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Do Aussiedoodles Like to Cuddle? (Explained for Owners!)

Do you want a pet that you can cuddle to any time of the day? Would you not love to be cuddled by your pet? If you love affection then consider an aussiedoodle. These affectionate dogs are the perfect companion when it comes to showing love and cuddling all day.

An aussiedoodle is a mix of the Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. These two are very much friendly so it was obvious that their mix would be one of the friendliest dogs in the world. And that did not miss. An aussiedoodle is known for their gentle and cuddly behavior.

Do aussiedoodles like to cuddle?

The teddy bear looking dog breed is a big fan of cuddles and quality time with their owners. They tend to be cheerful when they are around the ones they love. These intelligent dogs are very active and affectionate. Do not hesitate to give your Aussiedoodle a big cuddle whenever you can.

Aussiedoodles are mix of two very energetic dogs. This is why they have this cheerful and affectionate temperament. They love to cuddle and play with their owners. Do not worry about bothering your dog. They love to be loved.

Are aussiedoodles cuddly?

An aussiedoodle is perhaps one of the most affectionate and cuddly dog breeds. In most cases, you will find an aussiedoodle playing with you and cuddling up to you. Even when there is nothing to do, you can always cuddle with your aussiedoodle with no hesitation.

These amazing breeds are not only cuddly but at the same time thye enjoy any sort of quality time with their owners. A walk or a short play time is enough to keep them happy and energized. And if you do not feel like going out, these friendly dogs will sit close to you and be happy.

Why is my Aussiedoodles so cuddly?

It is very common for aussiedoodles to feel cuddly and snuggle up to you from time to time. The natural state of a aussiedoodle is to be close and near the ones they love. There might be other reasons as well-

It is in their nature:

An aussiedoodle is naturally very cool tempered and they love to snuggle and cuddle. It is common for your dog suddenly snuggle up to you and show their love for you.

The need for attention:

Sometimes if your aussiedoodle feels lack of attention they will cuddle to you and let you know how much they miss your attention.


IF you have a pregnant person in the house do not be alarmed to see your dog cuddle up to them. Dogs love that warm affection and love to show it as well. They tend to be gentler in such cases.

Stress got them:

IF your aussiedoodle is being too cuddly all of a sudden, they might be stressed about something. This is when they need you the most.

They feel bored:

Simple boredom will lead your aussiedoodle to be extra cuddly. On days where they have not much to do, they will lovingly spend it snuggling with you.

They might be sick:

It is a common trait for dogs to be cuddly and seek affection if they do not feel okay. Check their health and temperature if something does not sit right.

It comes with the age:

As your aussiedoodle starts to age, they become less energetic and prefer to stay beside the ones they love.

No amount of love is enough:

It is perhaps the most common reasons for your dog to cuddle with you more and more. They want all the love you can give. Cute indeed.

Aussiedoodles are naturally very cuddly dogs. But if you notice them being too clingy, make sure to check for any other issue that might be troubling them.

How do aussiedoodles cuddle?

Dogs tend to show their affection and love very obviously and you would have to be very oblivious to not understand it. Some of the most common things your aussiedoodle will do to cuddle to you are-

  • They will lick your face whenever they get the chance;
  • You will find them following you literally everywhere;
  • They will share their favorite toys with you;
  • They will jump at you when you come home from work;
  • When there is nothing else to do, they will sit beside you and just lay there with you;
  • After a meal, you will find them cuddling with you;
  • Your bed is their favorite place to cuddle up to;
  • If you are sick, they will try their best to be there for you and comfort you;
  • From time to time, your aussiedoodle will put its head on your lap to show they feel safe and comfortable;
  • Aussiedoodles try to imitate their ownser. Like if you yawn in front of them, they will do it as well;

These are the very common traits of an aussiedoodle to show they love you. Most of the times, an aussiedoodle will simply sit on your lap and snuggle their head near you to show you their love. They just want to be near you.

Are Aussiedoodles Velcro dogs?

Velcro dogs are the perfect reference for an aussiedoodle. These affectionate loving dogs will be the best friend of you and your family. Their need and appreciation for your affection makes them the perfect cuddle buddy.

Velcro dogs are known for their need for attention and craving for affection. These dogs tend to be very clingy and can develop separation anxiety. Aussiedoodle is one such dog.

The aussiedoodle love the attention from their owners and they tend to be very affectionate towards their owners as well. For the most part, an aussiedoodle is the perfect representation of a Velcro dog.

Are aussiedoodle clingy?

Clinginess is one of the most common traits of an aussiedoodle. As an affection loving dog, the aussiedoodle is a huge clinger. They will quiet literally follow you around. You can sometimes find them looking at you and suddenly being cuddly.

The ever cheerful and friendly aussiedoodle is a grade one clinger. Their affectionate behavior makes it easier for their owners to get close to them. It is very rare to find an aussiedoodle who does not like cuddle and is not clingy. Though such dogs do exist in the breed. But it is very common for aussiedoodles to be clingy.

Do aussiedoodles make good pets?

If you are looking for a family dog, not only a pet, then an aussiedoodle should be on top of your consideration list. These mixed breeds are the perfect pets. They are cute and cuddly with a whole lot of love to give. These teddy bear dogs will make their way into the hearts of the family in a matter of minutes.

An aussiedoodle is one of friendliest and most affectionate dogs ever. And hands down they would make the perfect pet. Their friendly behavior makes it easier for you to get close to them. And their clinginess makes them all the more lovable. And just like a good pet they will always be by your side to support you and love you.

Do aussiedoodle bite?

Biting and any other signs of aggression is not common in aussiedoodles. They are very friendly and peace loving breeds. It is not common for these dogs to develop a biting habit out of the blue. Unless they sense danger, they do not go to bite anyone. These dogs tend not to get annoyed and bite.

As a pup, an aussiedoodle might bite and chew into things. This happens during the teething period. But that goes away as the dog grows up and reaches adulthood. Afterwards the dog does not bite unless absolutely necessary. These family friendly dogs are far away from these aggressive behavior.

Is an Aussiedoodle a good family dog?

The ever so friendly aussiedoodle is perhaps the best dog if you are looking for a family dog. These gentle and affectionate dogs make the perfect family pet. They are easy to maintain and have a very gentle temperament.

And aussiedoodle is very quick to mingle with the entire family. They are somewhat therapeutic for the ones who want to be loved. These affection loving dogs tend to cuddle a lot. Even around the smaller members of the family, an aussiedoodle is very safe. They make excellent pets and family dogs.

Are Aussiedoodles aggressive?

An aussiedoodle is known to be very tender and gentle. Aggressiveness is far from their natural behavior. They are very easy going dogs and do not show any signs of aggression unless something happens. On an usual day, these dogs will be very relaxed and loving.

Any aggressive behavior is out of character for an aussiedoodle. The dog is a very gentle minded dog and they tend to be on their friendliest behavior at all times. These breed of dogs are naturally friendly and calm. Aggression is not their natural temperament. Until and unless there is an emergency or the dog senses danger, they will not show any aggression.

An aussiedoodle is one of the most affectionate and loving dog breeds in the doggy world. They like to cuddle and snuggle and make the most amazing family pets. If you are looking for a pet who will love the entire family, please consider an aussiedoodle. 

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