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Are Dachshunds Lap Dogs? (Explained for Beginners)

Few of your friends have a dachshund pup as a family dog, while others say dachshunds are only for hunting. Dachshund dogs sit on laps and cuddle for hours, but they are a lot like hunting dogs.

They bark a lot; they are endearing and they can be so stubborn. They run like the wind, can be aggressive and they are always suspicious of strangers!

So, the question remains, are they really lap dogs?

Are dachshunds lap dogs?

Dachshunds are not lap dogs. Although they have a cute size and love to snuggle up, they are mainly considered to be hunting dogs. This breed is protective but can be aggressive too. However, if anyone can train and handle dachshunds well from the start, they can be great as lap dogs as well.

Most people mistakenly take dachshunds to be lap dogs, because they do love to sit on their owner’s lap, and they love to cuddle up and take loving. Moreover, they love to break things around in the house and may make too much noise by barking the whole day.

One of the most popular dog breeds, the little strong limbed pets originally come from Germany. Their name might have already given you a hint. The name suggests as they are referred to as hunting dogs.

Dachshunds have longer bodies, and shorter legs with short, long, or wavy hair types. The pets come in two sizes: the miniature dachshunds and the standard dachshund.

The miniature ones grow up to 7 inches maximum, while the standard sizes pets grow up to 11 inches. However, miniature dachshunds, no matter how tiny they look, have sturdy legs and arms, and also have a slightly more lifespan than standard dachsie.

Although they are regular lap puppies and have been so for many families, dachshunds are still considered to be more of a hunting dog in many places. They may be more hostile to other pets on some occasions and takes time to be fully trained.

Are miniature dachshunds lap dogs?

Miniature dachshunds are not lapdogs, although they do love to take on their owner’s lap and snuggle in with them. Miniature dachsie, although have a cute little size, are more of working and hunting breeds. 

As a descendant of a hunting family of dogs, they are incredibly stubborn, protective and master of their own will. They are also very active, mischievous, and with the slightest noise outside, they will go off on a barking spree. They are also harder to train than other breeds.

These active pets are lively and are always curious to play with you. But most of all they will cuddle with you when they want to.

Are dachshunds affectionate dogs?

Dachshunds love their owners and their companionship. They would give and take all the loving and affection from the family when they are around. You’d often find them sneak their way into your couch or bed and find their place under the blanket right beside you.

They love to be around familiar people, especially the ones it grew up seeing. But all that love is likely to vanish around strangers or for them. They will often be more comfortable and happier to be just cuddling up with you, after work or school, than seeing your friend have a share of that attention.

Do dachshunds like to cuddle?

Dachshunds love to cuddle just as much as other pups you can think of. Although they are not lazy, they love to have a quiet and peaceful cuddle with their human friends.

These little active dogs have endless love for cozy times and will come running to you and snuggle up on your lap whenever they see you lazing around in the bed or couch for some relaxing time.

Are dachshunds clingy?

Dachshunds are often referred to as “shadow dogs” because of their incredibly clingy nature. They get sincerely attached to the family they grow up in, and more with the person who spends the most time with them.

When you get home, they will run up to you and will be by your side all the time. They are known to follow their caregivers from one room to another. They seek all the attention of their human friend, and can easily get jealous.

However, this clingy nature is related to their old habits of being a hound dog. They naturally feel more responsible and protective of the people they love. And hence want to stick around all the time.

Are dachshunds a good family dog?

Dachshunds can be a good family dog as they are fiercely loyal and incredibly affectionate dogs. However, they need to be trained in a lot of areas to be a good family dog, that too from an early age.

They are protective of their owners and make for a great watchdog. They are active, playful and will be standing on their paws to have a fetch game with anyone in the family. If you have other pets in the house, your dachsie will love them as well. With children, they will need attentive supervision throughout.

However, they have a tendency of breaking things around the house and be very hostile to strangers. If you don’t want them to bark and chase your friends away, you have to train them well. But they are great communicators and total entertainment packages.

Are dachshunds low maintenance?

Dachshunds, because of their tiny size, are considered to be one of the most low maintenance dogs to have as a pet. They don’t shred very often either. Thorough grooming, including occasional clipping of their hair, once in a while will do the work.

If your dachshund has long hair, you might have to brush its hair regularly, to avoid the hair being messy and tangled.

However, you may want to keep in mind that your small friend has come from a family of hunters. They are active and must be taken out for exercise often. At home, it is also a good idea to play with your dachshund puppy and involve them in mentally and physically stimulating activities.

Do dachshunds like to lick?

Yes, dachshund LOVE to lick everything. Whether it’s your house furniture, a toy, or even you, they could practically put their tongue anywhere!

One reason, like most other dogs, is licking is a way they use to show love for you. A doxie dog is naturally a loving and affectionate pet. They love to run to you and cling to you all day.

However, they don’t always lick to show affection. They use their tongues to communicate many signals to their owners. If they want food, or if they want to play, they start licking extensively.

Are dachshunds needy dogs?

Yes, dachshund puppies are a needy breed. They are famously labeled as dogs that follow their owners like shadows, all the time and everywhere. It’s all good if your pet is happy, then it will spend quality time with you and demand healthy attention.

However, if you don’t give them that attention, they can create a little noise. They can become mischievous and do things that might make you or others uncomfortable, even mad. They do all that to get your affection.

They also get visibly upset when you are out or have guests to attend to at home.

Are dachshunds one-person dogs?

The dachshund breed is known to be a dog that is needy and clingy. They are affectionate and crave their owner’s attention a lot. As they gravitate and get more attached to the caregiver or mostly the owner, they can be considered a one-person dog.

If you are someone who owns the dog but usually stays out of the house, while someone else at home plays, bathes, and gives food to the pet, they are more likely to be attached to that person.

Are dachshunds good first dogs?

A new and young dachshund puppy could be a good first dog. As first dogs, they will be trained for scratch. 

These puppies are loyal, affectionate and will be by their owner’s side through thick and thin. They have a mind of their own and communicate efficiently. They are also low maintenance.

However, many say a breed like a dachshund may not be a great choice of the first dog as they are more stubborn than others, and can be harder to train. For smaller children, it will be harder to look after a doxie dog and more so, control their occasional tantrums

Are dachshunds good guard dogs?

Dachshunds are protective and vigilant by nature, and for this reason, they are very efficient as guard dogs. Moreover, this pet breed is fiercely loyal to you and your family and will make sure no intruder ever comes near your house.

Many families use dachshunds as watchdogs for their houses. Even if your pet friend hears a single noise outside and smells something fishy, they might just bark aloud and wake everyone in the neighborhood.

Are dachshunds aggressive dogs?

Due to their hunting family lines, dachshunds can be aggressive from time to time. They are more mischievous than few other breeds and are notorious for their housebreaking nature.

Besides, they might also react quite violently to strangers and sudden notice if not trained properly. Few dachshunds don’t make great friends with other pets, while others adjust just fine. In case they don’t get along, your pet might show aggressive, scrappy shows.

Are dachshunds calm dogs?

Dachshunds are not considered to be calm dogs. While they love to laze about the house and sneak in for cuddles, they are usually one of the most active dog breeds out there. Although, they are playful, and most definitely calmer around familiar territories.

They love to play and require exercise almost every day. We can’t expect a hound dog to be calm and quiet, can we now? They are always ready to run with and play fetch. The more activities, the happier your dachshund will be!

Are dachshunds lazy dogs?

Dachshunds are certainly not lazy dogs. In fact this breed is known to be one of the most active breeds out there. That’s because they are primarily working dogs that hunt for other prey with their human friends.

Like other active and playful dogs, they also love to have their naps and cuddles, but most times of the day, they are seen to be playing around the house.

Moreover, they have good intelligence and are constantly looking to do something, even if that means digging up a hole in the backyard.

Are dachshunds hypoallergenic dogs?

No, dachshunds are not hypoallergenic dogs. This means a dachshund might cause allergy triggers in people with higher sensitivities.

This is because dogs shed fur and leave behind dog dander are enough to cause irritation, sneezing, and other allergic symptoms. The allergic reactions can sometimes lead to more serious problems like sinusitis or asthma.

Short haired dachshunds shed more than long haired or wire-hired ones. The pets with smoother and shorter hair, leave their furs around in the furniture and float in the air.

Are dachshunds hunting dogs?

Yes, dachshunds are excellent hunting dogs. They are smart, have sturdy legs, and are incredibly active in nature. Although they have gained a reputation as lapdogs now, dachshunds inherit their protective and sometimes aggressive nature from their hunting habits.

They are commonly known as sausage dogs, and back in the day was used to hunt rabbits and other smaller animals.

If you can take in a dachshund early on and train them well, they will be the best companion you’ll ever have. 

These little ‘paw-fect’ and strong hunters love to show affection, but when the time comes, they will your most loyal and protective friend. Plus, they are super fun to play with.

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