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Can Cane Corso Live with Other Dogs? (Quick Answers)

If you already have a dog or small cat at your home and are planning to adopt a Cane Corso, the thought of whether a Cane Corso would get along with your other dogs must have crossed your mind.

However, if it didn’t, you must give it a thought since Cane Corsos often don’t like other dogs around them.

 Can Cane Corso live with other dogs?

Cane Corso is an incredibly smart dog breed usually having no issues with other dogs but often seems to dislike the presence of the same sex canine. However, with early socialization, you can train a Cane Corso to live with other dogs since they do great as family dogs and love to live in a pack.

Cane Corso has a few temperament issues and they love to have their master’s attention all the time. If a Cane Corso doesn’t get proper socialization and exposure to other dogs since puppyhood, he might get aggressive with having other dogs around when adult.

Nevertheless, you can fix these temperament issues with correct socialization from an early age. But you have to give love and attention to all your pets equally. Or else, a Cane Corso may get jealous and dominate your other pooches.

How do Cane Corsos do with other dogs?

With early socialization and exposure to other dogs, Cane Corsos are most likely to be friendly with other dogs. They’ll be like a guardian figure towards your other dogs and might growl or snap at them if they notice anything wrong.

However, if the Cane Corso is your only pet, you might want to watch out while taking him on walks as he might get aggressive with other dogs. Such behavior is common because a Cane Corso is extremely territorial and also protective of his owner.

Nonetheless, with adequate training and socialization, you can curb this aggressive behavior. If you raise a Cane Corso with other puppies together, he’s most likely to be a very responsible guardian and watchdog.

Do Cane Corso get along with other dogs easily?

Usually, a Cane Corso gets along with other dogs easily if properly trained during puppyhood. But he might have a negative attitude towards dogs of the same sex.

If you’re bringing home a new puppy, you have to give time to your Cane Corso to socialize and be friendly with him. But don’t leave them alone. As an adult cane, Corso isn’t very fond of other dogs in the house as they’re territorial.

Nevertheless, if your pooch has been exposed to other dogs since an early age, he’ll most likely be compatible with other dogs in no time.

When does Cane Corso get aggressive?

Five reasons why your Cane Corso gets aggressive-

Temperament issues:

Cane Corso doesn’t like canines of the same sex around themselves. And is often seen to growl and bark at the dogs of same-sex if crosses his territory. However, neutering your pup may solve this issue.

Protective Nature:

A Cane Corso is overprotective of his human family. He’ll immediately chase other dogs or animals away if he feels threatened. He wants his human family to be safe and protected. Eventually, this behavior may get too intense, you may find your pup getting violent too.

Lack of Socialization:

Your Cane Corso may show an aggressive attitude towards other dogs if he didn’t get enough exposure during his puppyhood. A Cane Corso raised with inadequate socialization is most likely to misbehave in front of strangers and other dogs.

Being Territorial:

A Cane Corso is extremely territorial and tends to get aggressive when another dog or cat approaches near his territory. He’s also possessive of his belongings and dives away from anyone who gets close to his stuff.

Frustration and Anxiety:

If your Cane Corso is frustrated or is suffering from separation anxiety; it may often lead to redirected aggression. And your pup will take out his frustration on anything or anyone. He’s most likely to get aggressive with other dogs in such a situation and may harm himself or others.

Can Cane Corso live with small dogs?

It might not be the best idea to mix a Cane Corso with small dogs. Cane Corso is notorious for being extremely territorial and protective of their human family. Moreover, they have high prey drive since they were previously bred to act as guard dogs.

However, if you plan to do so anyway, you must engage your cane Corso in early socialization and exposure to other dogs.

You have to make sure to give equal attention to all your puppies; or else a Cane Corso might get aggressive as he’s pretty possessive of his owner. Keep an eye on them from time to time.

How can I get my Cane Corso to get along with other dogs?

Five tips to get your Cane Corso along with other dogs-

Socialize with other dogs:

You can make your Cane Corso get along with other dogs starting with early socialization. Introduce this training when he’s still a puppy. Puppies learn more when they are 6 weeks to 4 months old. Vaccinate your pup before starting this process.

Train him to follow commands:

Ensure your pup obeys your commands and acknowledges you as the alpha. Start with commanding him “SIT”, “STOP”, “DOWN”, “UP”, etc. Thus, you can stop him if any chaos occurs.

Explore the experiences:

Take your pup to a different place like a yard or park away from your home since Cane Corsos can get very territorial and possessive when other dogs approach his territory. Also, do some research on the other dog you’re taking your Cane Corso to socialize with.

Do not push boundaries:

Observe how much socialization your Cane Corso can bear a day. Don’t force him to play with other dogs if he doesn’t want to anymore. Call it a day off and take him home. Remember Cane Corsos naturally doesn’t like to be around other dogs. Start with baby steps.

Positive reinforcements:

Always praise and reward your Cane Corso every time he sees another dog and ignores it, while out on a walk. It encourages your pup to develop positive behavior. Never use the adhesive training method, as it will only indulge him in getting aggressive.

What were Cane Corso dogs bred for?

The breeding of Cane Corso dogs began during the Roman reign. The Roman Empire bred them to be guard dogs and protectors. Cane Corsos used to hunt after the warfare and protect the livestock.

The term ‘Corso’ literally translates as guardian or protector. Cane Corsos would help with swine breeding, controlling wild boars, and bull-baiting.

Hence, Cane Corsos naturally have dominating instincts and are dedicated to protecting their human family. So if you plan to adopt a Cane Corso, you have to start with proper training. Or else, he might get overprotective and develop bad behavior.

Are Cane Corso dogs friendly?

Cane Corso dogs are very friendly and loyal companions to human beings. They’re also known as the guardian and protector dogs, but often seem to have few temperament issues.

Initially, Cane Corsos would babysit infants in Ancient Rome. It is said that they adored children and used to play with them. Moreover, they used to guard and protect livestock and farm buildings.

However, Cane Corsos are a bit aloof towards dogs of the same sex. Hence, they often get territorial if they notice a new dog around their territory. Because of their protective nature, they get suspicious of strangers.

Apart from this, Cane Corsos are very friendly. And you can curb their temperament issues with early socialization and proper training.

Are Cane Corso dogs safe?

Cane Corso dogs are safe when raised with adequate socialization and proper training. However, their strong and muscular physique, wide jaws, and blockheads often make them potentially dangerous dogs.

Cane Corsos are considerably intimidating to look at. And they naturally have dominating instincts. So if you’re adopting a Cane Corso, you have to be a dedicated owner, and ready to invest a lot of time in training and grooming your pup.

Furthermore, if you don’t take charge, your Cane Corso will establish himself as the alpha, and develop bad behavior.

Is Cane Corso friendly with children?

Over the centuries, Cane Corsos have proved themselves to be fiercely loyal and protective to their owner families. Moreover, due to their protective nature, they’re often seen to guard human babies and play with them.

Cane Corsos were used to guard and protect young children in Ancient Rome. However, you have to keep in mind to properly train and socialize your Cane Corso to be friendly with kids.

What’s better male or female Cane Corso?

Male Cane Corso tend to be bigger, more territorial, courageous, and daring; while female Cane Corsos are faster, agile, and have protective instincts. Both genders have different advantages; hence, it is up to you to decide which one is better for you.

However, if you’re a first-time dog owner, you should opt for female Cane Corso, as they’re easy to train, more obedient, and loyal. They’re also very comfortable around kids.

On the contrary, male Corsos would make amazing guard dogs and protect your family. But they can get extremely territorial and aggressive in certain cases. Hence, male Corso is not suitable for first-time dog owners.

All in all, Cane Corsos are amazing dogs to have in your family. With proper socialization, you along with your Cane Corso and other pets would be able to have some quality time and make beautiful memories.

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