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Can Dachshunds Have Blue Eyes? (Explained)

The cute little hunting dogs are usually dark-eyed but sometimes you may come across ones with blue eyes. These are bred dachshunds.

And although blue eyes for a dachshund sound majestic, they are not a good sign for their health.

Can dachshunds have blue eyes?

Dachshunds can only have blue eyes or partially blue eyes if they carry the dapple gene. When two single dapple dachshunds are bred together, a double dapple dachshund is produced with blue eyes. Such breeding is heavily discouraged as the blue-eyed dachshunds may carry many health problems.

A single dapple type has dominant merle genes. However, that gene by itself does not produce health issues or blue eyes. That’s why Kernel clubs put no restrictions on single dapple types, not on their breeding.

Due to the breeding, blue eyed dachshunds have hearing and seeing disabilities. Other than blue yes, such breeding produces dachshunds with white furs and unique designs.

What dachshunds have blue eyes?

A double dapple dachshund breed may have blue eyes. The breeding of two dapple dachshunds produces this rare breed. Many double dapper dachshunds have blue eyes, but they may also have dark eyes.

However, this breeding is considered said to be irresponsible and is highly discouraged.

A single dapple dachshund is in itself a result of breeding a dapple dachshund with a dachshund having one solid, and solid color. Such a variety produces unusual patterns in their coats and it quite popular.

Breeding two such dachshund dogs produce a dog with unique patterns and blue or dark eyes, but the white fur and blue eyes can be a sign that the artificially produced dog is not healthy.

What causes blue eyes in dachshunds?

A single dapple dachshund carries a dominant gene in them called the Merle gene. When two single dapple dachshunds are bred, double litter genes from them are passed to the produced pooch.

This “double merle” gene that can be found in such artificial breeds, is what causes dachshunds to have blue eyes.

The Merle gene is also responsible for the production of beautiful and different looking coats, with many different patterns. Sometimes it causes discoloration around the nose of the dogs, and other times the effect is in their eyes.

In dachshunds, it causes blue iris, which is related to other serious problems like partial or full blindness. The passed gene causes a defect in the cells that makes it unable to produce proper pigmentation in the eyes of the dachshunds.

Another, a more rare cause of dachshunds having blue eyes can be a reason for recessive genes carried by the newborn dachshund.

Usually, it can be a case of another breed mixing. In such a case, the parents of the dachshund may not have any signs of blue eyes but may pass a dormant gene to its pup.

What color eyes do dachshunds have?

Dachshunds don’t have a very wide range of colors when it comes to their eyes. However, there are a few different iris colors that can be found in this breed of canines:

Light colored dachshunds:

Although dachshunds are usually darker colored, some have lighter colored bodies. Golden and cream tinted dachsie can have green eyes and amber eyes. Few also have subtle brown eyes.

Although a natural light shade in their eyes can come with the complementary subtle coat color, dog expert’s say darker eye colors are a sign that your pup is healthy and has no underlying sight issues.

Standard black- or red-haired dachshund:

Generally, dachshunds are most commonly red, black, or darker brown. These standard types, whether long haired or wire haired, have either, black or most commonly, darker brown eyes. Some might also have hazel shades.

As per standards of the kennel club, the dark eye hues of your dachshund are better. However, some dachshunds have two colors in their eyes. One darker than the other. Besides, they can also have one black eye, another brown.

Dapple or double dappled dachshunds:

Such breeds can have blue yes, wither fully or partially. Sometimes they can also have one blue eye and another brown. Single dapple dachshunds have darker brown eyes too.

Such coloring of the eyes in dachshunds is referred to as “wall coloring” and is a sign of irresponsible breeding. Moreover, they are also linked with various health issues in dachshunds.

Piebald-patterned dachshunds:

The sausage dogs with piebald patterns always have brown eyes, mostly darker shades of it.

Can dapple dachshunds have blue eyes?

Dapple dachshunds can only have blue eyes if they are a double dapple dachshund. They can have one blue and one dark eyes or can have both blue colored eyes.

A single dapple dachshund does not have blue eyes. If you see a dachshund with blue eyes, you must assume that it is the baby pup of two dapple dachshunds that have been bred.

Why do dapple dachshunds have blue eyes?

The dapple dachshunds that have blue eyes are reproduced by breeding two single dapple dachshund dogs. The reason that double dapple dachshunds have blue eyes is because of the presence of merle genes.

When two merle genes are passed on to a dapple dachshund, they cause the cells to become inept in producing pigments that are required to produce standard eye colors. The dominant merle genes in the parent dachshunds get passed on to the new pups, producing blue eyes.

The same bad genes can also cause other serious health issues, including deafness, blindness, and physical deformations. Along with blue eyes, the genes will cause white spots and patches of fur in the dog.

Do all dapple dachshunds have blue eyes?

No, all dapple dachshunds do not have blue eyes. Only double dapple dachshund dogs that have been bred with two single dapple dogs of the same kind have blue or partially eyes. The blue iris is a sign of loss of pigmentation due to dual merle genes.

Can piebald dachshunds have blue eyes?

Piebald dachshunds can never have blue eyes. Unlike other dapple patterned breeds, piebald dachshunds only have brown eyes, which slightly vary in shades, most being dark brown. 

The piebald gene is a recessive type of gene that does not form complete or partial blue color in the iris.

Are dachshunds with blue eyes healthy?

According to the American Kernel Club, the breeding standards that dachshunds should have dark-colored eyes. Any lighter shades or blue or partial blue colors are associated with unethical breeding practices.

That is because the blue color for dachshund eyes is directly related to several health problems. A few of the common problems are:

Eye irregularities:

Blue-eyed dachshund is often seen with one or more optic disabilities. Some are born with walleyes, while others may have one missing eye. Sadly, dachshunds carrying double dapple genes might also be born with no eyes or with abnormal shapes.

Few procreated dachshunds with blue eyes might have a rare health issue called microphthalmia. If a pet has such a condition, it will have micro-sized eyes, which will be very deep in the eyelids.


Apart from having several physical disabilities in and around their eyes, a dachshund with blue eyes may suffer from other sight issues.

They may have blurred vision or partial blindness. Unfortunately, in some cases, such canines can also have complete blindness.

What a lot of people don’t know is how a blue-eyed dachshund might also have hearing difficulties. One problem is related to deformed ears. Few puppies are born with missing ears as well.

Total or partial deafness in evolved dachshunds with blue eyes is one of the more common health issues that results as a result of the merle gene.

Obesity and cancer:

Skin cancer, obesity, tumors in the reproductive system are some of the issues that have been observed in dachshunds that are bred to have white fur and blue eyes. Although rare, experts still warn against such serious and fatal conditions.

Does a blue eye mean a dachshund is blind?

A dachshund with a blue eye does not necessarily mean it is blind. Although in most cases, blue eyes dachshunds showcase several health concerns, including blindness. Sometimes, many baby pups, including a newborn miniature dachshund, may have blue eyes.

If it changes over 8 to 10 weeks, there is nothing to worry about.

A blue-eyed dachshund is a clear sign that the pet dog has been produced through unethical and irresponsible breeding of 2 dapple dachshunds. Such canines can be partial or dully blind, with ear deformations. They might also have hearing problems and other graver health issues.

That’s why a blue eye in dachshunds is considered rare, and the breeding is much discouraged. 

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