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Do Bernedoodles Jump? (All You Need to Know)

Bernedoodles are a wonderful mix of Bernese Mountain dogs and Poodles, some even call them the perfect crossbreed. Known to be loyal, stubborn yet of calm temperament, Bernedoodles make a great companion.

An ideal dog is well-behaved, tolerates strangers, and welcomes friends and other pets. Bernedoodles can be argued to be the model of the ideal dog, granted they have to be trained and socialized for it. Speaking of good behavior,

Do Bernedoodles jump?

Since they show exceptional temperament, under the guidance of a proper owner and trainer, a good Bernedoodle will avoid most behavioral issues such as jumping and biting. Unless trained, Bernedoodles will jump like any other breed, which becomes a problem later on due to their rather large stature.

Most owners agree that Bernedoodles are affectionate and loving pets, and make the ideal dog for almost everyone when trained suitably. New owners will report some bad behavior issues such as jumping and biting, especially when young.

They usually do this to get the attention of their owners or the people around them. While it seems harmless and rather endearing when young, it becomes a hassle when they grow up and put their whole weight on the person or object they are jumping on or to.

The only way to decrease this habit is to consistently train them from a young age by rewarding when on 4 on the floor and desensitizing your own greetings so both of you are calm when greeting each other.

Why do Bernedoodles jump?

Bernedoodles jump for the same reasons other breeds do. To detrain them out of it, it will do us good to know why they do it so it’s easier to work around it.


Especially as a puppy, a Bernedoodle may jump simply because it is excited to see you. Puppies are very obviously known to exhibit puppy-like behaviors such as jumping and nipping to show curiosity and excitement.

Wanting to be closer to the person or object: 

The second reason why Bernedoodles jump is to get closer to the person or object of their desire. Dogs greet and explore the world by their mouths, so it makes sense as to why they would jump to get closer to what they want to know.

Attention seeking:

A Bernedoodle jumping isn’t necessarily aggressive behavior. If they are jumping on you, chances are they want something from you- let it be food, toys, or even some pats from you. They want attention from you, the owner, and jumping allows them to get as close as possible.

It should be noted that most puppies do not jump to be naughty or to anger their masters, so punishing them for it will not do them any good. Rather than punishing them, it is better and more effective to train this habit out of them.

Do Bernedoodles jump fences?

While jumping is good when you want your Bernedoodle to get in and out of places, it can be bad if they are jumping when they shouldn’t, bringing harm to themselves and potentially beings around them.

Bernedoodles can’t handle being left alone for too long, for they tend to suffer from separation anxiety. Since they need continuous human interaction, this means Bernedoodles will jump fences like any other dogs when they aren’t being given proper attention and the fence isn’t high enough.

Can Bernedoodles jump high?

Bernedoodles are active dogs with a large stature, so they can jump pretty high.

A four-foot-high fence might not be enough to deter a big breed such as Bernedoodle.

It’s recommended to get a tall fence in one go rather than making additions since it can adversely teach them to jump higher with each extension.

How high can a Bernedoodle jump?

Now that we know Bernedoodles can jump pretty high- to have proper precautions to stop it, it’s good to know how high they can jump.

A full-sized Bernedoodle can jump as high as 4-5 feet in the air. Some can cross the 6 or 7 feet limit as well.

Do Bernedoodles run away?

How your Bernedoodle is going to depend greatly on what traits they get from their parents.

In general, their impulse to wander or roam is about average, compared to other breeds. They might sometimes want to explore the world around them and break free, but usually, they prefer staying home with their owners.

Just in case, it’s a good idea to teach them to get back to you on command.

Are Bernedoodles stubborn?

Bernedoodles can be stubborn when they are young pups, but it is reported that this tendency fades with age.

Generally, as puppies, they are more headstrong and stubborn more so than what you deem average. This will however be less of an issue if they are trained properly from a young age with dedication and effort.

This stubbornness comes from their Bernese Mountain genealogy, but with habitual training combined with their Poodle smarts, they can learn to follow through and obey commands.

How do I stop my Bernedoodle from jumping and biting?

An excited Bernedoodle can jump and nip at its owners which can sometimes be problematic. Usually, they do this to get your attention and is harmless in intention, so punishing them for it won’t do any good.

If you want your pup to stop jumping, or let them understand it is undesirable, try doing the following options.

  • Disengage by turning away, fold your arms, and give the command “off” or it’s equivalent.
  • If your canine tries to follow you around and continue jumping, keep disengaging until they do. Calmly praise them for an excited voice or action that can trigger the jumping again.
  • Command them to sit and praise them again, even give them a pat.

Once they realize that jumping isn’t getting them the attention they desire but following commands do- they will learn the behavior. However, make sure to be consistent and give them the devotion they want when they are sitting quietly but wagging their tails to demand your attention.

To stop their biting, here a few things you can do-

  • Substitute your limbs with chew toys when you want to pet your furry friend. When you are reaching out to give them a pat, have a toy or chew treat in the other hand to redirect their chewing and biting tendencies onto that.
  • You could also try the “OUCH!” method where you let the pup know their actions are hurting you. You do this by whining, crying, and whimpering- basically letting them know that hurts and turning your back to them until they calm down.

Now you can give them a toy and pet them again. Do it enough and they should understand they should not be biting and hurting you and will act accordingly.

Bernedoodles are great companions that are friendly, happy, and a joy to be with. Train them with diligence and treat them well to see them flourish and do their best to give you all the love they are capable of.

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