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Can You Take Dachshunds Running? (New Owners Guide)

Are you worried that the small size of your beautiful dachshund makes it difficult for them to run? This is a rather common concern. Do not worry about it though. A dachshund is perfectly capable of running and they enjoy a dog running session with you.

Dachshunds are highly energetic dogs who enjoy play time. And the best play time for your dachshund is a good run. So take your dachshund out for an amazing run without any fear. Running is good for their health. It is okay to take your dachshund for a run.  

Can you take dachshunds running?

Yes, you can take your lovely energetic dachshund running outdoors. These little hounds love to play and run around from time to time. If there is no health condition or back issues, your pup is good for a small sprint on walks or a mile-long run. It is a good activity to bond over.

A quick run in the morning or a nice jogging session is healthy for you and your pup. It is absolutely okay for you to take your dachshund out for a run. It is a good bonding exercise for you and your dog. A fun and healthy quality time for you both.

In general, you should let your dog run for about an hour or so. The time depends and changes according to the breed, some require more time whereas some need a bit less. But you should take your dachshund out to run daily to keep them happy and energized.

You can switch it up as well. Change the activity. Play different games. Fetch is a very popular game for dogs. Tug of war is also very liked by dachshunds. Any kind of outdoor activity will keep your dog happy and healthy.

Is running bad for dachshunds?

Running is not bad for your dachshund pup. If there is no medical condition linked to your dogs health, running is okay. A daily run is actually healthy for your dachshund dog.

Running helps keep your dog in a good shape. Plus going outside daily keeps your dog in a very happy mood. Dachshunds are very energetic and sporty dogs. Running is good for your the overall health of your dachshund dog.   

Dachshund are genetically hunting dogs as they were breed and trained for that. The modern day dachshund may not have the primal hunting instincts with them but they do enjoy the chase and run still. It is not at all bad to take your dachshund out for a run.

How far can dachshunds run?

With the proper training a healthy dachshund can run from 1 to 3 miles a day on an average, which is 1.5 to 5 kilo meters. This distance, however, depends on your dogs stamina and routine. Try not to reach 5 or 6 kilo meters.

A normal dachshund with no severe or minor health issues will easily run for about 1 or 2 miles. This does depend on many factors such as how much stamina your dog has or how often your dog goes out for a run.

You should keep in mind that your dachshund can not run for more than 3 or 4 miles. An average, even healthy, dachshund has its limit as their physical structure does not allow them to run very far and at a stretch. They need breaks and run in small sprints of bursts.

How long can dachshunds run?

An hour daily should be more than enough to keep your dog healthy and fit. Make sure to take a break every once in awhile. Do not tie your dog. Keep the running session at a moderate and healthy way.

An adult healthy dachshund should get at least 60 minutes of run time. You can divide the time your convenience. You can include play time in it as well. It is best to let them walk or run for 20  to 25 minutes every day.

For a mini dachshund, you can cut the time in half and divide the times accordingly. You can run with them for half an hour with breaks after 15 minutes. For both the dogs, you can take them out twice a day and manage the time in smaller sprints.

What Are the Benefits of Running for Your Dachshund?

Running is a fun activity for your dachshund. There are more to just the fun and games of this activity. There are many benefits to it-

Physical benefits

The physical benefits or running is rather obvious. Running will keep your dog in a good shape. A good running session with your dog will help keep away fatigue.

Dogs need to burn off energy. Running will do that efficiently. For a stronger heart and  healthy lungs, it is best to take your dog for a run every day.

Mental health

A good running session will keep your dog stress free. It also helps to keep anxiety and boredom away. Your pup will be happier after a running session.

Socializing is important for your dog as well. Maybe your pup will make a new friend while running. This will keep them happy and less destructive.

Consistent routine

A routine can bring structure in your dogs day to day life. This part might be their best moment of the day. It will help them keep calm and make them more patient.

A routine will bring discipline in your dog’s life. This is important. Because you cannot let your dog get reckless.

Motivation and moral support

A run with you can boost your dogs moral by a lot. Your dachshund pup may feel assured and happy when you join him in a run. This is very important to keep the gloomy moments away from your dog’s life.

Running has many benefits to it. It is not just another activity for your dachshund. A healthy daily run will change your dog’s life and mood in most cases and make it more enjoyable.

Are dachshunds good running dogs?

Dachshunds love running and other outdoor activities. But these dogs are not capable to be a considered as running dogs. It is because of their physical structure.

Most of the dachshunds have small legs which make it harder for them to sprint for a long time or for a longer distance. Dachshunds tend to run in short sessions rather than long distance. this is why a dachshund cannot be a good running dogs. 

Dachshunds are highly energetic dogs. They enjoy a good run. But it you should not push them too much. They have some physical conditions which do not allow them to sprint like a professional running dog.

Are dachshunds fast runners?

Dachshunds are fast on their feet and are known as very fast dogs. They enjoy small and fast sprints.

These small dogs are capable of running at the speed of 15–20 mph (31 kph). These dogs may have small feet but it does not mean they are slow. In fact, they are faster than many other larger dog breeds.

Dachshunds were breed for hunting reasons. This is why they have an instinct to be fast on their feet in front of their prey. These genes makes them run faster.

How Fast Can Dachshunds Run?

A dachshund can run up to 15 to 20 miles per hour. These small dogs are lightning on their feet. Though the sprints are small bursts.

The average healthy dachshund will run up to 24 to 32 kilo meters an hour. This is a lot faster than many of the other dog breeds. 

How fast can a miniature dachshund run?

A mini dachshund need the same amount of exercise and can run up to the same speed as the average sized dachshund dog. Many people believe they are not fast enough but they run at the same speed as an average dog of the same breed.

A dachshund will run from 24 to 32 kilo meters per hour. This is roughly 15 to 20 miles an hour. It is faster than most of the dog breeds.

A miniature dachshund is just a smaller size of the same breed. They need extra care as there might be a few risks involved in terms of health. But it does not stop them from running as fast as they can.

A dachshund pup is known for its’ fun and energetic personality. Running and going outdoors is definitely one of the best activities for your dachshund dog. These high-energy dogs need plenty of exercise and enjoy a good run.

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