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Do Bernedoodles Like to Cuddle? How Do They Show Affection?

We’ve all wanted a Bernedoodle in our homes at one point. And why not? The breed of dogs is furry and can be mistaken for a teddy bear.

If you’re looking to get a Bernedoodle for the cuddles, you really shouldn’t think twice.

Do bernedoodles like to cuddle?

Bernedoodles have endless love for cuddling and snuggling with their owners. This is one trait of this breed that makes them popular as family dogs. Bernedoodles are affectionate and loving dogs that thrive on human companionship. They want to be around their family all the time.

Do mini bernedoodles like to cuddle?

Like the breed, the miniature bernedoodles also love to cuddle with their human family. With a height of just 10 to 15 inches at most, mini bernedoodles have become one of the most popular family pets.

People love to have mini bernedoodles at home, especially apartment owners because of their cuddly and friendly nature.

They are amicable and adjust well with all the members of the family, especially children. Bonus is they usually don’t shed a lot, and the furry cute beings are sharp in mind.

Are bernedoodles affectionate?

Bernedoodles are one of the most affectionate breeds to have at home. They are social, friendly and spending time with their favorite humans is what they love to do most.

These canines are also loyal and loving towards babies and other pets. In fact, they do not want to be left alone and wish to cuddle, lean on and nudge their owners all day long if they could.

How do bernedoodles show affection?

Like all loving dogs, Bernedoodles love to show off the affection they have for their human friends. Here are a few ways in which they display that adoration:

Physical Contact:

Cuddling and sitting on your lap is not the only way these loving teddy-like pups show affection. If you haven’t noticed already, they would do anything to touch you. That is a display of affection for dogs like bernedoodles.

They would contact their owners through some friendly nudging, or nose rubbing. They would even just lean on you at lazy times and sometimes they would lick you to show the love.

Eye contact:

Another way for dogs to tell you that you are their favorite thing in the world is by simply looking into your eyes. While some people think this might be creepy, for loving breeds, this makes them feel more secured and closer to their family.

At times, if they are moving their tails or legs with the staring, you might want to assume they want to tell you something.

If there’s no emergency need and you catch your puppy trying to make eye contact with you, you may want to stare right back at them. Eye contact with your pet has been proven to increase the bond between both.

Sleeping on your bed:

A Bernedoodle, much like other dogs, has some subtle ways of showing care and admiration for its human friends. At times, they would quietly get up on your bed and sleep on it while you are present.

This is something they would do while you are sleeping yourself or simply relaxing, watching television. When dogs sleep on your bed, it is a way of showing trust and a strong bond. They also do so for more warmth and a feeling of protection.

Jumping and rolling:

You might have noticed the visible excitement of your little doodle dog when you get back home after a few hours. They miss you dearly while you are away and show that when they see you again.

Bernedoodles jump and roll over their back to show the excitement. When they roll over, they are expecting you to rub their belly to show some of that affection back at them.

Depending on how they were brought up if your canine is too attached to you they might even follow you around the home.

Favorite toy giveaway:

One of the cutest ways a Bernedoodle shows you some fondness and affection is by offering you what they love. They would be playing by themselves and on seeing you they could bring you their favorite toy.

If your dog does this, be sure that you mean the world to them. It’s time to put up that phone and play with your little social dog and show them the same admiration.

Are Bernedoodles Velcro dogs?

Bernedoodles thrive on human attachments and bonding and don’t do very well when they are left alone, even for a few hours. Although they are not always considered Velcro dogs, they do show some strong traits of being one.

However, they can become Velcro dogs depending on lack of training, your attention, and early socializing. Often a bernedoodle would act more needy and attached when they have not received an adequate amount of attention.

Velcro dogs are referred to as pets that are extremely clingy and need to stay by their owners all the time. Not doing so makes them behave aggressively at times. Although this is also true for Bernedoodles, they are more amicable if trained right.

What are bernedoodles bred for?

Bernedoodles are a special breed and a mix of 50% of a poodle and a Bernese Mountain dog. These fluffy, teddy bear-like dogs are specially bred to become family dogs. They are perfect to be companion dogs for any size of family or active owners.

What’s so great about bernedoodles, making them perfect for people wanting a safe dog is their conduct with children. They are calm and gentle but can be quite energetic as well, so everyone can have a playtime session.

How much attention do Bernedoodles need?

Bernedoodles are considerably communal and demand human affection, contact, and time to thrive and be happy. They love the companionship of their human friends and prefer to be by their sides all the time.

They can be left alone, but not for more than a few hours. It is always better to keep the company at home with your doodles while you are away. If they feel neglected, they could be behaving in a needy way.

Are bernedoodles friendly?

Bernedoodles are one of the most friendly, social, and loving dogs to have in any home. This designer breed is not only perfect for adults, they get along with other pets and children just fine. In fact, the more companionship they have, the happier they get.

These affectionate dogs will be happy to be cuddling all day but would also love some quality, high-energy play time, as long as their favorite human is around. Because of their clingy nature, they are sometimes considered to be Velcro dogs.

These docile pets can be the friendliest dogs in the world if they are socialized well as a puppy. Not doing so could make them. 

Do Bernedoodles like to snuggle?

Bernedoodles love for cuddles and snuggles is known to everyone. If you want a dog that would never make a fuss about snuggling out the lazy days with you, these furry little pets are the ones you’d love the most.

Bernedoodles are loving and affectionate. One of the many traits that make them an absolute favorite for active owners is their fondness to cuddle and spend quality time with the family.

Looking like teddy bears themselves, they will maintain some form of physical contact with you, whether it is just leaning on your shoulders or making you rub on their belly when you get home.

Do Bernedoodles get separation anxiety?

Like any other dogs, Bernedoodles can also suffer from separation anxiety if they feel neglected and left alone. This certainly does not mean you’d have to be along their side 24 hours a day, but it would be untrue if we said that Bernedoodles don’t want attention.

Bernedoodles are happiest when they spend time with their favorite humans. If they are not getting the appropriate attention or time, they could resort to barking and whining. Sometimes they might get slightly hostile towards strangers or start to chew on things.

With early training and socializing as a puppy, you can leave them alone for a few hours to be on their own. They would still be upset about it, and that’s why they are considered to have Velcro traits.

Are Bernedoodles a good family dog?

Bernedoodles are excellent family dogs. In fact, they are particularly bred to be companion dogs that can fit and adjust into any family size.

 For active owners looking to have a pet that loves to play and socialize with the entire family, there is no better pup than a doodle. Besides, the breed is fiercely loyal as well

Whether you have little children at home or other pets, you can be sure that the Bernedoodle will gel into their new home in some time. At first, they can be stubborn but the breed is quite an intelligent one and learns to cope in no time.

Who doesn’t love a dog that is loyal, loving, and loves to cuddle? Bernedoodles are all that with the bonus of looking like the cutest teddy bears.

They will keep you company white looking out for you. They would play with other dogs and children but be sure to give them the time and attention they expect!

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