet. The records have to be detailed so that the landlord is convinced of your dog’s accomplishments.

Another thing you can do is, offer to provide pet insurance in case there are any mishaps.

Providing enough evidence of your dog’s good behavior should help convince your landlord.

Can Cane Corso be left alone? 

Cane corso are very affectionate dogs and get attached to their human family quickly. This means that they require a sufficient amount of exercise and interaction, otherwise they will start showing destructive behavior.

If they are getting proper exercise and playtime each day, they can be left alone for four to eight hours. However, this is only if they are given proper mental and physical stimulus.

If they do not get sufficient interaction time, such as playing, exercise and tasks each day, they get anxious and feel empty.

If you are looking for a playful companion who will also guard you, cane corso are a good choice. It is best to keep in mind that just like any other dog, cane corso also requires patience and love.

They might need a little extra care and attention, but the results are worth it, you will be rewarded with a lifelong companion who loves you forever.

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