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Can Dachshunds Get Bloat? (And How to Get Rid of Bloat)

Bloat or Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (GDV) is one of the life-threatening diseases among dogs. You might be confused about whether dachshunds can get bloat or not.

Well, dachshunds can also get bloat. Though the rate of bloating is high among large dogs, still dachshunds are at risk.

Bloat is also known as gastric torsion. This disease can be a medical emergency. Large dogs are prone to get bloat. But your little dachshund can also get bloat.

If you are well aware of your dachshund’s good health, you have to know about bloat and take prevention steps. In this article, you will find all the necessary information about dachshund’s chances of getting bloat.

Can dachshunds get bloat?

Yes, dachshunds can get bloat. Generally larger size dogs are prone to get bloat. Though dachshunds are small size dogs, they have a larger lung capacity and deep chest. These capacities increase dachshund’s chances of getting bloat. Bloat can be a fatal disease for dachshunds.

Dachshunds are one of the most susceptible breed dogs to bloat. When the dachshund gets bloat, gas traps in his stomach and the stomach expands. Then the stomach rotates with the gasses and fluids. In this situation, the blood supply is cut off.

Dachshunds can be vulnerable to bloat. They can get bloat suddenly. You might see your dachshund nice and playful at this time but, bloat can happen within an hour. So, if you are conscious about your dachshund’s health, you must know about bloat and its prevention.

Do miniature dachshunds get bloat?

Any dog can get bloat. Miniature dachshunds are also vulnerable to get bloat. Despite their small size, they have a larger and deep chest. That’s why miniature dachshunds are also prone to bloat.

Miniature dachshunds are the smaller version of standard dachshunds. They have the same characteristics as standard dachshunds. You will see the same symptoms in miniature dachshunds if they get bloat.

Your dachshund can get bloat suddenly whether is it miniature or standard-sized. Bloating can be a fatal disease if it is not treated. So if your dachshund gets bloat, take him to the hospital immediately.

Why is my dachshund bloated?        

Dachshund can get bloat all of a sudden. You might not know the reasons behind the bloating. Veterinarians don’t know the exact reasons for bloat, but here are some reasons which might be responsible for dachshund’s bloat.

  • The dachshund has a genetic history of bloating.
  • The dachshund eats from an elevated food bowl.
  • The dachshund consumes food very quickly.
  • The dachshund takes one large meal a day.
  • The dachshund plays or exercises a lot after having a meal.
  • The dachshund eats a lot.

What are the symptoms of bloat in dachshunds?

Generally, dachshunds get bloat suddenly. But they still show some symptoms while getting bloat. You must watch the symptoms to be sure about bloat. Because, if the treatment is late, the disease can be life-threatening. Let’s see some common symptoms of dachshunds’ bloating.

  • Your dachshund may have a weaker heart and pulse rate than usual.
  • Your dachshund’s stomach might be swollen or tight.
  • Your dachshund may seem to be stressed, weak, and tired.
  • Your dachshund may feel pain or groan when his stomach is pressed.
  • Your dachshund may be salivating but might not be able to vomit.
  • Your dachshund might have fast breathing.
  • Your dachshund might collapse if the condition is serious.

How to treat bloating for Dachshunds?

For saving your dachshund’s life, bloating treatment is a must. Bloating is one of the most serious diseases of dogs. So, treatment should start as soon as possible.

You can’t give any home remedy to your dachshund’s bloating. Home remedies for bloating are proven effective yet. So, taking your dachshund to the hospital is the best way for treatment.

Here we are giving some common treatment procedures. These might help you to get ideas about the treatment of bloating.

  • At first, the veterinarian will see your dachshund’s condition of bloating.
  • For detailed information, the vet can suggest an X-ray examination.
  • If the condition is not serious, he might insert a tube into your dachshund’s throat for taking off the gas.
  • If the condition is serious or the stomach is twisted, the vet must apply surgery on your dachshund.
  • In the surgery process, the vet will take out the expired tissue from the stomach of your dachshund, and put the stomach back into its position.

What relieves bloating fast?

Home remedies for the treatment of bloating are not highly effective. So, taking your dachshund to the hospital is the best way to give him proper treatment. But you can still do something immediately after noticing the symptoms.

If you notice early signs of bloating in your dachshund, you can try to investigate the reason behind it. You can control your dachshund’s behavior of eating fast, give him small meals instead of one large meal.

You can also stop him to play after taking a meal. These changes can relieve bloating fast if the condition is not serious.

In case your dachshund’s bloating condition is serious or he collapses, take him immediately to the vet. Giving physical treatment or surgery is the most effective way to give your dachshund relief from bloating.

How to prevent bloat for Dachshunds?

Veterinarians don’t know the exact reason for bloat yet. But there are still some prevention methods that can stop your dachshund from bloat. Let’s look at the measures you can take.

Small portion meals:

If your dachshund takes one large meal in a day, it can increase the risk of bloat. Break the meals into smaller portions. Give the dachshund meal two or three times a day.

Control fast-eating:

If your dachshund tends to eat faster, slow him down. Control his fast eating habit by giving him a puzzle feeder. The puzzle feeder will give him a puzzle and by solving this, the dachshund will get enough time to eat. You can also use special food dishes for slowing down his eating.

Stop exercise right after a meal:

Dachshunds need a lot of exercise for their growth. But exercise or walking right after a meal increases the risk of bloat. That’s why you should reduce your dachshund’s activity right after a meal.

Feed your dachshund separately:

If you have more than one dachshund, feed them separately. If the dachshunds eat together, they can feel competitive and eat quickly. This could also cause stress and anxiety. So, feeding separately might help them to eat slowly.

Are dachshunds more prone to bloat than others?

Yes, dachshunds are more prone to bloat than other dogs. Statically, large-sized dogs which have a large and deep chest, are more prone to bloat.

Though dachshunds are small-sized breed dogs, they have a large and deep chests. That’s why dachshunds are one of the three breeds which are at higher risk of bloat.

Any breed dog can get bloat, but those who have large chests are more prone to bloat. From this perspective, dachshunds can be vulnerable.

What are the first signs of bloat in Dachshunds?

Generally, Bloat comes on suddenly. It is quite difficult to notice symptoms for a longer time. Still, you can find out your dachshund’s bloating by some common early signs.

  • Swollen stomach
  • Restlessness
  • Looks stressed
  • Try to vomit
  • Pacing

Is burping a sign of bloat?

Yes, burping excessively can be a sign of bloat. If your dog burps excessively, the reason might be bloat.

Dachshunds have a large and deep chest. That’s why they have the risk of trapping gas in their stomach. If the condition is serious, your dachshund can burp a lot.

Burping can also happen by a food allergy or some common diseases. But if you notice that your dachshund is burping continuously, you should take him to the veterinarian immediately.

Do dachshunds have digestive problems?

Yes, dachshunds can have digestive problems. Dachshunds have a unique body structure. Their chest and lungs are larger than their size. This unique body type can cause digestive problems.

One of the most serious digestive problems is bloat or gastric torsion. This disease can be life-threatening. Gas gets trapped in the stomach, and the stomach cell can be damaged and cut off the blood supply.

From digestive problems, dachshunds can also get diarrhea. Dachshund’s eating habit can also cause other digestive problems over time. So, if you have a dachshund, be careful about his diet and eating habits.

How much does it cost to fix bloat for Dachshunds?

Surgery might require fixing bloat for dachshunds. If surgery is the only option to treat bloat, the cost is higher.

For the surgery process, anesthesia, and post-operative care, it can cost from $2000 to $5000. If the condition is not serious, surgery might not be an option.

Veterinarian also treats bloat by inserting a tube to take out the gas. In this process, the cost might be less than the surgery cost.

Dachshunds are sensitive and unique dogs. Their body structure also differs from other dogs. This unique structure can help them or might be a reason to get sick.

Bloat is common in deep chest dogs like the dachshund. It can be fatal if the treatment is not proper or in time. So, if you own a dachshund, be concerned about their health and prevent bloat. 

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