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Are Dachshunds Good Dogs? (Explained for Beginners)

Many people own dachshunds as a family dog. Some people take them for hunting. You might be confused that dachshunds are hunter dogs.

Then how could they be good and obedient? Well, dachshunds can also be good dogs. They are energetic and playful that might inspire you to love dachshunds.

Dachshunds are hard to train sometimes. But once they get training, they can be an amazing friend to you and your family. Dachshunds also love companion. So, you can take the dachshund as a pet dog without any hesitation.

Are dachshunds good dogs?

Yes, dachshunds are good dogs. They are very loyal and obedient. Dachshunds are often suitable as watchdogs. They love companion and protective of the family members. Sometimes, they are hard to train. But once trained, they are good with children, seniors, and other pets.

Dachshunds are hunter breed dogs. They are often aggressive, brave, and energetic. But they also have the qualities of being great house dogs for their friendly and supportive behavior.

When strangers come to the house, they start to bark. That’s why dachshunds receive many praises as watchdogs. They also love to be with people around them. Sometimes, people keep dachshunds in pairs or more than one for their companion.

What are dachshund dogs good for?

Dachshunds are good for hunting. Hunting is their instinct. Dachshunds are also very intelligent and loyal. That’s why they are good for being house dogs. For their protective and friendly behavior, people own them as pet dogs. They are good companions for babies and other pets.

Dachshunds are really good dogs. Their characteristics will steal your heart. Let’s have a look at the things dachshunds are good for.

Great Hunter:

Dachshunds were bred for hunting in Germany. Many people take them to help while hunting. They have high prey drive and courage. These make dachshunds great hunters.


Dachshunds are intelligent. They start barking whenever they see anyone enter the house. They also bark if there is no companion. This behavior makes them good watchdogs.


If you own a dachshund, he will often follow you. Dachshunds are extremely loyal and protective to the family or specific members of the family.

Family dogs:

Dachshunds love to be with people and want to cuddle. Their size is small. So they can be the perfect choice for small apartment dwellers.

Are miniature dachshunds good dogs?

Miniature dachshunds are pretty good dogs. They are small-sized dachshunds. They have the same quality and behavior as the standard dachshunds.

Miniature dachshunds are often good with other pets. Significantly, they love the companion of other dachshunds. But for their small size, they can be spunky to other large-sized or strange dogs.

Miniature dachshunds can be good pet dogs. Even they can be perfect for small apartments for their size. They are often good with seniors. But if you have other pet animals, you should train your dachshund to control behavior.

Are dachshunds a good family dog?

Yes, dachshunds can be suitable as a family dog. They are loving, loyal, and protective. They love to have people around. So, they can be your perfect companion. They are good to children and can be excellent watchdogs for their intelligence.

Dachshunds love to gain attention. Sometimes, they get jealous of other pet animals or children. They can act aggressively, being jealous. Even they are fond of one specific person of the family most often. But you can control their behavior by training.

So if you are thinking about taking the dachshund as your pet dog, you should learn how to train the dachshund. Once trained, dachshunds can become a family member of yours.

Are dachshunds good with kids?

Dachshunds are generally good with the kids. They are affectionate and intelligent. For their small size and appearance, people love to have them in the family.

Dachshunds can be suitable watchdogs for the kids. They have the habit of barking if they see any stranger. This behavior makes them great watchdogs.

If you introduce the dachshund to the children at an early age, he can be familiar with the children. Without training, dachshund can also be dangerous for some reasons.

  • Dachshunds want to gain attention that makes them jealous.
  • For their over-protective nature, they can be furious vicious, and desperate around children.
  • Dachshunds are greedy for food that can make them snap food from the kids.
  • Their barking habit can frighten the kids.

Dachshunds are good companions for kids if they get training. You should monitor the activities of the dachshund and your kid together. If you bring up your kid with a dachshund together, they can be good friends. Moreover, the dachshund will give protection to your kid.

Are dachshunds good with toddlers?

Generally, dachshunds are great with toddlers. Even they are more suitable for toddlers than elder kids. They can watch the toddlers with responsibility.

Dachshunds are intelligent enough to be watchdogs for toddlers. But you have to introduce your dachshund to the toddler first. Then gradually, they will become good companions.

Though dachshunds are great watchdogs for toddlers, you have to train the dachshund first. Besides, you have to supervise the dachshund’s activity around the toddler.

Are dachshunds good with newborns?

Yes, Dachshunds are good with newborns in general. They are loving and playful. But you have to be concern about the dachshund’s instinct as a dog.

Dachshunds are prone to jealousy. They want to get attention most of the time. So, a newborn can be his competitor. If you expect to have a baby, you should be concerned about training your dachshund more appropriately.

You should crate train the dachshund and put him in a crate when you are not around the baby. Generally, dachshunds are affectionate to babies, but you must be over-careful in a newborn’s case.

Also, you can train the dachshund before the arrival of a newborn. For preparing the dachshund, you can follow some processes.

  • Make the dachshund familiar with other children.
  • Make or play sounds of a baby crying and laughing around the dachshund.
  • Make the crate a comfortable and attractive place to hide and play for the dachshund.
  • Give your dachshund enough time not to be alone and jealous.
  • Teach him new commands with treats that might help to be careful of the baby.

Are dachshunds good for seniors?

Dachshunds are one of the most popular and suitable dogs for seniors. Their short size makes them easy to handle.

Seniors are more like children. They need care and protection. For these reasons, dachshunds are an excellent choice for seniors. Dachshunds show loyalty to the family members. They also love to be with people.

An older dachshund is more suitable for seniors. Older dachshunds don’t need a lot of exercises. So, handling an older dachshund is easier for the seniors.

Are dachshund dog friendly?

Dachshunds are eminently friendly. They love the companion of people and other dogs. Mainly, they are lovable with other dachshunds. That’s why many people own more than one dachshund at a time.

When the dachshund gets familiar with you, he can be very clingy and affectionate. Dachshunds love to cuddle. You will notice that your dachshund is getting closer to you day by day. Even they follow you everywhere to get attention.

But most importantly, they need to be trained. If the dachshund doesn’t get training, he might bark, seeing unusual and strange things. If you train your dachshund and give him attention, he might be a great friend.

Are dachshunds good therapy dogs?

Yes, dachshunds are good therapy dogs for their small size. They can easily curl up in your lap. You can take them with you to any place.

Therapy dogs must be intelligent to know the need for therapy. Dachshunds are suitable for therapy from this perspective. They get familiar with the timing and necessity of therapy.

Dachshunds are active, engaging, and social. These qualities make them one of the most popular therapy dogs.

Are dachshunds good apartment dogs?

If you think about owning a pet dog for your small apartment, a dachshund is a perfect choice. A dachshund is small in size and also need a small-sized crate.

Though dachshunds need to exercise regularly, you can train your dachshund to play different indoor games in the apartment.

Miniature dachshunds are suitable for an apartment. This small dog will need less space in your house and will be a great companion.

Do dachshunds make good guard dogs?

Yes, dachshunds make good guard dogs for their protective nature. Dachshunds are hunter dogs. They have a natural intuition for hunting, chasing, and digging for fast-moving animals.

Their fearless and chasing nature make them great guard dogs. They are also brilliant to be watchdogs.

Dachshunds are famous for their barking nature. Despite their size, their barks are louder than the other dogs. Whenever they see any stranger or unusual thing, they start barking. For these reasons, dachshunds make good guard dogs.

Are dachshunds good with other dogs?

Generally, dachshunds are good with other dogs, with training. For their small size, dachshunds love to be with other smaller-sized dogs. Bigger-sized dogs might be strange to the dachshunds.

While living in a house, dachshunds can be jealous of other dogs and animals. They are naturally prone to get attention. So, living with other dogs might not be easy for dachshunds.

You can own two or three dachshunds at a time because dachshunds are good with smaller dogs. But if you want to get a dachshund with other dogs, you should train the dachshund first.

Are dachshunds good with cats?

Dachshunds are very friendly with cats. If you introduce the dachshund to your pet cat at an early age, they might be familiar with each other. Sometimes, living in the same house makes them a good companion.

Sometimes, dachshunds become attention seekers and jealous by nature. They have a chasing instinct. Besides, cats also love to play and chase. Dachshunds and cats might be dangerous while chasing each other.

So, for bringing up the dachshund and the cat together, you have to train both of them. Day by day, they can be good to each other.

Dachshunds can be a great member of your family. They are good with children, seniors, and other pets. Sometimes, they can be aggressive and stubborn.

But they are highly trainable indeed. They love to be around people and socialize. If you own a dachshund and train him, gradually, he will become a perfect pet in your house. 

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