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Can Bernedoodles Handle Hot and Cold Weather? (Answered)

The temperature of your beloved bernedoodle’s environment can prove to be the best or worst thing for them. Therefore, it is crucial that the place they live has a temperature their body is accustomed to. The goal here is to make sure they are comfortable in their own skin.

Do bernedoodles like hot weather?

Bernedoodles can tolerate very hot weather but do not like it. They prefer to stay indoors during hotter days. It is best to always keep cool water available for them to drink and also keep them away from direct sunlight and heat. This will help prevent heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Do Bernedoodles get hot in the summer?

Bernedoodles can bear varying temperatures but are known to get hot in the summer. The temperature and their individual size and thickness of their fur coat determine how hot they will get in summer.

They also lose their energy very quickly in the heat as they try to keep themselves cool by panting. This takes a lot of energy. Older Bernedoodles and puppies tend to get more affected by the heat.

Bernedoodle summer heat tolerance:

Bernedoodle can tolerate up to 86°F. But they can only tolerate temperatures this high only for a short span of time. Since they don’t sweat other than through their paws and nose, the only way to cool down is by repeatedly panting.

This can sometimes cause them to suffer a heat stroke or other heat-associated health problems. And the concerning thing is, it takes mere minutes for this to occur.

Should I shave my Bernedoodle in the summer?

You can shave your Bernedoodle during the summer. But it is advised not to because shaving the fur changes the texture of it.

It might grow back in a more coarse texture which will collect dirt and debris more easily. Plus, their fur actually works as a protective layer against the sun’s harmful UV rays.

You can instead opt for a more trimmed hair-cut for the summer to keep them cool. Brushing them regularly will also prevent knots and get rid of hair that they shed. By removing this you can ensure air cooling their skin underneath.

How do I keep my bernedoodle cool?

If summer is in full swing where you are located, some easy ways can help keep your Bernedoodle stay cool while they enjoy playing and running around in the summer months.

Cooling mat:

You can set out a Doggie Cooling Mat for your dog. You can store it in the refrigerator overnight and then lay it out the next day. Your Bernedoodle can now chill outside without the fear of overheating.


Create shades for your Bernadoodle to rest under. A tree would work or you can add a patio umbrella, pop-up canopies or even a tiny dog tent to rest while playing outdoors.

Accessible cool water:

Cool water should always be accessible to them for drinking. But you can kick it up a notch by getting a small dog pool for them to splash and swim in.

Frozen treats:

Frozen treats can be a blessing for them in the hot summer days. You can simply fill their chew top with their favorite treats and freeze it or place their treats in an ice cube to freeze. It will turn it into a game for them to get to their treats.

Accessible grass area:

You can also encourage them to play and run only on grass. The pavement tends to get heated in summer which can be painful for their paws.

How often should I bathe my Bernedoodle?

You should bathe your Bernedoodle once every three to four months. You should avoid bathing them too often because it can cause their coat to be stripped of its natural oils which protects it.

This oil is needed to keep your Bernedoodle’s skin and coat healthy and moisturized.

Do bernedoodles like cold weather?

Bernedoodles not only like the cold weather but thrive in it.  They usually have an ample amount of body fat and long, thick fur. This makes them much more suited for the winter months. They also prefer to play outside when it is snowing and refuse to come back indoors.

Are Bernedoodles good in the snow?

Bernedoodles love when the weather gets colder and do exceptionally well in the snow. This is mainly due to their thick coats keeping them warm.

Their ancestors are Bernese Mountain Dogs who spent cold and long winters looking for people who might have lost their way in the mountains. This helps to explain their love for everything related to cold and snowy weather.

Even though they have evolved into much more domesticated dogs, they will still happily assist you with your chores in the snow like guarding and herding the sheep and even protect you from any threats.

Do bernedoodles like snow?

Bernedoodles love snow when it is accompanied with cold weather. Since, their thick and long fur keeps them warm. The snow is where they are most comfortable.

They can stay out for hours in the snow playing by themselves with no assistance. This also helps them get ample amounts of exercise which they have been denied in summer because of the scorching heat.

How cold is too cold for a Bernedoodle?

Bernedoodle are dogs who are happiest in a cold climate. However, when the temperature drops below 20°F it becomes harder for their bodies to sustain the required normal body temperature.

They begin to lose body heat rapidly and also their energy as they try to keep themselves warm, this can make them much more prone to cold-associated health problems such as hypothermia and frostbite.

Therefore, it is recommended by American Veterinary Medical Foundation not to leave Bernedoodles or any pets outside below-freezing temperature for a prolonged period of time.

Does my bernedoodle need a sweater?

Bernedoodles are naturally equipped for colder climates with their thick fur coats. Therefore, they don’t need a sweater.

However, if you plan on letting them play in the snow with below-freezing temperatures and a longer period of time, it is best to bundle them up with a sweater to avoid hypothermia and other cold-related illnesses.

Also, if your Bernedoodle is matured or suffers from any diseases, it is best to protect them with a sweater from the cold as it might be unbearable for their ailing age and weakened immune system.

How to keep a bernedoodle warm in winter?

Bernedoodles are totally in their element during the cold, winter months! But as an owner, you need to take precaution to make sure they are safe and warm at all times during the winter months.

Time their time outside:

Bernedoodcles love to play and run outside especially during colder months. The exercise is very beneficial for their body and mind but you need to track how much time they spent outside.

If they are violently shivering after hours in the snow, it means you need to cut down on their time outside.

Feed them well:

Your Bernedoodles should be well fed at all times but mainly during winter to keep them warm and energized.

A well-balanced diet consisting of whole foods and raw meat will keep their energy levels high. Also, try to keep warm water accessible for them to drink.

Warm bedding:

It is important to make sure your dog is warm and comfortable during cold, winter nights. Don’t let him sleep on the floor during winter.

You can make him a bed with covers and blankets surrounding him in a doughnut shape for maximum heat retention. This will help maintain their body temperature as they sleep.

Shorter and fewer baths:

It is best to limit the number of baths during winter months since it will take them longer to dry and get warm again. And also wash them indoors with warm water and try to dry their fur as quickly as possible.

Maintenances of their fur:

Avoid trimming or shaving your Bernedoodle during winter months as their fur is the main source of warmth for them.

But since the fur is longer, it becomes prone to knotting and matting. In order to avoid this, you should regularly brush and comb out the knots.

If you implement this in your and your dog’s winter routine, they will stay both happy and healthy during their favorite time of the year.

Can Bernedoodles live outside?

Even though Bernedoodles are dogs that can tolerate a wide range of temperatures and conditions, they prefer to live indoors.

They have evolved to live as a family dog around people. They want to be in close proximity to their owner and be deeply involved in everything their owners do.

However, if you can’t keep them indoors it’s important to make them a doghouse which will be both comfortable and safe for them to reside in.

An insulated dog house maybe just the thing they need. It will keep the cold during winter and the heat out during hot, summer days as it is insulated against the environment outside.

To make them more comfortable, you can lay out a cooling mat and cool water in a bowl for them during summer. Similarly, make them a warm and cozy bed for winter with thick covers and blankets.

Bernedoodles do well in both summer and winter even though they prefer the cold winter months. You can keep them comfortable during both seasons with the help of a few products and regular maintenance of their needs and wants.

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