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Why Does My Weimaraner Follow Me Everywhere? (Explained!)

Do you suddenly have a second shadow that follows you around the house? If your Weimaraner is trailing you to the bathroom and your bedroom, we know how you feel!

While we love the company of our pet buddies, sometimes their shadowing behavior may become unreasonable. This can happen if you own a Weimaraner, the gray ghost.

Why does my Weimaraner follow me everywhere?

The reason Your Weimaraner follows you everywhere is that it wants to be in your company. Weimaraners are Velcro dogs that are affectionate, clingy, and attention-seeking. They may also follow you if they want something from you, are jealous, or simply want to be with you.

4 reason why my Weimaraner follow me everywhere:

There may be several reasons why your Weimaraner has been like your trailing shadow wherever you go. Some of the possible explanations are:

It’s their characteristic:

Weimaraners by nature, are needy dogs. Without any possible reasoning, it is possible for your dog to be clingy enough to you that they constantly follow you everywhere. Especially, if the dog is a Weimaraner!

Although the Weims can be categorized as the hunting types, there is no end to their attention-seeking from their owners. These dogs love to spend time with their owners, even if it means becoming their human friend’s shadow. They are nosy creatures too!

It is because of their clingy nature, Weimaraners are called Velcro dogs. Velcro pets are ones that are constantly wanting to be with their owners. These dogs become visibly upset and disturbed when they think they are not getting the right amount of time and affection from their loved ones.

They have separation anxiety:

Separation anxiety is one of the most common behavioral disorders that has been found in many dog breeds, including Weimaraners.

This may seem surprising for a hunting breed, but your tough and dominant Weim pup can suffer from annoyance and anxiety when they are left alone.

If this separation anxiety is not kept in check, the dogs would resort to housebreaking and unnecessary barking habits whenever you leave them alone. This could then lead to your pet following you every step of the way.

They are jealous:

Sometimes Weimaraners decide to follow you like a silhouette, just because they want you all to themselves. Following you from one room to another is their way of showing everyone that their human buddy is nobody’s to share.

This becomes more apparent when you are married or have a best friend over. For married couples have often complained how their pet would not give them privacy.

They want something:

If your Weimaraner following you seems like something out of the ordinary, it is best if you follow him back to check if he wants to lead you somewhere.

Many times, your pet will be following you if there is something they want from you. Sometimes it may just be for some snack or treat or simply going to the bathroom.

Moreover, they will follow you if they are in pain or have an ailment. Any sort of discomfort, including fear from sounds or a new environment, may cause a Weimaraner to follow you.

Is it normal for a Weimaraner dog to follow you everywhere?

Owing to their Velcro nature, it is perfectly normal for a Weimaraner to go from door to door and follow you like a shadow. This hunting breed is heavily attached to its owner, wanting to spend every minute of the day with the caregiver.

Although most Weimaraners are characteristically needy, some develop this habit over time. Sometimes these dogs are so clingy, they would throw tantrums whenever you leave them alone, even if it’s for work. Make sure it never goes to that!

According to Weimanner owners, their pets sit on their laps, cuddle around them and sleep on their beds whenever they are home. Some say, when they come home from a long day’s work, their Weim pets hardly give them any space, and would often even follow them to the bathroom. 

What does it mean when Weimaraner dogs follow you everywhere?

If your Weimaraner dog follows you everywhere, it simply means it wants to be in your company. One of the most common temperaments and traits that this breed is known for is its attachment to its owners.

Weimaraners are loving animals, who love to show and receive affection. In fact, they are considered to be needy when it comes to other breeds. It is because of their clingy nature, that Weimaraners tend to become your second shadow.

However, if this is something that your pet doesn’t do often, you might want to give it some attention. This is because sometimes Weimaner dogs follow their human friends to communicate something.

They may follow you if they require something, whether it is food or a toy. Sometimes they want to tell you that they are in pain, and might be feeling under the weather. Additionally, it could also mean that they are afraid of an unfamiliar situation like a guest or loud noise. 

Is my Weimaraner dog’s shadowing behavior a problem?

As we have mentioned, it is normal for a Weimaraner dog to be clingy and follow its owner most times. However, if your dog’s shadowing behavior is going overboard and becoming more annoying, you must act to put a stop to it.

Weimaraners are by nature more love needy and recognition seeking. Hence, when they are acting more attached than usual, we often overlook the Velcro behavior. Sometimes this shadowing behavior leads them to become overly dependent on you.

If you are struggling to leave them to themselves even for a few hours a day, it could be a sign that you need to train your pet better.

How to stop your Weimaraner dog from following you everywhere?

Starting early:

There’s no simpler way to say it but if you want to avoid the shadowing behavior in a Velcro dog like the Weimaraner, you’ll have to train them as a puppy.

For one, you can start by letting them sleep in their bed. This helps them get used to some alone time and become self-dependent.

Moreover, let them get used to commands like “stay” or “stop”. This will help your pet understand boundaries in behavior. Make sure to always appreciate when they follow the command, and never scold them for this can result in aggravating behaviors.

Daily exercise:

Spending some quality time with your Weimaraner, through games and exercise can do more than just reduce your pet’s shadowing tendencies.

Through daily activities, your canine would have the attention and time it requires from you and become healthier in the process.

Make sure you include mentally stimulating games and toys. You can also use the toys and other treats as a reward to teach your Weimaraner more self-control and discipline.

See a vet:

Sometimes your Weimaraner pet may be following you because it is not feeling so great. As a safety net, they always cling to their family for comfort and understanding.

Whether it’s some kind of pain or illness, if your dog is showing sudden behavioral changes including more shadowing tendencies, you may want to see a vet be sure.

Why are Weimaraner so clingy?

Weimaraner breed is a Velcro dog that loves to spend every minute with its owners. This nature of Weims is somewhat in their characteristics and simply part of their temperament.

Still, sometimes it’s the behavior of the pet parents and their training that may lead to more clinginess. Training them to be self-dependent when they are puppies in one way to prevent this behavior from going overboard.

Will my Weimaraner protect me?

Your Weimaraner has sharp protective instincts and will instantly jump to protect if you whenever there is a need. Weimaraner dogs are a hunting breed and are thus sporty and active.

As they have both loving and protective traits, they can be a great pet for your home, even if you need a watchdog. Besides, this breed is known to be a loyal companion and can even get jealous if their owners are spending more time with others.

What does it mean when your dog stares at you?

When a dog stares at you, it means it loves and adores you a lot. Similar to human behavior, dogs often stare at their favorite person to show some affection.

It is said that some eye contact with your puppy strengthens your bond with them, due to the release of a hormone. It enhances the love and understanding while assuring your pet that you adore them too!

Your Weimaraner loves to the point of clinging to you like a shadow. While it is cute and cuddly to always have your pup by your side, sometimes it may become too invading.

In such cases, make sure to train your gray ghost to obey your commands through games and exercise, and don’t forget to start early!

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