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Will Dog Poop on Bed? (Reasons Revealed)

If you are a dog owner, you must have faced weird behavior changes in your beloved pet. But how would you feel when you will find your dog has pooped on the bed?

Won’t that be irritating? The answer is yes! But you need to handle the situation carefully.

Because if a dog is not trained properly, then it is not very unusual. But if your pet is well trained and poops continuously on the dog bed for days, then do not wait anymore. Take it directly to a vet.

So why dogs do that? You might be asking this question. Read further and find all your answers.

Will Dog Poop on Bed?

Dogs do poop on the bed. But If the dogs are well trained, they do not do it intentionally. The well-mannered ones do it out of stress, fear, anxiousness, and poor physical conditions. They also need immediate medical attention. But If a dog is not well trained, then It is pretty normal for them.

6 reasons why dogs poop on bed

Dogs are just like little kids. They want pampering and care from their owner. Though they can be mischievous at times, it doesn’t mean that they will continuously poop on the bed.

There are reasons behind this weird behavior. So, let us explore it together.


Animals love attention. So, when they are not getting enough, they feel lonely. It leads them to unnecessary anxiety and panic attacks.

According to ASPCA, loneliness is one of the prominent causes that your dog is pooping on the bed.

This organization also says that when your dog is stressed, it prefers areas where it can find your smell. The bed is the place where dogs can easily find your scent.

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You are probably very busy at work. But that little heart does not understand it and feels lonely at home. So, to feel close to you, it mostly spends time in bed and even addresses natures’ call there.

If you suddenly have a separation from a long relationship or marriage, it also takes a toll on your dog. For this sudden change, they feel more stressed out.

Adopting a new one

When you are adopting a new pet, your previous one might feel left out. Suddenly if it sees a shift in your attention span, it starts to feel less connected to you.

Dogs are just like babies. When you are dedicating yourself to the new one, the separation hurts them. Then, out of grief, they might pee or poop on the bed.


Your dog might be afraid of loud or upsetting sounds coming from the outside of your home. Sudden weather change, sound of the storm, or thunder also disturb dogs a lot.

For that, dogs choose the most comfortable place to take shelter and that is actually the bed.

In these situations, dogs lose control over their bowel system and create a mess on the bed. But this is not at all intentional from their side.

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Poor physical conditions

You need to be careful about this one. An adult dog can manage to hold its poop as well as urine for more than 8 hours. The time is a bit less for older dogs or puppies

If your dog is properly trained, but suddenly pooping or peeing on beds for days, then you must consult a veterinarian.

Your dog might be going through some kind of illness such as gastrointestinal parasites, diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), perianal fistula, bowel cancer, and so on.

These illnesses often create bowel issues and dogs do not have control over it. So, don’t be restless; check your dog properly. In these situations, vets are your best possible option.

Outdoor phobia

The reason behind your dog’s defecation on the bed is that probably it does not like the outside atmosphere.

Some dogs do not want to poop outside as they feel exposed and uncomfortable. They might also hate the atmosphere of your area as it is too hot, cold, or snowy.

But how it is related to the bed? The bed might be the safest and most comfortable place for the dog. Thus, it feels safe and poops there.

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Not properly trained

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Do not get harsh on your dog, if you have not taught it properly where to poop.

If you have a new pet, don’t worry much about this issue. It will learn over time.

In the initial days, it can be a bit irritating. But you need to train your dog properly so that it can recognize its area to defecate.

Take your dog outside after every meal. Give it sufficient time to defecate. Otherwise, it will not recognize its area of elimination.

Also, you can use pots to train your dog indoors. Just put it in a suitable place for your home and give your dog the time to recognize the spot.

How to stop dog from pooping on bed?

By following some easy steps, you can stop your dog from pooping on the bed. So, let us discover them.

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Step 1: take an enzymatic cleanser and completely clean the poop. Do it quickly Infront of your pet so that it should not again choose the same spot to defecate. 

Step 2: mark a particular spot in the home where your dog should eliminate its poop. It will help your dog to recognize the area easily.

Step 3: observe your dog closely whenever it jumps on the bed. When it tries to eliminate just stop it by saying “no” and keep it on the floor.

 Step 4: when the dog is on the floor, give it a reward and take it to its designated place of the potty.

When it is near to that place just utter keywords like “go potty” or “do it here”. After that, do not forget to treat it with hugs and kisses.

Step 5: do not forget to lock the bedroom area when you are not at home. Use a soft, comfortable mat on the floor so that your dog does not fear to jump from the bed when they need to poop.

Step 6: Make a complete routine for your dog’s sleeping, eating, walking, and potty. Follow the routine regularly so that your dog gets habituated with it and you can predict the time of its potty.

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Do dogs revenge poop?

The simple answer to the question is no. Dogs don’t poop or pee on beds for revenge.

In reality, Dogs do not have the feeling of revenge. This helps us to train them easily.

There must be some reasons your dog is pooping or peeing on the bed. It can be anxiety, stress, or bad physical condition but surely not revenge.

You cannot define their behaviors according to human characteristics. As a human, you might feel disgusting to eliminate your waste on carpets, beds, chairs, tables, or anywhere in the home.

Dogs perceive it differently. Dogs do not find the smell of their poop disgusting. Rather they find it fascinating. Their defecate gives them the necessary information to survive in the world.

So, from their perspective, it is a good thing that proves they cannot do it for revenge.

Do dogs poop in the house when they are mad?

Dogs will never poop in the house when they are mad. They are not inherently capable of doing such things out of anger.

Dogs are so dedicated towards their masters that they cannot hurt them by any means. Whenever they do things which bother their owners, they feel guilty which is completely visible on their face.

But remember, if your dog is constantly defecating on bed, then take it immediately to a vet because it might be suffering from some serious disease

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What do I do when my dog poops in the house?

Follow the steps, and you will know what you need to do:

Step 1: If your well-trained dog has suddenly started to poop in the house, then immediately take an appointment with the veterinarian.

Step 2: Try to recollect your dog’s behavior from the past few weeks. Observe carefully. If It stays stressed, tensed, or anxious, then you must spend some more quality time with your pet.

Step 3: If you are too much busy with your new pet, then you must equally divide your time between the two.

Step 4: Make a complete routine for your pet and follow it regularly to predict the time of its defecate.

Step 5: If your dog has an outdoor phobia, then select a dedicated place for its potty and mark it also so that the dog can recognize it easily.

Step 6: If you have a new pet, then have patience gradually with training it will act as a responsible one.

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How do you discipline a dog that poops in the house?

To stop your dog from this weird behavior, you need to follow the below steps.

Step 1: dedicate a particular area for your dog’s defecate.

Step 2: Mark that area so that your dog can recognize it easily.

Step 3: Observe your dog whenever it gets onto the bed.

Step 4: Put it down and say “no” if it tries to eliminate.

Step 5: take him to the place of its potty and use keywords so that your dogs can get the input.

Step 6: After each successful attempt, give the dog a reward.

Step 7: make a complete routine for your dog and follow that regularly until it gets used to it.

Pets are just like your family members. And it is your responsibility to take care of those sweethearts.

Pooping on the bed is not a normal issue for the trained dogs. This article has all the information to enlighten you more on this matter. Happy reading.

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